He Lives in You

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Okay…enough of the sales pitch, to the review/recap!

I kinda fucking loved this episode. Plot wise, acting wise and maybe overall, it could be my favourite episode…but I’m really torn between this episode and the last for deciding which one is better or which is my favourite. I will say that I like Episode 8 more in terms of the writing, the humour, the oneliners and the action. You will ALWAYS win me over with action and humour. That’s my bag for sure. I do think Alexander Woo is a stronger writer, but I do think Nancy Oliver really came into her own in this episode and really demonstrated what she could do. This was a brilliant episode, I think looking at it, that it really is Emmy worthy and wonderful in a way that Episode 8 wasn’t, because it was all about character, I love character too. But when it comes down to it, I think my favourite episodes are the cinematic ones, like the Lost finales, where you have drama, action, humour, character, romance, oneliners, great performances and great writing. That’s like a perfect episode for me, so if I combine Episode 8 and Episode 9 into one, it would be like the awesomest and my favouritest episode ever.

Alexander Skarsgard officially has his Emmy submission episode. We got to see all the facets of Eric’s character in this episode. He’s salty, he’s arrogant, he’s a trickster and manipulator, he’s sweet, funny, loving, he’s loyal, he’s sensitive and he’s got a heart too. We got our first glimpse of Eric as he was in the books. Someone with humour and joie de vivre, someone who’s teasing. Eric got his ‘Confidence Man’! He was absolutely heartbreaking in this episode on the rooftop. Dear God…Alexander Skarsgard just GOT me when he said “BUT WE ARE HERE!” Great performance. The supporting actors of the 09/10 television season had better watch out! It was so heart wrenching to see…

In case you don’t know, ‘He Lives in You’ refers to the scene between Simba and Rafiki in The Lion King when Rafiki tells Simba that his father, Mufasa, lives in him, you know, he gives Simba’s life MEANING again, because he basically kept his promises. He’s still with him. My name is simba317, what’d you expect? lol. It’s also a cool song in the The Lion King musical. Godric lives on in Eric, even though he’s gone. He will take the lessons from Godric and live by them. ‘He lives in you’ is also a line Pam uses in Dead and Gone to describe Sookie and Eric…let’s just say something bad happened to Eric and he wasn’t able to save Sookie…’He Lives in You’ is also a reference to Eric living in Sookie, literally, through her dreams of him…Also, Gran lives on in Sookie and Jason. But the main ref is to Eric and Godric.

Sookie’s hot, hot, sexy, tender and very sweet dreams of Eric. Like holy crap! My inner ES shipper was doing backflips! When I saw the Comic Con footage, that glimpse, I was so sure it was Eric, by process of elimination. When I made a cap, I completely wiped that from my mind, I was all…’It’s not Eric.’ Nope. Sometimes, a duck is a duck and I was just…I guess you can say, jaded from my whole Skate shipping experience, so I basically plan for the worst. So anything I get is a nice bonus. And what a bonus it was!

I totally knew it had to be a dream sequence. There was no way in hell they’d be getting together this soon. I was all ‘HELL NO! they better not hook up now.  But I never expected it to be so meaningful. I never really expected Anna Paquin and Alexander Skarsgard to have chemistry. Like I said, plan for the worst. But they DID! They had it in spades! And they were HOT, smoking hot. They made Eric and Sookie very natural and very comfortable with each other. It was a great scene to watch…multiple times.

Humanity, common human decency, empathy, sympathy, grace, nobility, consideration, understanding, tact, kindness, compassion, selflessness. Bill has never proven to me more that he lacks all of those qualities than when he punched Eric. Let me give analogy. A girl is hitting on my boyfriend, I don’t like it. I decide to confront her about it and eventually track her down to the hospital. At the hospital, I learn that this girl, who is hitting on my boyfriend, has her father on life support and that they’re pulling the plug in 30 minutes. Do I go into that hospital room and slap her in the face and confront her for hitting on my boyfriend or do I decide that it’s extremely petty and that with her father dying, our problems are really meaningless. Fighting over a boy when someone is dying is just plain selfish. To me that’s what Bill did. He KNEW Godric would do this, he KNEW Eric had a strong connection and bond to him and cared about him. Yet, he chose to be selfish, he chose to be cruel, hateful, spiteful, petty, inconsiderate, shallow, undignified…He was just a mean old PRICK. He is extremely selfish, narrow-minded and shortsighted. It was just so disrespectful and done at the absolute worst time. I mean, sure, Eric deserves to be punched for his manipulations…but right then? Bill has never shown his true colours more.

On that note, Maryann/Sam/Tara/Eggs? Still boring, but at least it’s picking up and I’m not totally bored anymore. It’s now at least somewhat interesting. Still LOVE Hoyt and Jessica to pieces. Lafayette is fucking awesome. Awesomest gay character EVER.

On to the recap!

We have a quick rehash of last week. Lukinator has an ANNOUNCEMENT!

Bill and Lor-Lor are still having their farewell. It’s like Cher’s Farewell Tour…

‘It doesn’t matter if we ever meet again.’ Suuuuuurreee…

‘You may be immortal, Lorena, but you are dead to me.’ Well that’s just harsh and mean. We can really parallel this scene with Eric’s goodbye to his maker at the end of the episode. Eric loves his maker, he doesn’t resent his like Bill. His maker is really, truly finally dead, though he doesn’t want him to be. Bill’s maker is still alive, but he wants her dead. Completely different relationship.

‘I wish you hadn’t said that.’ Oh Lor-Lor, it’ll be okay, get your balls and then get revenge.

With that, Lor-Lor runs into the night! I have a feeling we’ll see her again. Watch out Billy Boy!

Luke goes BOOM a la suicide bomber! The car alarms go off, very Terminator…

Oh look, it’s the FOTS version of the Fourth of July…

Bill runs through the carnage shouting ‘THOOOOOKIE! SUUUUUKKKEEEEHHH!” There are people injured and dying all around him, but he lifts not one hand to help them. Hell, he even pushes one of those poor injured souls out of his way. Other people are hurt, but is single minded in his purpose. He is so not a leader.

He finds Sookie in a compromising position, a rather convenient position… ‘I covered her. She’s only stunned. Get the humans.’ At least someone is useful…

I have a comic for this! ‘Oh the pain!’ ‘Hush, Cajun, an’ get up!’ ‘Must be paralyzed.’ ‘Convenient position.’ Hehehehe.

And just like that…Bill has a vedetta!

This guy wishes he had a better wingman.

‘We didn’t think he’d really do it!’ ‘Too late!’ Wow, such a good guy…so humane, so good…

And now Bill has a tasty snack! Am I the only one who interpreted ‘Get’ as ‘Retrieve’?

Time for True Blood!

Isabel is a REAL leader. The first thing she does is check on all the wounded and tend to them, regardless of their personal importance to her, or whether or not they’re human or vampire.

Godric looks pretty angsty about the carnage in his own home. He’s ready to check out and he feels guilty.

‘I can’t breathe! You weight a ton!’ Well…he is 6’4 1/2″ and packing… Sookie pushes him off her.

She calls out for her brother. By the way, this is the worst possible day to wear white. I wonder if it’s after Labour Day.

Jason tosses some vampire goo off him, but gives the thumbs up! He’s okay.

Sookie checks back on Eric. He’s not looking so good… ‘I had to shield you.’

‘Well hurry up and heal yourself. What are you waiting for?’ Your sweet lips?

‘Can’t. Silver.’ *Snicker*

Sookie is going to get Godric, but Eric stops her.

‘No time. Suck it out.’ A kiss oughtta do it, Freckles.

‘Eric, I can’t. It’s too gross…and it’s *you*.’ *Snicker* That was funny. Oh Sookie, keep telling yourself that. It might make you sleep better at night. Oh wait! Maybe not.

‘I’m…dying…Egh…*drops arm*’ LOL. Oh, Eric. What am I going to do with you? And don’t tell me that you made a list and that it’s in your other pants.

‘Aww, son of a mother…!’

Sookie is sucking the bullet out. Or if you’d prefer, you can say it like Bill, Sucky is sucking the bullet out.

Sookie spits out the silver bullet, but Eric tells her there’s more. ‘You’re kidding me.’

It’s conveniently on his chest…

Despite being grossed out, Sookie sucks his chest.

Eric watches on…

Because he is a bad vampire! Oh Eric, never change! You bring the LOLs.

I have an OTP for this!

Now watch Bill be oh so merciful and feed his ego! Because he can fix it, he’s humane. ‘You tell the cowards who lead you, the cowards who send children to do their killing, the Great, Honourable, Noble Bill Compton, full of humanity, showed them mercy where they had none!’

Well, if Bill REALLY truly had mercy, he would have let the boys run off, but of course, he had to pull the boy out of a car and drain him a bit first and scare the shit out of him, terrorize him. He’s still a messy eater. He’s about as secure as J.Lo’s green Grammy dress with the plunging neckline past her belly button… Bill likens himself to have humanity, so by sparing the boy, he’s doing nothing more but feeding his own ego and his own vision for himself. Eric never told him to do any of the following. He told Bill to ‘Get the human.’ To me, that means ‘Retrieve the human.’ You know, doing something useful, like I don’t know, bringing in the human in for questioning, so they know what else the FOTS have up their sleeve and then glamouring them away, so they can prevent it. Wouldn’t that be useful? But no…Bill wants to be remembered as ‘merciful.’ Bill is like Jack torturing Sawyer for the inhalers. All you needed was frakking eucalyptus, moron!

In the house, Jason comes upon a startling discovery…

‘Luke.’ I’m not grossed out by organs…but dismembered hands and feet are slightly ick for me. Also, someone’s gonna have to bring the coltan and burn that shit! You don’t want Skynet to be build, do you?

Isabel reports to Godric that Stan is dead along with two other vamps and two humans. WOOOO!!! Ironic that Stan basically died of his own destruction. This is what his attitude of being a war hawk leads to. Live by the gun, die by the bullet. I have a shirt that says that.

Oh Eric.

‘What are you doing?’ Enjoying this fine evening as your girlfriend sucks my chest?

‘I sucked silver out of Eric’s chest and saved his life, even though I *really* didn’t want to.’ Suuuuuuurrrreee…Like you weren’t all over his chest.

‘She was superb.’ LOL Eric.

Bill realizes he’s been outsmarted, outwitted and outplayed. ‘Eric was in no danger.’


‘A tiny falsehood.’ LOL.

