Lil’s Take On DAG

Did E Really Just Get Kicked In The Fangs?

Oh where oh where did Sookie go? I am having a hard time reconciling this book with where we left off in From Dead To Worse. Miss Stackhouse was all over the map regarding Eric. She has got to stop fighting and look inside already. What little detail I got from the page screamed …Eric loves you. Why have so many other characters continued to grow while our heroine seemed to regress? Sookie seemed different in this book and I cannot seem to put my finger on it. I do hope since we leave Sookie after suffering horrifically at the hands of her tormentors that we will see some sort in inner struggle. Such an event cannot be swept under the rug. But then again all of the growth Sookie had shown was forgotten so I could be very wrong.

Hybrid E really does exist and he was lying in Sookie’s bed and she ignored him. He offered her sanctuary during a war and she said no. He wants to tell her how he feels and she says no? He says ‘This is Best’ and she doesn’t believe him? I believed you E. I so believed you.

I do have to give props to Ms. Harris for making my heartache even more for Eric Northman. She left us wanting more of our beautiful viking and for me I am starting to think maybe E needs to move on. I can’t stand to see him led around by a fang much longer. I always had faith in Bill but his actions should not have spoken louder than his words in this book. Bill has spent so much time off page do we really know if he is changed? How can Sookie know if his view of her is any different then it was through book 1 and book 2? His growth as a being has not been defined and to suddenly have him as Sookie’s hero was disheartening to say the least.

I didn’t hate this book but it wasn’t what I expected and I closed the back cover frustrated and confused. The book as a whole was a disconnected jumble of raw emotion that I never really got, nor did I fall into DAG like the other books in the series. My first read on this book was while sick with the flu and sick kids home and I still finished it in less than a day. My second read only took about four hours. I missed Ms. Harris’s detail and insightful style in this book. I like dark, I love raw emotion, but in this case we never saw what that emotion meant. The dark did not serve a purpose. The questions we were left with went far beyond Sookie’s question on page 312. And like it has happened in the past will some of the questions we want answered most continue to go ignored?


~ by lilbooth02 on May 8, 2009.

2 Responses to “Lil’s Take On DAG”

  1. Great reviews! Frustrated & confused seem to be a common theme among us poor readers with this one. Eric being led around by a fang? Ha ha, good analogy. The poor guy deserves better, as does the audience.

  2. I have to update this review. But not now.

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