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19 Responses to “Reviews and Recaps”

  1. I’m hanging for your review of episode 9….. can’t wait!

  2. Simba, I’m longing for your ep 9 review! Please hurry! Yours is the one recap I wait for, it’s so much better than all the others, including television without pity, which was my former favorite!

  3. LOL. My recaps/reviews come out every Saturday or Sunday.

    The next one will be out on Saturday.


  4. As in, tomorrow? What time? LOL! My anticipation is becoming oppressive… I can’t wait for your commentary on the Eric/Sookie dream sequence and the Eric/Godric tearshed!

  5. LOL. At the earliest, in the afternoon, at the latest, the evening. I’m in MST, if that helps lol.


  6. Well, its Saturday night here in Australia, and still no delievery of Reviewing goodness…. HURRY! I’m BURSTING with anticipation! LOL…

  7. Simba where is recap for Beyond here lies nothing? I dying to see it!

  8. Can’t wait for season 3’s recaps! You’re the best!

    Shameless boot licking ~

  9. Salivating for your reviews on season 3. This is simply the best place for TB reviews, in my opinion…looking forward to hanging out here this summer!
    I will say this…funny how I like Bill and Sookie so much better, now that they’re apart…heh…

  10. Where’s the season 3 recaps? I know you have busy lives and stuff, but waiting SUCKS! You can’t do all these awesome reviews from last season, gain a huge fan base, then leave us all hanging… it’s not fair DAMMIT.

    You should be chained to your keyboard until we receive delivery of all 10 recaps for the current season…. you only have 2 weeks to go and it’ll be all over! I’ve been left reading recaps at Bill-friendly sites, and they’re beginning to send me insane to the point that i’ve started writing my own on FB for myself and friends… And i’m not as talented as you lot.

    Please can we have a series of season 3 recaps? Pretty please?

  11. are there going to be any recaps for the third season?

  12. I just found your recaps….Did you not do any Season 3 recaps….with all the Eric goodness I was hoping you would!!!

  13. I’m also waiting on the season three reviews. I have to agree with Danyne this is the best place of True Blood reviews!

  14. Jen, I guess the only good thing about this long delay on reviews for season 3 is, we’ll be having a long wait til season 4, so once they come out, we can analyze them to death and get our inbetween season fix. 🙂
    I did find two other places, though, that were pretty outstanding in reviews and breakdown in the meantime…and I think I scoured dozens and dozens of them…none stood out as these two did., with Gerry Weaver. He is on it, with Eric, and everyone else too. here’s a linky…
    You’ll have to weave through a few others, he also reviews Lie to Me…
    And then this one…

    She breaks things down beautifully, and it’s nice and long too!

    Enjoy others enjoy these too, and hoping the Blood Bonds gang are doing well, had a great summer, and still plan on doing some juicy breakdowns during the fall to help carry us over into the summer and season 4! Can’t EVER get enough Eric, so who cares if it’s after the season? I’ll enjoy every moment of reliving this nifty season (though I do think it had some issues, but not gonna get into it now…Eric is alive, that’s all that matters! Oh and Bill is a cad! But I think we saw that comin…)

  15. Did anyone else giggle near the end of episode 12? you know with Eric and Bil at the door….with the truth coming out? I was giggling. 🙂

  16. Hi,
    I love this show – especially Eric and Pam who have come into their own since the dodgy haircut days of season one. I have just finished season three and did a quick review of the whole shebang thus far on my blog, if anyone would like to check it out:

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