‘He was already healing. The bullets would’ve pushed themselves out.’ Fun wrecker. Oh well. He’s a navel-gazing, no fun, mopey type. ‘This way…he’s forced you to drink his blood.’ I love how sickened Bill sounds. It’s just sort of amusing. You would’ve thought Eric killed a puppy or something. Ha…Paolo just fell down from the wall…

‘No, no, NO!’ ‘You’re connected. He’ll be able to sense your emotions.’

‘You big lying A-hole!’ Wow, that had about as much bite as a toothless puppy dog. She really likes him…

Bill, you’re right. I believe I can sense her emotions.’ *Snicker* I love you, Eric.

Sookie hits Eric in the stomach. Eric felt dandelion fluff again.


Sookie melodramatically runs over to Bill. ‘I’ll never do anything for you again! Monster!’ That had about as much malice as the lop-eared bunnies in the Telus commercial at the theatre, telling you to ‘Jump on the off button’ on your cell phone… Let’s give Anna Paquin some credit, here…she’s a credible actress, therefore, this scene was written for her response to be humourous and have no bite. Why is Sookie not as malicious as she was in Episode 3? Because she’s attracted to Eric, and she always has been at least physically, and she doesn’t hate him. It’s just easier to pretend she isn’t attracted to him when he’s an asshole, but he’s not. There’s more to him. She knows that now. She’s play acting for Bill’s insecurity and to reassure herself that she feels nothing for him.

‘It’s not your fault.’ ‘Think I’m gonna cry.’ Hehehehe Eric.

That look is pretty classic. It’s like ‘I can’t believe you!’ Eric wounded her pride and embarrassed her through this whole exchange, basically.

Godric sends everyone to the Hotel Carmilla (I totally thought it was Carnelia since canelia is a red stone…) where security is upped.

Sookie is all ‘Oh eww!’ LOL.

Eric looks at his maker.

He’s a lost boy…

‘I could kick myself. I’m so stupid. I wasn’t thinking.’ She’s still fixated on Eric…again.

‘He did take bullets for you.’ That he did…but Eric ain’t getting no thank you card or verbal gratitude to his face, huh? ‘At least we both came out alive.’

‘I know better than to believe one word out of that man’s mouth.’ But you want to trust him, to an extent and you’re just posturing again. You hate Eric, we don’t believe you. She’s listing his bad qualities, so she doesn’t have to think about his good ones. ‘I sucked his chest! What is wrong with me!?’ He’s a hot guy, with a very nice chest. It’s okay. We get it.

‘Eric has had a thousand years practicing deceit.’ You’ve had about 150. You’re not any better and Eric’s not any worse. ‘He lied to prove his power to me. He counted on your goodness.’ Outwitted, outplayed, outmatched. See Bill, he can do plenty and he did. So don’t make threats you can’t back up. Not to mention, you can only blame yourself for the bombing and the subsequent bullet sucking. It’s karmic punishment for your vengeance. Bill killed Uncle Bartlett in cold blood and fudged his will to give his money to Sookie, Sookie didn’t want the blood money and gave it to Jason, Jason used the money to pay tuition to the FOTS, the FOTS used the money to buy arms, bombs, chains and silver bullets, the Lukinator used the weapons to blow up Godric’s nest, Eric had to save Sookie and took at least two bullets for her, giving Eric the perfect opportunity to prove something to Bill. It’s his own fault, but Bill is waay too short-sighted and selfish to see it. He’s all ME, ME, ME! Eric may have taken advantage of the situation, but he can hardly be blamed for what happened.

‘There’s no shame in that.’ ‘But his blood, Bill! I tried to spit it all out. Really. But some of it must’ve gone down.’

‘It only takes a drop or two.’

‘He’ll always always know where I am and how I feel. Always. That’s worst of all.’ Wait for it… I really can’t help but think that Sookie is drumming the ‘I hate Eric!’ propaganda reaaaally hard. The fact of the matter is, she doesn’t hate him that much…

‘No, not the worst.‘ Oops! It gets better!  ‘Don’t be surprised if you feel some…attraction to him. Sexual…‘ I think Bill must sense something of the beginning of the end for him. Sure, he’s not gonna give up, and Sookie is still his, but things have shifted. Can he really win against a guy who’s bigger, stronger, older, more powerful and arguably more attractive?

‘To Eric? That’s impossible! I can’t stand him!’ He’s a asshole, but he’s a pretty one, with heart and you know it.

‘It is possible. It’s another consequence of the blood.’ He’s acting like Eric is the god of thunder and rock n’ roll, the spell you’re under will slowly rob you of your virgin soul. It’s funny that Bill can’t even look at Sookie when he says this…He must know he was just as sneaky when he gave Sookie his blood. However, Sookie’s attraction to Eric isn’t only attributed to having his blood. Although, in reverse, this really puts a damper on Sookie’s attraction to Bill. Is she only attracted to him because of the having his blood? Is she only ‘in love’ with him because of Bill’s blood and its effect on her. Certainly their getting together happened at warp speed…it’s suspicious. Although perhaps even more pertinent, was she only attracted to Bill because he was a vampire and because she couldn’t hear him?

Sookie’s attraction to Eric was formed even before she had his blood…Hell, there was the hint of something in last episode with ‘Trust me’ and Eric offering himself freely to be chained to the surfboard. She can’t quite play act and posture as well as she used to. She’s seen another side of Eric through Godric.

‘Who’s that?’ ‘Oh, you noticed him, did you?’ By this point, Bill knew what Sookie was feeling, he’d had her blood, and she’d had his…and judging from his tone, it wasn’t PG…

‘No, it’s not like that, I just…’

‘Everyone does. That’s Eric. He’s the oldest thing in this bar.’ Bitter, table for one?

Bill is also questionable because he doesn’t point out that to some degree *he* tricked her into having his blood too. Sure, it saved her life, but she didn’t know all the consequences when she took it, she found out later, and he failed to mention the sexual attraction to him, just that her libido would be increased. So to act like Eric is manipulative…well, Bill is too, he’s just slightly sociopathic. He’s put a double standard to his actions and Eric’s. His actions are somehow all pure and noble, while Eric’s are always manipulative and questionable to him. He never sees that he is just as bad, only worse. Eric may have openly tricked her into drinking his blood, but Bill is worse, because he manipulated her without her knowledge. The quicker Sookie figures out that Bill is just as manipulative, the better, for what is withholding information, but a form of manipulation, so that Sookie doesn’t view Bill as lesser?

It would’ve happened sooner or later. It was determined I form this bond with you.’ What does that mean? Bill was sent by the queen under false pretenses? Hmmm… Sookie, listen up! ETA: As some of you have mentioned, this is more Stephen Moyer’s delivery of the line which makes it sound like this. I’m guessing it really is supposed to be ‘He was determined to form this bond with you.’ It threw me for a loop when I heard it because I was like ‘What!? That’s a crazy slip up.’

‘I could kill him!’ Love and hate, Sookie…love and hate.

‘I concur.’ Do you feel that? It’s hot hair. I’d like to see you try without fucking yourself over.

To our relief, we are now back to Hoyt and Jessica. Jessica thinks she’ll either get used to the pain of her hymen growing back, or get an operation or something. After all, she can’t be the only vampire virgin. Maybe she should ask Auntie Pam…

Hoyt says that intercourse isn’t the only way to have sex…but Jessica wants to have intercourse. Sex is one of those words with a gazillion synonyms, like vomit and feces. It’s kinda amusing.

‘You should break up with me.’ Oh Jessica…

‘Hell no. That thing that grows back, it’s just a thing.’ Hoyt you rock, but you can all just call it a hymen. ‘I ain’t perfect either. I’m a guy people laugh at. Even my friends. But you never have.’ You know, after Bill, having a guy who’s so self-aware and considerate is just plain refreshing. He really is like Helo and these two really are like Helo and Athena. The Fighting Agathons rule.

‘I never wanna hear you talk about breaking up.’

‘I won’t, I promise.’ Hoyt is like the perfect boyfriend. He’s considerate, thoughtful and knows how to reassure you, when you need it.

‘In fact, you mean so much to me, I want you to meet my mama.’ WOW. That’s big!

‘Hoyt! Hoyt, nobody ever lets me meet anybody!’ Like Bill? He’d rather keep you locked up all the time, so you won’t cause trouble. Like your human parents who kept her under lock and key too? And I don’t think I’ve seen Bill check up on her once since she’s gone home with Hoyt, or even think about her…Responsible.

Hoyt warns Jess not to get too excited. His mother is hateful and will ask horrible questions. Or none at all, and she’ll be lucky if she doesn’t. Aww, Hoyt, that’s okay, it’s the thought that counts. He rocks.

‘Well, I don’t care what she does. You’re introducing me to your family! I never even hoped for that.’ Awww…poor Jessica. This episode was all about family and meeting them. You have Lorena and Bill, Eric and Godric, Jessica meeting Maxine, Maryann meeting Laffy and Lettie Mae…

‘I’m proud that you’re my girl.’ And just like that, you know that they both value the relationship as much as the other person. Awesome.

They kiss. Aww…they are soo cute. And still, the only functional couple on the show. I know things might happen to them, but you know what? If they’re anything like the Fighting Agathons, they’ll make it through thick and thin. They’ll make it through adversity, discrimination, racism, fathering/carrying a human-cyclon hybrid, having their baby stolen, mourning the loss of their child, getting their child back, a frakking full blown war, multiple injuries and almost certain death and birth humanity. You know, be frakawesome.

Jess yawns. The sun’s coming up and she’s tired.

She doesn’t want Hoyt to accompany her to the cubby hole, but he does it anyway and sets her at ease. He’s going to build them a tricked out double wide! LOL. Hoyt is such a sweetie.

You are the sweetest boy in the world.’ Yes, you are, Hoyt. Yes, you are. ‘…and you’re too good to me.’ ‘Ain’t no such thing.’ Awwww!

‘My sweet vampire…’ Awww…Hoyt sings to her until she falls asleep.

Tara does NOT wake up well the next morning.

Maryann bustles in all excited, asking how much she had to drink this time. She is seriously creepy and twisted. Honestly…

Neither Eggs, nor Tara did anything to their recollection. Maryann nonchalantly says they must have dropped some acid, they was some FLOATING around…Ugh. Scary! Seriously. ‘ Hippies.’

Eggs does not find it funny. Tara finds it embarrassing.

Maryann doesn’t understand it. You know, being ashamed of letting go and having pleasure and laughter…And she called them hippies…

Tara says that she’s never been this out of control before and Maryann is all, ‘Control Schmontrol!’ We all need to be out of control and crave it.

