ALex Vs. Stephen? or Eric Vs. Bill?


Here’s your chance to decide and vote at! Thanks to the “always on top of everything Skarsgard” ladies over at SkarsgardNews (pun intended) we have been notified of a new poll/vote! This pits Stephen/Bill against Alex/Eric. In order to vote you have to leave it in the comments. Just scroll down to the end of the page and leave a note and/or vote.

Comment & Vote Here

Viking Warrior…..


OR…….. Baby Vamp…Oh-Bill-bill-compton-6156575-591-319

Lil picked her Viking Warrior……

~ by lilbooth02 on July 10, 2009.

13 Responses to “ALex Vs. Stephen? or Eric Vs. Bill?”

  1. The VIKING!!!!!!!! That’s who I pick!

  2. Eric Rules Totally!!!!!!!!


  4. Viking Warrior…who else…

  5. Viking Warrior KING! No contest!!!! ERIC all the way!

  6. Viking!

  7. Oh yeah – I voted for the viking!

  8. VIKING!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Bill, hands down.

  10. Eric. Is there really a question?

  11. Bill has the best of both worlds; gentlemanly, charming, intelligent and then strong, protective, bloodthirsty. He’s by far the sexier of the two. Sorry Eric.

    • Eric is all those things! Plus Bill almost killed her, lied to her throughout there whole relationship, and let her get beaten up by the Rattrays. Eric doesn’t mind looking like the bad guy to do what needs to be done. Bill tries too hard to look like the good guy when he should be more concerned about being honest.

  12. Eric, of course.He is the hottest vampire ever, Bill is just a joke.After reading all the books and watching the show, the choice is obvious – ERIC NORTHMAN !

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