Tara logically states that they must have a little control, while Eggs says he likes a little chaos. Oh, you mean lying in bed with it? Maryann revels in chaos. It’s what everyone wants. They just can’t admit to it.

Blackouts. Tara not want!

Crazyann has a theory. Wanna hear it? It’s even more OUT there than Doc Jensen. When you black out, you reach a higher state of being.

Tara’s like…Ummm…blacking out and higher state of consciousness? Uh, no. I’m beat up! ‘There’s nothing higher than we must’ve been high!’ Her mom blacked out for months at a time. She’s an expert!

Crazyann asks about the sheiks and the mystics of every religion…They would black out, run and dance through the streets, do tons of crazy shit, everyone thought they were crazy, but they weren’t!

Ya huh! I agree with Tara! Hey, you drug up an oracle enough, get her high enough and she’ll sprout enough shit to tell you the ‘future’. You’re not communing with Apollo, you’re just HIGH.

‘No, Tara, they were ecstatic!’ They faded into the infinite to unite with their god when they were all high! So Crazyann could use them all! If you don’t worship her, does she go away? You know, the ascetics didn’t get bruises, they just meditated and ascended to nirvana through that, no drugs were involved…They don’t cheat…lol.


A few bumps and bruises is a small price to pay for bliss…What about overdoses, cardiomyopathies, death?

‘Bloody Mary, anyone?’ I’m sure Crazyann loved her. Burning Protestants and all that jazz…

In the holding area of the jail, Bud is harassed by the prisoners who want out! ‘I only got your word for it that I was mating with a pine tree!’ In case you’re wondering what sodomy means.

He goes to a case and gets more cuffs…apparently the jail is overstuffed.

Sam joins the call! They’ve got no evidence and no right to keep him locked up!

Bud is shaken by it all, but walks out.

Sookie can’t sleep so she heads out.

She goes to Jason who tells her to come in and join the club. He can’t sleep either. Oh interesting, it’s the running of the bulls on TV…

They talk about why Jason joined the FOTS. He was impressionable and they made him feel like he was worth something. Sookie says Jason was the star in Bon Temps. Everyone loved him, she was the throwaway.

Jason tells her that they may have liked his looks, his athletics and his prowess in bed, but they never liked him for him. Steve and Sarah did act like they cared about him, until they tried to kill him. They filled a void. Ie. CULT/Religious fanaticism at its best.

‘They stopped my mind from going round and round, thinking about…other stuff.’ Aww…Lost Boy Jason. Sookie presses. But Jason refuses to tell her. I’m guessing it’s about Eddie and Amy.

‘Soldiers of the Sun? My Lord. Didn’t you think for one second what Gran would say? Guns and suicide bombers?’ I would like to take this moment and say wow…Sookie’s hair looks a LOT better. I attribute this to Eric’s blood. It also works other miracles on Sookie. I’ll tell you as I go along.

‘Don’t talk about Gran. I won’t talk about her. I can’t.’ Aww, Jason has never dealt with Gran’s death. Why? Because he doesn’t want to feel anything. Aww!

But we have to talk about her. We can’t stop remembering her or loving her because it hurts too much. She’d never stop loving us. Would she?’

‘No.’ ‘We’ll keep her alive our hearts and our prayers. And that’s the way it’s gonna be.’

‘And mama and daddy.’ ‘That’s right, mama and daddy and Gran.’ Aww…they’re orphans. I really liked this scene. It was great to see them actually act like siblings and Ryan and Anna did such a great job in it.

Jason realizes that their entire family is gone and they’re all that’s left.

‘So you know what we gotta do? We gotta grow up.’ I’ll credit some of that to Eric’s blood, that’s making Sookie act more like book Sookie. Miracle Number Two! Thank God! Because Bill’s blood gave her rabies and made her act all cranky like the headache you get after drinking RedBull. After she drinks Eric’s blood, she gains some maturity, because for the longest time, it looked like Bill’s blood made her really immature and bi-polar and crazy…’We gotta stick together and we gotta be good to each other, or we’re letting them down.’ Being that the ep is called, ‘I Will Rise Up,’ I’m thinking that they will rise to the occasion and finally grow up. Sookie certainly needs to!

‘Sook, I’m sorry about everything that I ever done to you. I’m a dumbass and a fuckup.’ But you’re our dumbass and fuckup.

Sookie says that wouldn’t be the case if he just used his brain. He’s just being lazy. LOL. Jason’s gonna try real hard to use his brain. Don’t try too hard though. We love you the way you are, Jase!

Sookie apologizes to Jason too. She loves him, even when she wants to stick his head in a bucket and kick it around the yard. LOL.

Jason loves Sookie too…even though he wishes she’d cook for him more.

This is when the scene gets some weird sexual tension for some reason…which was really weird.

Jason also wishes that Sookie were normal, with a normal BF, but Sookie tells him that she really had no say in it.‘We’re born the way we are.’ Think she’ll take that to heart and show some more understanding to the vamps please?

Sookie and Jason decide to watch TV. Who should be on it but Steve and Sarah?

They’re having it out with Nan. LOL! Steve has a welt from the paintball shot! Nan is upset that they kidnapped Godric. Steve and Sarah insist that he came to them. OOOH POPCORN. This is like The View for vampires or something.

That’s something even Jason doesn’t know about.

Nan lays it in, they’re nothing more than an anti-vampire terrorist enclave! No shit.

Steve says it’s their constitutional right to defend themselves, you know, with a heap of illegal arms, including rocket launchers…but Nan asserts that they attacked them first. Steve is all ‘My name is Steve Newlin, you killed my father, prepare to die!’

Nan says it’s nothing more than allegation. The fact is that their church armed a suicide bomber that killed vampires and humans.

Still matching are Steve and Sarah…Oooh…’We are fighting for God’s green earth and daytime and Christmas and Easter Eggs and all that is sacred and good. We are fighting for…’ LOL.

‘Human rights!’ Sarah is interrupted OOOH! ‘May I finish my thought?’ ‘You were done.’ ‘*Gasp* If he’s not the centre of attention, he flips out.’LOL. Glad to see your marital strife hasn’t worked out yet…I’ll bet on a big divorce article soon, or an affair. Either Sarah hooks up with a hot Jason look-alike or Steve goes gay.

‘They are cuckoo.’ For cocoa puffs. Nan wonders how she can have a meaningful dialogue with them. Sarah says she hates Nan’s hair. LOL.

‘There’s a witch and a son of a bitch. Fuck you, Newlins.’ A-fucking-men.

Back in Merlotte’s, Arlene once again deals with the tacky, morbid rednecks. This time they want to see the freezer where Daphne was placed in when she died. Arlene smartly kicks them out. Go look for some roadkill.  Oh and it’s a walk-in refrigerator, btw.

Arlene is quite frazzled. There’s no one to help her out. Sookie’s away in Dallas, Daphne is dead…and then this SOB wants a knife and fork…Jeez, some people are so lazy. I mean, she’s only a server. Sheesh.

To top it all off, her daughter Lisa calls, with problems making her brother lunch… ‘Oh come on! Coby will eat cat food if you put mayo on it! Mama’s gotta work.’ LOL.

She tells Laffy that Daphne was clumsy, stupid and mean, but she wouldn’t wish death on anyone…Not even a little? And she’s also shit scared. Can’t blame her with all the deaths recently. Laffy gives her a shot.

Both are wary. Arlene’s afraid that there’s a curse. Laffy says he’ll look out for Arlene if she looks out for him.

Terry calls order up!

With one foot away, Terry pretends to be busy and ignores Arlene. LOL. Oh Zack.

‘Terry…Please quit being more peculiar than you usually are.’ LOL. I went OMG! The Little Mermaid when I heard that line because of he word, peculiar, and the red hair lol. Arlene wants Terry to talk to her. The silence is driving her crazy. ‘If what we did was so terrible…’

‘No, no! Arlene, please don’t cry. I didn’t mean to be…peculiar at you.’ LOL.

Terry can’t remember what they did. Neither can Arlene, but she doesn’t care, as long as Terry isn’t mad at her. Aww.

‘To tell you the truth, I can’t remember the last time I had sex with anybody.’ That’s because you were blacking out and really DID have sex with Arlene. Irony.

They lean in for a kiss, but someone wants something at another table. Oh well. But it’s okay, Arlene is less frazzled and Terry has a spring in his step now.

Tara and Eggs enter the fray. She apologizes for being late. I hate it when  people are tardy.

All Laffy can focus on when Tara enters are the welts and bruises on her face. He’s concerned, rightly so.

‘What the fuck is this?’ I’m thinking Lafayette won’t accept that it’s the price for ecstacy…

Tara tells Laffy that she doesn’t know what happened, but it wasn’t Eggs…Yeah, I wouldn’t buy that either. Eggs goes right to the source and asks Eggs. Any friendship or camaraderie they had is kaput.

Eggs reiterates it, he didn’t do anything. ‘You layin’ hands on my cousin, you bitchass mother fucker?’

Things get heated, Lafayette is gonna beat up Eggs, and Eggs will rip out Laffy’s eyelashes. Like he could. My money is on Laffy! Tara tries to cool things off with her cousin, but Lafayette won’t have it. ‘You’ve been kicked and punched your whole life, you ain’t gonna get with this mother fucker. He poison! He never gonna change!’ Laffy is SO right. Eggs has been blacking out for a long time, even before Tara, but he never questioned it. He just kept going back to the lifestyle and the drugs.

Laffy says Eggs might end up killing her. I agree! Eggs has had enough. In an attempt to punch Laffy, he gets Tara in the face first, proving Laffy’s words correct. Interesting and ironic.

Tara pushes Eggs out the door and Laffy is forced to deal with the rednecks who are the types to buy tabloids, take pictures of dead bodies, etc. the lowlifes.“What the fuck is you looking at, you ugly ass necks? Huh?’

Meanwhile, Hoyt has a conversation that I’m sure all of us have had with our parents, about growing up and being yourself. While making Hoyt a toasted cheese and chip sandwich (cholesterol bomb!), she garbles about what her Hoyt would and wouldn’t do. You know, go to Dallas with murderers running around, that kind of thing.

Hoyt is annoyed.

He calls out his mom out on the vampire issue.

She takes this as more evidence that he’s a different person. What would his daddy say? Oh no she did’int!

Apparently the only time Maxine pulls that shit is when she wants Hoyt to do something he doesn’t want to.

Maxine wants her sweet child back. The one who doesn’t hang with vamps.‘What are you doing with vampires? They are wrong, wrong, wrong. They are devils.’

‘Why do you have so much hate in you?’ Oh, I’ve had this conversation too with my parents, about their prejudices…I’m so glad Hoyt calls her out on it. It’s about time someone called out the racism present on this show. Although it is the most obvious storyline with it present, something people can relate to more easily. Hoyt is a man after my own heart, like Helo.

Who/what does Maxine hate? Methodists, Catholics (just priests and nuns…SUUUUUURE), African Americans, people who don’t take care of their gardens, people who park their trucks upon their lawns and ladies who wear red shoes (because it looks cheap), families with lots of kids, people with checkered curtains, cats and dogs, and bait…It’s quite an exhaustive list. There’s more. But before that…speaking of red, Sookie wore red shoes to the FOTS church. Not only that, after Eric said that she looked stunning in red, the next time he saw her, she was wearing that godawful red pancake breakfast dress. Hmmm…

‘…Every girl that I ever liked, and the more I like them, the more you hate ’em.’ Maxine is one of those mothers who can never have another woman in their son’s life.

She simply objects to a girlfriend who will kill him and eat him…riiiight.

You don’t even know her!’ No kidding. ‘Full of hate! I see you now.’ That was an awesome line. Maxine can no longer hide her prejudice. I love Hoyt’s backbone.

Maxine says that it’s not her fault, it’s the way she was raised. UGH. Is she serious? Apparently, she never formed her OWN opinions of things…Hoyt says Jessica is the one for him. She doesn’t have any say in it.

‘You know…I let you run me around, because I didn’t want to hurt your feelings, those days are over. I want you to meet her. But if you can’t be nice, I will leave this house and never come back and don’t think I won’t!’ Go Hoyt. Sometimes, that’s what it takes with your parents, whether you have to fight for your program of study for university and justify it or if it’s about your friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, music you like, whatever. Parental relationships were really stressed in this episode. You saw the good one, with Godric and Eric, where a parent wants their child to make their own way and make their own decisions, one of love and reciprocity. You saw a relationship that was toxic and full of resentment and hate, one sided love and obsession. You saw a relationship that is smothering, parasitic. Unlike Lost, one of them is functional. Go figure.

Maxine doesn’t want to lose her son, her baby.

‘I’m not yours mama, I’m mine. […] I’m not a baby! I’m a grown ass man!’ Yep, free to make your own mistakes and find your own path. It comes a time when we all need to make it out on our own. Only I kinda did it 10 years earlier than Hoyt…lol.

Hoyt takes the chips, LOL, and walks out!

And we have finally come upon the scene that launched a thousand fanvids and avatars. What many of you have been waiting for. Sookie rolls over in her sleep, in bed with Bill.

Looks like Sookie is having a dream. Who can that hand possibly be?

Why, it’s none other than Eric! *SQUEE* Ever felt away with me? Just once that’s all I need. Entwined in finding you one day. Ever felt away without me? My love, it lies so deep. Ever dream of me?

I’ve been waiting forever to do that! lol. The song is called ‘Ever Dream’ by Finnish symphonic metal band, Nightwish lol.

Look! There’s even a Viking look-alike that does KILLER background vocals on bass. And their new singer, (They fired Tarja in 2005. That’s Tarja at her final gig.) is Swedish. I thought it was appropriate.

‘Finish your sentence.’ ‘What was I saying?’ OMG! Eric actually WANTS to hear what Sookie has to say.

‘You were telling me why you’d be a terrible vampire and I was disagreeing.’ I REALLY love this shot. Thank you, TB. Now can you please pan about five inches to the left, please?

‘Well, I don’t feel right without a tan.’ Aww, cute, Eric laughs.

It’s true, I’d rather be alive than undead and then y’all are always killing.’ I really like that his kisses her hand. Eric and Sookie are just so natural in this scene. You don’t feel like you’re watching two contemporary dancers make a shitty attempt at hip-hop on SYTYCD. It doesn’t feel choreographed. They’re comfortable with each other and having an easy conversation. A real conversation, like a real couple. They actually TALK. There’s communication and a sense of companionship and enjoying each other’s company. Eric gets her and who she is, the full range of her.

‘You killed a man.’ ‘That was for self defense, not lunch.’ Interesting, Eric is willing to point out that there’s brutality in Sookie, not just goodness. She’s a real person, complex with many sides, and can’t be lumped just into ‘good’ or ‘tenderhearted.’

‘You’d adapt, like we all do. Trade the sun for moon and stars.’ Eric sees Sookie as a person with a full range, capabilities. I think I would trust his eye. He turned Pam, and she was a smashing success, by all accounts. Would you do it with me? Heal the scars and change the stars? Would you do it with me? Turn loose the heaven within?

‘Uh uh, not me, I want it all.’ ‘Oh, greedy…’ They even tease each other and banter! I am in love! Banter is a must!

‘Yeah, I am.’ ‘I love it.’ I’d take you away, Castaway, on a lonely day. Bosom for a teary cheek, my song can but borrow your grace.

‘You have the right temperament for a vampire.’ I love the bedhead. Well, if you love someone and want to spend as long as you could with them and one was a vampire, why not? This conversation speaks to a couple that has longevity. It’s like wanting to spend your life with that significant other.

‘What? I’m high maintenance, bloodthirsty and old as dirt?’ LOL. She actually made a joke! What is the world coming to! She had good humour for once. Wow.

‘You’re bloodthirsty, yeah.’

‘I am not!’ Okay, they are seriously CUTE. They’re doing an incredibly sweet scene and you don’t want to turn the channel. Eric and Sookie have CHEMISTRY and are hot. Very nice!

‘Everybody thinks you’re a darling, don’t they?’

‘I am a darling.’

‘But you’re ruthless when it comes to the people you love. You’d do anything for them’ Eric sees qualities in Sookie that Bill refuses to acknowledge. It’s straight out of the books. Bill doesn’t really get her when it comes down to it. We’re already seeing it in the communication issues. Also, if you’re wondering why Eric looks so pinky, you’ve got evidence right there by his neck. He’s fed from Sookie, meaning they more than likely had sex. Yet, instead of showing us a sex scene, the writers give us the even better post-coital scene, so we understand that Sookie isn’t seeing just sex with Eric, she’s seeing someone that she could really be with, someone for love and companionship, not just sex. It’s true intimacy. It gives MUCH more significance to their relationship. Also, Lafayette had Eric’s blood and he’s not having sexual thoughts about Eric more than what he normally does. He’s still afraid of him. Endy anyone? The blood is simply bringing out what Sookie already feels.

‘Your brothers…your friends.’ That is very hot.


‘Bill.’ Bill who? Who is this Bill you speak of?

‘What do you care? You’ve already abandoned him.’ Oh look! Lorena is a voyeur. Not that I blame her though. The sex was probably all kinds of hot. In all seriousness, Lorena represents Sookie’s subconscious questioning whether or not she really loves Bill. It’s an interesting parallel to her self-assuredness to Lorena in the last episode.  Here, she is unsure. In this episode, Lorena wins. It sounds like Sookie’s trying to convince herself that she does love Bill. She’s been with him what? 2 months max? Things have happened way too quickly. In many ways, Sookie is drawn to Eric. I don’t really think Sookie loves Bill, I think she’s infatuated with that he represents, not in love with who he is. She’s with him because he’s a vampire, because his mind is silent to her and because he showed an interest in her. Furthermore, her feelings for Bill could be nothing more than a product of her ingesting his blood.

‘I have not, I love Bill.’ Don’t you love how she’s saying that, while Eric is necking her? When she says that, it sounds like she’s putting words to something she doesn’t really feel at all. It’s defensive, but with no strength. Her subconscious is telling her things that she refuses to acknowledge in her waking state. While Eric’s blood could be driving her dream, I doubt it would drive an idealized version of him, that she can’t already see, since she knows that Eric isn’t as harsh as he portrays, or control her dreams. It’s significant that she didn’t have his blood when the maenad attacked and got to see his brutality to Lafayette. From a story perspective, it makes sense. She has seen that while Eric is capable of great viciousness, he is also capable of good and love, as seen by Godric. She saw both things before she had his blood. His blood doesn’t influence her then, not like Bill’s has. Bill’s blood has been in the picture since the beginning of their relationship.

‘I used to think you had no sense of humour.’ They really need to show more of this. Of course, Eric always brought the humour out of Sookie in the books.

‘I used to think you were made of cold hard stone and empty inside.’ Looks like their preconceptions and prejudices both proved false…interesting.

‘And now?’

‘You’re a big faker.’ I don’t buy it, the act. You try too hard, Sawyer. I ask you to help a woman who can’t breathe and you ask me to kiss you? Nobody’s that disgusting. I’ve seen you, you know. […] So you can play games all you want, but I know there’s a human being in there somewhere.

‘You’re deep. You feel. There’s love in you.’

‘Only for Sookie.’ So, her dreams about Bill are about losing her virginity, just to lose it and get it over with, but her dream about Eric is about him loving her, being in love with her and having companionship and true intimacy with him. Interesting.

They make out and it’s fucking hot. Come out, come out wherever you are, so lost in your sea. Give in, give in for my touch, for my taste, for my lust. More Miracle No. 1! Sookie’s hair looks good in this scene.

‘You don’t want Bill.’

‘He means nothing to you.’ This is when I really think Lorena is Sookie’s subconscious. Part of her has to question how quickly they came together and declared undying love for each other. Part of her has to know that she’s only with Bill because it’s convenient, not because she has any deep emotional connection.

‘No.’ She’s protesting…but not very hard…

Once again, please pan left. KThxBai.

‘This is the beginning.’ VERY significant. Awesome. Your beauty cascaded on me, in this white night fantasy. Dream of me… This whole scene almost feels like Dead to the World when Eric had amnesia and you saw a completely different Eric…but not really, I always thought that Amnesia!Eric was who Eric was at the core without a thousand years of experience, bloodshed, vampire life and manipulation to his belt. In that book, the longer you were with him, the more you saw glimpses of Real!Eric. Like inevitably, the longer Amensia!Eric was around, eventually he would have become close to Real!Eric. There’s just this idealization of Eric in this scene, however, Sookie knows that this part of Eric, is part of Badass!Manipulative!Eric too. She’s seen many facets of Eric’s character and she knows it. Seeing another side of Eric is what will eventually make her fall for him, right now it’s making her question how hard she can really fight her attraction to him. It’s easy to hate him when he’s an asshole, but he’s not a total asshole, there’s a human being in there somewhere and she knows it.

And because it’s really hot…she’s scratching his shoulder. Sorry Lil.

MLTK! *Ahem* Ever felt away with me? Just once that’s all I need. Entwined in finding you one day. Ever felt away without me? My love it lies so deep. Ever dream of me? This scene was frakking awesome. They had the essence of who Eric and Sookie are from the books, which contrasted almost exactly to what Bill and Sookie are in the books and reflect on TV. We got to see the humour and banter that Eric and Sookie have, their conversations, their equality, their understanding of each other. Not to mention passion and chemistry, but whatever. I’d rather have the conversation and the emotion than the sex. Storywise, it’s more important.

Sookie is having an OSM!

I wonder if that view is in the least bit disappointing? LOL.

Sookie clings to Bill for dear life. This is what she wants, right? She’s trying to reassure herself, probably trying to blame her growing feelings or understanding of Eric on the bond…but she can’t discount it, because some inkling of chemistry and attraction was there before. (Although if she starts blaming all her feelings on the blood bond, like in the books, I will throw something.) On a side note, Bill looks extremely dead and pale in this shot when compared to Eric. I wonder if that’s intentional. I mean, sure, Eric just fed off Sookie in the dream, but Bill’s feeding off her too. Yet, he looks extremely dark, pale and dead here. Is that intentional?

Oh look, they ran out of space in the jail! I wonder if those chairs are bolted on…or are they counting on the fact that the doors are too small?

Oh look, Maryann comes! Apparently, she’s going to pull a jailbreak and they all know it. Can you hear the Thin Lizzy? She even teases her little worshipers. Isn’t it cute?

Everyone in the jail is all riled up! What’s a sheriff to do?

Sam has an OSM of his own when he hears Maryann over the intercom. UH OH! I don’t think goo will pour over his face though. It’ll be much worse!

Luckily, there is a fly! EPIPHANY!

Maryann pretends to care and asks Bud what’s going on. Poor Sheriff Dearborn has been up all night, the whole town’s gone crazy and more people are getting picked up. It’s a major crime wave…but they’re all misdemeanors. The creepy thing about this is that everyone seems to believe she’s a legitimate social worker. Bud certainly seems familiar and at ease with her.

‘Misdemeanors? That’s not so bad. Maybe you could let a few of them go. Save yourself the trouble.’ Oh you know, so I can have a few hundred worshipers from which to drain their petty little souls. Feed me!

Bud is reluctant. Everyone’s all riled up and could do some damage.

But Maryann can talk them down! It’s her best thing. You know, she gives them drugs and food, makes them have sex and harvests their souls. Om nom nom!

Bud caves. He’s tired. Now what can he do for Maryann? Why, you can offer her your soul, Sheriff Dearborn. Then you can wear your black stetson, dosido all day and have it match your Grudge eyes.

Maryann wants Sam’s soul/body especially. She wants to help him out because he’s a fine upstanding business man and not because he escaped and spurned her and she holds a grudge. Po-tay-to, Po-tah-to.

Bud isn’t in the habit of releasing murder suspects. Duh. Maryann’s all ‘NO! Not Sam.’ And we’re like, even we can tell you’re acting…

Bud wants to show her where they’re keeping Sam, but Maryann gets him in her clutches before he can. He’s tired after all…

Bud gets some dildo action.

And just like that, Maryann has the law enforcement under her thumb. ‘Oh. You went fast.’ That is very comforting. She tells an old dog to stay. This is when Bud could use a new trick…

Maryann gets a warm welcome. They want to go play with her! Lambs to slaughter…lambs to slaughter.

She wants one thing and one thing only. Guess? A collie named Dean. She wants to cuddle. Funny how she yells out Sam Merlotte…


‘Now I am *really* irritated.’ Uh oh.

Admiral Cain is too high brow to do something as menial as opening the brig. Where’s Jack Fisk when you need him?

And it’s dinnertime! Does anyone else find it interesting that Hoyt and Jessica are both wearing blue, while Maxine is wearing pink? It’s a clash of hot and cold colours. It shows opposition. Interesting.

Jessica appeals to Maxine’s vanity. Maxine likes it. She’s grateful that she came to dinner. Hoyt points out that she’s 20 minutes late lol. Go Hoyt. He’s got backbone!

Jess tries to find common ground with Maxine when she says it’s because she couldn’t decide what to wear. They do have things in common, you know.

Jessica’s efforts are further thwarted when Maxine tells them that there were people who wouldn’t budge on the road. Her joke ‘Oh, them too, huh?’ doesn’t go over well. She gets shut down. Aww.

She becomes even MORE difficult by refusing food and drink from Hoyt. She’s a real piece of work.

Maxine says that Hoyt is mostly a good boy. This is something Jessica knows. They make cute couple talk and Maxine no like! She can tell she’s the third wheel and that she’s losing her son and she’s not liking it.

Maxine wants to meet Jessica’s family, see what her people are like. Hoyt says bad idea! But Maxine’s not listening. Jessica explains that someone made her a vamp against her will. She doesn’t have a family anymore. That’s an interesting statement. First, in that she doesn’t say that it’s Bill, because you know, you don’t want to alert the locals. Secondly, she doesn’t have a family anymore. That’s so different from say Eric and Pam or Godric and Eric. When you look at those two relationships, it’s easy to see that they are family. Bill isn’t her family, just her maker.

Only Hoyt is her family. Awwww!

Maxine makes an empty apology. She’s sorry for Jessica, but she believes that Hoyt has a bright future. As in one under the sun. Very nice, Maxine. And people wonder why Jessica hates herself…sigh…Just like Bill, Maxine makes her focus on what she’s not, rather than what she is.

‘If you think I’m gonna let him wander all hours of the night for the rest of his life with an orphan vampire, you got another thing coming.’ Hoyt is what? 28. He doesn’t need that kind of ‘guidance’. He’s a man, not a baby. FFS. He’s more than old enough to make his own decisions.

Jessica gets fangy! ‘I believe that’s up to Hoyt!’ I believe you are correct!

Maxine will fight for what’s best for her boy, which sounds less like Hoyt’s best interests and more of her own. She’s like Lorena, incredibly lonely and needs to have someone she can covet obsessively as hers.

‘So will I and I can give him everything that a human could!’

Not hardly. She can’t give Hoyt babies. Aww…isn’t that superficial? I would say love is more important than babies…

She makes Jessica cry. Aww…poor Jess!

Hoyt hopes she’s happy. She’s done it. Maxine insists she’ll thank him one day. Riiiight. This is the kind of thing children never forgive their parents for.

Hoyt tosses money on the table and walks out with Jessica. Maxine asks him when he’s coming home. He tells her ‘Never.’

Maxine has nothing left to do but drown her sorrows by herself.

For a LOOOOOOONG time to come. Arlene’s gonna have to keep it coming.

I spy with my little eye a little fly!

They’re playing No Rules Strip Poker! Ugh. Boooring.

Oh look, aliens crash the party! Thank God! Laffy is lookin’ goooood!

Maryann is very pleased to meet Lafayette. He’s not.

They have come to take Tara away from Maryann. Interesting that he’s brought Lettie Mae. He must be seriously desperate.

Lettie Mae wants Tara to listen her this once for her own good, but it’s like The Boy Who Called Wolf and everyone just laughs. Irony. This time listening to Lettie Mae would be pertinent.

Tara is resentful to her mom when Maryann asks what Lettie Mae’s poison is. They include vodka, whiskey, hairspray, antifreeze…Oh wow. Total speedballer…

‘What the fuck is wrong with you, Tara? Is you even in there?’ Very good question Laffy. We’ve all been asking it!

Maryann attempts to tempt Lettie Mae with the vodka. She is so far gone from the woman who gave Lettie Mae the words she deserved in the Season Premiere. But then, she’s done pretending to be nice.

‘I don’t know what you is, but I’m feeling you. And you’s a soulless bitch.’ Right on the money!

‘Ouch, that almost hurt.’ Get a fork and stab her! A sharp one!

Lettie Mae is sober and she’s only here for Tara! Laffy asks Tara to go with them, but she tells them to ‘Fuck Off!’

‘I’m her boyfriend, why don’t you talk to me?’ Seriously, Eggs? *roll*

‘Cuz you ain’t her boyfriend. You a domestically violent, sick motherfucker. Now Tara, get up! I ain’t playin’. Let’s go!’ You tell ’em, Laffy!

Lettie Mae says they’ll keep Tara safe, but when her eyes go black, I think they’re the ones that need saving. ‘Well, it would be the first fucking time!’

‘Throw a bible at me now!’ Even though it’s Tara fighting back, the way she’s doing it is incredibly wrong. She uses domestic violence against her mother, like she did to her. It doesn’t stop the problem. It just adds to it.

Eggs decides to go for Laffy, but he ain’t no fool, and he beats Eggs like we all knew he would!

Maryann pulls up a seat to watch, she’s all like POPCORN! Ugh.

Just as Tara is about to turn of Laffy, he grabs her over her shoulder and runs!

Tara becomes the possessed spawn of Satan, with the Grudge eyes, shouting ‘EEEEEEEEEGGGGSSS!’ and ‘MAAAAAAAAARRRRRYYYYYYAAAAAAAANNNNN!’ She should consider joining a metal band, maybe something grindcore. They pull Tara into the car, kicking and screaming. This is all very Exorcist. Hey, wasn’t Alex’s dad in the last movie? It’s really too bad Miss Jeanette is dead now. They could all use some peyote about now.

Eggs tries to chase after them, but Maryann stops them. They’re fools anyway…suuuuure. ‘She’ll come back. She’ll bring them with her.’ Ominous. Eggs looks a little like Frankenstein’s Monster right now.

A little fly knows the score…

‘Do you have any fucking idea of the PR mess you’ve made?’

This is Eric imagining ripping her head off and throwing it out the hotel window for a Hummer to drive over and squish.

‘And who has to fucking clean that shit up? Me. Not you. Me. I should drain every one of you bastards.’ This is an establishing shot so you know where everyone is sitting. It is important.

‘Stan went after the church on his own. None of us knew anything about it.’

Sookie is looking at Eric! Oooh. He’s all broody right now. It’s kinda hot. We feel it. We also have Miracle No. 1 and now Miracle No. 3! Eric’s hair has given Sookie better hair and a better wardrobe. More like the better hair and wardrobe she had in Season One, instead of looking all harsh this season.

Eric notices. ‘Yes I know I’m hot.’

‘Everyone who knew Stan for the past 300 years knew he had a kink for slaughtering humans, but you, his nestmates, his sheriff, had no clue?’ Poor Goddy! ‘And how were we supposed to know that, this time, he meant it.’ GO IZZY!

‘Not my problem. Yours.’ How convenient. I kinda love and hate Nan for being a bitch.

‘Don’t talk to him that way.’ Indeed.

‘Don’t talk to me that way.’ Oooooh…

Eric looks at Nan like he wants to flail her, while Sookie looks at broody Eric again! OOH. This is partially because of the blood she drank and the dream, but she’s also feeling something for him that’s not hate.

Nan wants to know how they managed to abduct Godric.

‘They would’ve taken one of us sooner or later. I offered myself.’ Oh Godric, you’re digging a hole.

Eric knows it. I imagine he’s thinking of ways to solve the problem quickly…Might possibly involve sticking Nan with a hot poker.

‘Why?’ ‘Why not?’

‘They wanted you to meet the sun and you were willing?’ Can you smell the condescension?

While everyone is waiting for the answer, Sookie looks at Eric again…Hmmm…

‘What do you think?’ Awww…noooo…

And Eric knows what’s going on and Sookie’s seen his face. He looks pretty devastated, as much as a controlled vamp can.

‘I think you’re out of your mind. And then I hear about a traitor?’ Not looking good…

Godric asserts that it’s irrelevant, saving Isabel’s hide in the process. He’s a good guy. It was only a rumour and he’ll take full responsibility. Oh wow. This is like when Gretzky took the fall when Canada failed to bring home the gold in Turin. Ouch.

‘You bet you will.’ Bitch.

‘You cold bitch.’ Thank you, Eric!

‘Listen, this is a national vampire disaster.’ I’m surprised Nan isn’t working the Vampire PR spin on this. It’s great PR, it makes vampires look sympathetic when they’re the victims of suicide bombings…but I guess they don’t want it made out that vamps draw danger, hate and fanatics…so…And there are the vampires to worry about…they’ll want revenge and may not want to mainstream. Okay, fine. It’ a PR disaster. ‘And nobody at the top has any sympathy for you.’ I wonder what the top looks like…

Sookie’s wandering eyes…

Bill catches it. Hmmm.

‘Sheriff, you’re fired.’ Godric agrees. Aww…

Godders wants Izzy to take over because she had no part in his disgrace. Well, Stan was wrong. She was the one who ultimately got the position, not him. Izzy wants Goddy to fight back, but he won’t.

‘What are you saying? She’s a bureaucrat. You don’t have to take shit from her.’ Interesting.

‘You wanna lose your area, Viking?’ Woo! The first time it’s confirmed via canon that he’s a Viking! Awesome. And look, Sookie’s looking at him again…

‘Oh, you don’t have that kind of power.’ Eyebrow!

‘Hey, I’m on TV Try me.’ Interesting. I think Nan is a liaison and a bureaucrat like Eric said. Her assertion that Godric be fired from his position is a suggestion, I think. A suggestion with bite, but a suggestion, nonetheless. Godric willingly steps down. He okays her decision. He’s the one with the power and he chose to give it up. Nan is a PR person and made the suggestions that would have the best outcome for Vampire PR in the whole mess, and that is to get rid of Godric. Her job is made easier that Godric signed the papers and actually did things her way. Otherwise, she’d have to use her soft power, using the media and the TV to get her way, which is more time consuming and hard. Nan doesn’t have the direct hard power. She’d probably have to get someone up top to help her, if Godric wasn’t so agreeable.

Isabel attempts to save Godric in return, she should’ve contained Stan once she knew his intentions, but he won’t have it. It’s interesting to see one of Godric’s followers have that much loyalty to him.

‘I remove myself from all positions of authority.’ This works for Nan and she gets her way. Eric looks like he’s been punched in the gut. He knows what’s coming. Awww.

Sookie tries to speak, but Bill stops her. Again. Seriously. She’s a grown woman, she can make her own decisions. It’s stuff like this that just makes me roll my eyes. What? Is her whole entire purpose to sit down, shut up and look pretty to boost your ego? Is she not allowed to voice her opinion?

‘I owe him.’ I gave him my word. Interesting, this is important to Sookie, keeping her word and repaying people who show her kindness. Once again, Bill shows himself to be passive. He’d let people take the fall and get hurt and not lift one finger, if he’ll still be alive and unaffected.

‘Miss Flanagan, Godric rescued me from a really large rapist.’ LOL, the delivery is just LOL. ‘He would’ve killed me too.’ ‘That’s nice, moving on.’ ‘No, listen! And then he rescued humans from that church and a whole lotta vampires. You think it’s a PR mess now. It could’ve been a hundred, a million times worse. You should thank him.’ Umm…yeah! And she did it without the pissy attitude of the last couple episodes. Miracle No. 2! It’s also annoying me how Bill is still grabbing her arm. It’s like seriously. She’s old enough to make her own decisions. It’s like he’s restraining her. Also, this is part of the reason Eric likes her, she sticks her neck out for people she cares about.

‘For getting kidnapped, for attracting a suicide bomber, for piss poor judgment? I think not.’ Oh. That…But he did get peace in the church!!! C’mon!!!

Eric jumps up, Izzy restrains him. He will not allow Nan to talk about him that way! ‘Eric, it doesn’t matter.’ Awww… Bill also stands up, but doesn’t do anything. Once again, useless.

She’s looking again. Yes, that was intense.

I have an icon for this:

Things settle down and Godders is forced to recount the whole incident of the bombing.

Maxine drowns her sorrows at Merlotte’s, talking about how ungrateful Hoyt is when she’s sacrificed everything for him…Yeah, I don’t buy it either. It’s like, lady, time to let go! ‘He’s running wild now, he’s headed straight for Hell.’ Where it’s warm all year and we can prolly hang with Eric. Not so bad. I’m thinking Hoyt would rather take the Highway to Hell than the Stairway to Heaven when it’s where Maxine is, at this point.

Maryann makes a dramatic, vampire style entrance! The locals are wowed!

‘The god who comes demands his sacrifice!’ Dionysus/Bacchus? ‘Where is Sam Merlotte?’ Uh oh.

The townsfolk turn on Sam as the remote switches on…They’re all extras in the Grudge too. ‘He ain’t been here all day.’

Maryann wants Sam found and brought to her! Uh oh. Terry spills that Sam wanted to cut and run. Uh oh.

Maxine becomes an extra too. Shouldn’t have had that fourth drink…it made her ripe for Maryann’s picking…Remember kiddies, if you don’t want to be controlled by a crazy sociopath, don’t drink.

Now we go to a decrepit motel.

The fly has landed! OOH.

It’s Andy’s room. I guess he can’t go home because he’s been so disgraced. Aww. He’s also drinking, but it seems like he isn’t drunk anymore. A knock sounds! Who could it possibly be? Were you paying attention?

If you guessed Sam, you are correct! If you guessed naked, you get a gold star! Sam heard where Andy was through the grapevine. I wonder if he really waited on a grapevine. He’s small enough.

Andy lets him in. Naked and all. I guess he’s accepting the supernatural now. I would like to make a homoerotic joke…but enh.

‘What a fucking fiasco. You’re lucky I don’t send you all to the magistrate.’ Oh look, she’s looking at him again! She’s so obvious. Hmmm… I’m thinking Nan can only report them and send them in for judgment. It’s the extent of her powers.

Bill catches it. LOL. Yes, she’s looking at a guy who’s older, stronger, more powerful, bigger, taller and arguably better looking. Bill is seething. Oops. If you’re not into the triangle drama, Nan wants Godric to fill out some papers. The vamps are all officialz like that.

Godric is making a speech. He kinda looks like Haley Joel Osmond in this pic…Oh and a little boy. ‘I’m sorry.’

Eric paying rapt attention to this.

‘I apologize for all the harm I’ve caused. For all our lost ones, human and vampire. I will make amends. I swear it.’ OH NOES!

There’s Sookie looking left again! What is it with the left in this episode? Look left! Well, how about you pan left instead! *sigh*

Just how many times do Sookie’s eyes drift left toward Eric? Eight. Yes, I counted.

And please clicky!

Wanna bet that has something to do with Bill taking a cheap shot?

Eric’s eyes drop. He knows what this means…Sookie has to be paying attention to his face. She knows it too.

‘Take it easy, it’s just a few signatures.’ Cold bureaucratic bitch. Eric was right. Pfft. She slaps his shoulder. Bitch.

The suits walk out. Good riddance.

Eric confronts Godric. His voice sounds like it’s on the edge of breaking and gives away that he’s on the edge of a break down. ‘No.’ They’re breaking my wibbly heart all over! *cries*

Look in my heart.’ ‘You have to listen to me.’ ‘There’s nothing to say.’ Wow, Godric really is going through with this…sigh.

‘There is.’ Awww…Eric doesn’t want to let go.

Godric agrees to meet Eric on the roof and poor Eric looks like someone has killed all the puppies and kittens and rainbows and unicorns in the world. It’s so heartbreaking.

So when Bill decides that he and Eric have a score to settle while his dad is going to burst into flame and kill himself, Bill can’t look like more of a douche.

‘Not now.’ No shit, wrong timing. AS’ delivery was perfect. It conveys all of Eric’s sadness and despair. He even looks like he’s either going to cry or throw up. He’s on the verge of breaking down.

Bill says, ‘Yes, now!’ and punches him. I wonder if he had to jump up, or stand on the foot rest. I’ve already gone over this, but it was incredibly petty to fight over a girl when Godric is going to kill himself, Eric’s everything pretty much. It’s so fucking selfish and immature. Bill KNOWS this is what Godric is going to do. He can hear Eric talking to him. He KNOWS Eric cares about Godric. But no, he has to do it anyway because he’s a big fat prick. Also, that was seriously smart, punching your sheriff. What an idiot! I’m guessing if Eric wasn’t so torn up right now and picking a fight with Bill so wasn’t worth it, Bill would be up Shit Creek faster than you can say ‘Magistrate’ and punishment rained down upon his ass.

‘Have I made my point?’ That you’re a selfish, petty, immature, childish, idiotic, compassionless, tactless, inhumane and unkind douchebag asshole prick of a lowlife who should crawl back into the slime you inhabit? Yes.

‘It’s done. I’m part of her now.’ It’s so hard to see Eric say this with no fight or life in his eyes. This is how much Godric means to him. It only emphasizes Bill’s pettiness. Ugh and it’s done with the Ode to Lame Angst. Bill has to know how much of a faux pas he’s commited.

The best part though? ‘Get out of the way.’

And he DOES! VERY loaded and laden with meaning. ‘It’s done. I’m part of her now. Get out of the way.’ And he steps aside. It’s very interesting. It’s essentially saying symbolically that Bill has stepped aside for Eric when it comes to Sookie. Let’s just say that this move really perked my eyebrows when I first saw it. Like whoa!

And Sookie sees all this. I wonder what’s going through her head. Certainly, she knows what Godric is to Eric. She knows that even though he may deny his love for his maker, what he feels for Godric is something close to that on a vampire level. So taking this all into account, she must know how much of a douche he’s being. Yeah, Sookie, you’re with THAT. When do you find out the most about person’s character? In adversity. I’d say Bill has failed that test.

Sookie is going to find Godric.

Once again, Bill can’t see beyond the man in the mirror. Interesting that this scene is done with him staring at his own reflection… ‘None of this has anything to do with us. Godric is not your concern.’ I beg to differ, you’re the one who took the money whose trail eventually led to the specific FOTS cell that blew up Godric’s nest that Sookie was in. It has everything to do with you.

‘If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t be standing here. He’s in pain. He’s suffering. I gotta do something.’ She’s not just talking about Godric. That applies to Eric too, it’s the subtle implication, that they’re not mentioning. Bill isn’t going to thank Eric. Ever. She wouldn’t be here if Eric didn’t take bullets for her. As melodramatic as he is about it lol.

‘Don’t you think we done enough for Dallas.’ There he goes again, talking her down and being selfish. You can pretty much insert Eric into this convo too. And Bill would still be equally compassionless.

‘You of all people should understand how he feels.’ For Godric, yes. ‘What if it were you, Bill? What if in 1800 years you were Godric?’ Once again, Bill is self-centred, shortsighted and not very aware of anything around him. However there is a key difference between Godric and Bill. Godric’s wish to end his life isn’t built upon his hate of vampires and privileging of humans over vampires, holding humans to an ideal. He respects both races and sees both good and bad in them. He understands and sees both humans and vampires commit atrocity, brutality, violence, harm and pain upon each other for over two thousand years with little change. It’s not only the vampires who are unchanging, but humans too. He’s done with humanity in general. The cycles of hate are still there in each race. He wants to move beyond that, he wants to evolve, but neither side is willing. His attempt was unsuccessful. I’m thinking if the bombing didn’t happen, he might continue on, but the science experiment failed. Everyone is still the same, in the same cycle of hate and violence. He was experimenting just like Izzy was doing.

Bill, however, is a closet racist. His privilege of humans isn’t born of respect, but of hate for himself. And he has no qualms about killing humans anyway, if he feels that they deserve it. He has no morality or code, he’s just got a front. He has no consistency. He says one thing, but fails to show the behavior which would reinforce it. He’s a sociopath. Bill is a hatemongerer. His actions to the boy in the beginning of the episode did NOTHING to bridge human-vampire relations. He just instilled fear in the boy. Fear breeds hate. He’s so stuck in himself that he can’t see beyond him and truly care for others. His ‘love’ for Sookie is born from selfishness, in order to feel good about himself and for someone to reflect the self he wants to see.

Bill decides he wants to go with Sookie. Can she not do anything without you around?

Conveniently, the sun is coming up soon! I’ve never been so happy for daytime on True Blood!

‘If I don’t stay long, I’ll heal.’ Oh Bill, you bring the LULZ! Like your epic rescue attempt during the day did anything. He’s ridiculous and irrational. Seriously, he’s doing nothing more than posturing because he knows Eric will be there and wants to protect his property. It’s so transparent.

‘I will not let you take that chance.’ At least Sookie has some brains here… ‘With Godric there, you don’t have to worry about me.’ Funny how she knows that he’s insecure about Eric. And yes, with his maker about to burst into a fiery corpse, Eric will want to do nothing more than flirt. Oh Bill…

‘You are so tenderhearted.’ Barf. She’s not that innocent…Shit, I’m quoting Britney. Nor is she a Care Bear…This is exactly like in the books. Bill views her as some kind of delicate flower. He doesn’t see her resiliency or her strength, that it’s like Eric said, that she’s ruthless too. Eric is the one that sees her power, that she is not fragile.

‘You feel obligated, I see that. Sookie, in all honesty, what can you do for him?’ Belittling her again…This convo can relate back to Eric too. She’s not going on the roof just for Godric. Part of her is going for Eric too, because she saw his face, his manner, his behavior and knows he’s hurting. Oh and the Ode to Lame Sex…ugh. I have an adverse response to this theme and the Ode to Lame Angst too…I’ve been trained like one of Pavlov’s Dogs. I can’t help it!

‘I don’t know. I just gotta be there.’ That, is compassion. ‘It doesn’t make sense. But you understand?’

‘I do.’ I don’t really see it. I think Bill understands Sookie’s obligation to Godric, but not her need to comfort him. He’s too passive for that. They lean in for a kiss. See that? No, me neither.

Compared to the chemistry we saw earlier in the episode with Eric and Sookie, this kiss just totally fell flat. There was no simmer, no tension, no feeling, no passion. There’s just no chemistry between Bill and Sookie anymore, it’s what makes them painful and boring to watch. They’re just so bland. They’re blander than that horrible chicken I had at the Tower of London. Their sex scenes are even harder to watch, about the only thing that would make me stick through it is if Sookie’s spine glowed red or something. It’s like watching, to quote Matt Gardner,  ‘a hemophiliac’s attempt at forming a scab.’

Maybe Sookie does feel obligated to Godric, but it just feels like she’s obligated to act like Bill’s GF right now. When I see that face, it’s almost like Sookie’s feeling that she’s missing something, like passion or fire. Maybe it’s unintentional, but after she’s just had a crazy dream sequence about another guy, where the dude was in love with her and she was just as invested, you would think that the kiss afterwards, with her boyfriend, would reassure her feelings or reaffirm what she felt. It looks like it did neither.

When there’s passion, fire and chemistry, it’s supposed to look like this after a kiss:

Or this:

The girl’s eyes should tell me that she’s totally into this guy. It makes me buy into the relationship and feel like it’s real, that it’s worth watching. It makes me want to root for it. Okay, so you can argue that it’s after a huge makeout scene, but there’s still this:

Instead, what we got was more this:

A Kiss and Run, where the girl realizes that she really doesn’t care about the guy in that way, even though she wants to and runs to the guy who she does feel that way for.

There she goes, off to the rooftops. I say Death to Schmoopy! When there’s no chemistry, no heat, you can’t pull off sweet scenes. It’s just a drag to watch.

Don’t forget to jump, Bill! I can’t resist! Hey, if he’s anything like Wolverine… JUMP, JUMP, JUMP!

Sookie comes upon Eric and Godric, Eric’s talking him off the ledge.

Two thousand years is enough.’ ‘I can’t accept this. It’s insanity.’ His voice breaks…OMG…*cry* Eric is falling apart before our eyes, but he’s still amazingly, holding it in.

‘Our existence is insanity.’

‘We don’t belong here.’ Oh wow, Godric sees the vampire’s existence as unnatural to humans. This isn’t a world made for them.

‘But we are here!’ That line just GOT me, the delivery…It gets me in the heart. What about them? They’re here anyway, unnatural or not. They exist, despite it all. They live. What does that mean? It’s like Ben asking Jacob, ‘What about me?’

‘It’s not right. We’re not right.’ Their nature is to destroy, to kill. They know no other nature, to try to be not be vampire, is to deny oneself, so they just don’t fit in. Aww. The acting in this scene is SO good. It’s just phenomenal.

‘You told me there was no right or wrong. Only survival or death.’ Nihilism and the rules of the jungle. Only, they’re not in the wild, are they?

‘I told a lie…As it turns out.’ Everything Eric’s been told has just been told it means nothing. That’s a headtrip. That’s incredibly painful. Godric realizes that the rules of the jungle don’t fit, that they’re wrong. They’re not animals, they’re vampires and they look and feel like humans. Eric’s gonna have to do a lot of soul searching.

It really reminds me of these two parts from The Lion King…when everything you thought was real and meant something ends up meaning nothing and gets squished.

‘I will keep you alive by force.’ You can just feel Eric’s attachment and desperation, it’s like…waterworks…Another line that just gets me. You can just see him falling apart bit by bit. And Sookie’s there watching this. This is going to change everything in how she views him.

Even if you could, why would you be so cruel?’ Godric really has no more will to live. This just tears out your heart and twists…

You can hear the tears in his voice as he begs. Aww man, this is so hard to watch. What is also interesting is their opposition seen through their clothes…black and white.

That’s a goodbye.

Eric knows it and there’s nothing he can do. And also, despite what he tells Sookie, he does feel something akin to love for Godric. It’s as close to love as vampires can get or the vampire equivalent. I would love to see a scene where we learn that Pam feels this for Eric. You know, like she feels his anguish, hugs him and then just walks off like it didn’t happen.

And now Eric is just completely broken. He’s fallen apart.

It brings Eric to his knees.

And it’s important that Sookie is the one to see this. She’s seeing the man behind the facade, that there is a heart, he can love. It’s the push she needs to really start falling for him, and to also stop brushing off the attraction so easily. She can’t hate him anymore, she knows there’s something good at the core and she can’t deny that. She’s witnessed it. She’s seeing more of Eric than possibly anyone else except maybe Godric. It’s also important that Bill’s not here.

Sookie is seeing the one person who is important to Eric above all others, die and his reaction to it. She can’t believe that he’s cold and unfeeling. Not anymore. More importantly, she sees this in Eric BEFORE she had the dream about him, or taking his blood. She knows he loves Godric when he tries to get her away from the FOTS. She also sees that Eric is someone Godric cares about too and since she holds Godric in esteem, that’s going to carry over as well.

‘Father, brother, son.’ And they’ve come full circle, to the words Godric said to Eric one thousand years before.

Eric is essentially losing all those people in one fell swoop. His grief is crazy intense. When we compare this farewell to Lorena and Bill’s, the difference is just incredibly striking. This episode was all about parallels.

‘Let me go.’ Interestingly, the episode when Eric was turned was called ‘Never Let Me Go’ and now he has to go against that.

‘I won’t let you die alone.’ Oh wow, Eric is willing to go with his maker. That’s intense, his life isn’t worth it without him. That’s so different from Bill and Lorena.

‘Yes you will.’

Oh, you’re breaking his heart!

‘As your maker…I command you.’ OMG! Poor Eric! He’s forced to carry on without Godric. How tragic! I think Godric can sense that there’s life in Eric still and that he can move on and there’s more for him to do. Eric’s story doesn’t end with him in a fireball, it keeps going.

You can just hear Eric going, ‘Please, no!’

This whole entire scene really reminded me of when Mufasa died in The Lion King and Simba’s trying to wake him up. I used to fast forward that scene growing up because it always makes me cry. It’s just so incredibly heartbreaking and gut wrenching.

Eric looks upon Godric one last time and has to leave by force, you can see that he’s being compelled. What’s amazing is that Godric never released him after a thousand years and Eric probably never asked to be released. It’s interesting when you compare it to Lorena and Bill. They lasted what? 60/70 years?

Sookie takes his hand, offering comfort.


‘I’ll stay with him, as long as it takes.’ It’s something Eric can’t do, something he appreciates. Godric brings Sookie closer to Eric, unlike Lorena, Bill’s maker, who brings her further apart from Bill.

Sookie walks up to Godders and we’re aware of many things. All three post Eric blood drinking miracles! No. 1, Hair. No. 2, Attitude and No. 3, Wardrobe. I’m wondering if this is a little dig at the books and how Bill makes her go out in a pair of horrible Britney Spears lace up stretch jeans and a short, midriff baring, checkered sleeveless blouse thing when she’s attacked by the maenad.

‘It won’t take long, not at my age.’ Umm…okay…I’ll roll with that if you say so. ‘You know it wasn’t very smart. The Fellowship of the Sun part.’

‘I know, I thought it might fix everything somehow. But I don’t think like a vampire anymore.’ Wow, Godric thinks like a human now. No wonder Nan got up his butt.

‘Do you believe in God?’ ‘Yes.’

‘If you’re right, how will he punish me?’ Godric wasn’t kidding about atonement.

‘God doesn’t punish, God forgives.’ ‘I don’t deserve it, but I hope for it.’ ‘We all do.’

‘You’ll care for him? Eric.’ I love his smirk. He knows what’s up! He knows that there’s something between them. He knows Eric very well…Also it wasn’t hard to see her eyes drifting towards him constantly during the meeting. I like that Godric’s final wish is for the care of his child.

‘I’m not sure. You know how he is.’ It’s not a flat out no. I’m thinking something’s gonna happen…

‘I can take the blame for that too.’ I like the lightheartedness of this. Godric’s no fool, he knows his boy! Lol.

‘Maybe not. Eric’s pretty much himself.’ Pretty much lol.

Godric starts smoking, ‘Are you very afraid?’

‘No. No, I’m full of joy.’ ‘But the pain.’ ‘I want to burn.’ Wow, it’s very biblical this death.

‘I’m afraid for you.’

‘A human with me at the end…’ He passed on the eyebrow to Eric, who passed it on to Pam.

‘And human tears. Two thousand years and I can still be surprised.’

‘In this I see God.’

The sun breaks in the horizon.

He’s smoking and reminds me of John Lennon. I think it’s the outfit, or you know, the philosophy.

Goodbye, Godric.You were an incredible character. I’d love to see you in a flashback sequence. I don’t care if it’s gratuitous!

Yeah…the effects kinda suck…but it’s still a great sequence.

We now know why it’s called ‘meeting the sun’. And Godric leaves nothing behind but a few ashes and his coat. I kinda want Sookie to give his coat to Eric. (This is totally going the way of the Drive Shaft ring, I know it.)

And with Godric ending the episode like he did, I kinda don’t want another episode, this season, because this scene was just so fulfilling and climactic. The other three episodes kinda feel to me like ‘The Scouring of the Shire’ in LOTR. Not the natural climax, so you feel that it’s pointless. Purists may be upset that it was taken out of the film trilogy, but I thought it was a good move.

I really loved this episode, and recapping it only made me appreciate it more. It was a revelatory episode on Sookie and her feelings and how she viewed Eric. Yes, she’s always been attracted to him, and yes, she’s always been trying to hide it and cover it with hate. I hope you enjoyed the recap! It’s my longest yet. It took more than 420 images. I, of course, have to get pretty much every Eric cap…so…

ETA: I made a huge boo boo! I forgot to add all The Lion King vids! I’ve since added them. When I first saw the Eric/Godric scene, the farewell, it reminded me hauntingly of Simba over Mufasa’s body. That’s why I named this recap, ‘He Lives in You’…so I’ve rectified that. I also saw the parallel between Eric and Simba in that everything they thought to be real is shaken, in Eric’s case, it’s irreparable.

I do think Eric is on the rise though, and will eventually rise to the occasion. He’ll find a new way to live and survive. The episode is called ‘I Will Rise Up’ after all lol. Kinda like this:

As usual, the caps came from Marishna from LJ and were supplemented by black-celebration.net and caps I made myself. The Lost ones come form Lost-Media and myself. I had to break out my DVDs! lol. The gifs were from Bluebear and the avatar is from LJ.

I urge you to give Swinka’s stuff a look, or a big thank you! I would have lost the caps for all my previous recaps without her!

In other news, I’ve made it to the Final 7 Finalists in the Summer of 69 Eric/Sookie fanfic contest at Sookieverse over at FF.net. If you would like to vote for my fic, or any other, please go here to read, review and vote. The vote button is small, and at the very top. look for ‘Vote Now’.



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    • I gotta give you almost five stars for explaining Bill this episode, though it sounded a teensie bit twilight-fangirl (I almost jumped at it, too, after Sookies dream sequence), for criticising him for running towards Sookie first. This is a TV show and he’s a character who fulfills the stereotype moments. Also, if I ran into a burning building, I’d look desperately for the people I love first thing.
      Other than that he was pure bullshit this episode. Punching Eric at this moment, attacking the fellowship idiots. You call that mercy, Bill? I’d explain the term to him, but I’m still busy with Jason and Judas (Europe, Christianity… it’s gonna take a while!)

      What I found interesting is Nan Flanagans position. I personally loved her, cause I don’t jump at everybody who isn’t nice to Eric (He’s a big boy. And as we’ve seen, he can defend himself pretty well. Although I’m sure she can’t take away his position and they both know it. It was just her way of saying “Shut up, I’m trying to keep Vampires reputation, including yours, up!”)

      So I’m guessing the kings and queens gave Nan power when the Vampires came out. She can’t be a sheriff, or she couldn’t travel so much. She can’t be a spokesperson only, or she wouldn’t have any power.
      She’s kinda like the first vamp president, while vamps like Eric cling on to just aristocracy. Not that she has the kind of power an American president has (Which is a good thing, he’s got way too much!)
      And she probably got told what to do by the vampires “at the top”, to punish who she thinks is responsible and do all the PR damage control herself.
      Good thing she isn’t queen because she’d kill them all (then again, most kings and queens would) but she’s right to be pissed bug time, having to take responsibility for all their actions on national TV.

      I think it was right to take Godrics position away and allow him to pass it on to Isabel. She’s a true leader. She cares. Godric might have at some point, but he’s just sitting around and not caring, standing between bodies and not caring…
      I liked Sookie for defending him, but Nans “piss-poor judgement” had a point. Godric didnt want to live anymore, stopped caring about anything, so why didn’t he just step onto the roof and wait for the sun in the first place?
      Trusting the Newlins with this was a stupid idea, because he supported the Anti-Vampire movement with this, and he got a lot of people in trouble and pain, including Eric (in silver chains). I liked how he tried to clean his mess up, rescuing Sookie who was in danger because she came for him, stopping Stan… but he wasn’t smart starting it.
      Stan waited 300 years for an excuse to attack humans and his Vampires around him who’d love to do the same. Godric knew that, and he left it to Isabel to stop Godric, without giving her his position in the first place. He was planning to die and leave the Dallas vampires without guidance – and as we see, they would’ve chosen Stan instead of Isabel.

      I must say, though, that I liked Godric in his last scenes. Saying good-bye, telling Eric to leave, so this time he wouldn’t cause anyone pain and talking to Sookie. He wanted to find God, maybe he did. Who says you need to go to a church for that? I wonder if he talked to true christians, if he’d made this decision in the beginning.

      • I agree with that. I don’t hate Nan, I definitely see where she’s coming from. She’s a bitch you love to hate. Like I said, I can see where the PR mess is and Godric really did fuck up, although he did have good intentions. He did try to bridge vampire-human relations…but Nan couldn’t see that, and he was thinking from a human perspective, instead of a vampire perspective like she was. So there was no congruency on their opinions. Plus, Godric knew he fucked up and felt a lot of guilt for all those that suffered as a consequence of his actions.


  2. Thank you for saving my Saturday and also for doing justice to this episode.
    I think this is my favorite recap this season(and my favorite episode too.)

  3. Fantastic recap – I too loved the way Sookie and Eric interacted in this episode – it was very reminiscent of the books, which I adore. Reading your recap made me tear up again at Eric saying goodbye to Godric and Godric and Sookie’s conversation. My favorite line of the episode and possibly of the show is when Godric tells Sookie that in her tears he sees God. It gives me chills.

    So as usual – loved your recap – look forward to it every week – keep it up!

    • It really amazes and touches me that my recap can make people feel the same emotions as they did when they actually watched that scene.


  4. simba – you have completely outdone yourself! Brilliant recap – I loved it. 😀

  5. Fabulous recap, simba!!Loved it!! 🙂

  6. EVER DREAM! ❤
    Aww, Marco makes me really miss Eric's Viking!hair, what was up with the decision to cut it? Hopefully Alex will grow his own hair longer, somehow Eric just doesn't look right with the Miami Vice slicked-back look.

    But anyway, yeah, this episode was really amazing, especially acting-wise. Allan Hyde is a marvel, it's kinda amazing they just randomly found this unknown little Danish 20-year-old to play Godric, and he just SOLD it.
    Oh Godric, you magnificent little Teutonic Pixie Peter Pan Vampire Jesus, you will be sorely missed. ;__:

    Also, it was pretty convenient in a somehow really un-contrived way that his dying wish was for Sookie to look after his distraught father/brother/son. It really won't be easy, but it will certainly be interesting.

    • I’ve actually grown to love his hair this season. Last season his long hair was good for about 3 episodes. It became a matted hairball of a mess in Episode 7, 8 and 9.

      Allan Hyde is crazy amazing! And he was 19 when he filmed it. It blows my mind!

      Yeah wasn’t it.

  7. Wonderful recap as always. I so enjoy these. AND I learned something. I totally misheard Bill in the room. When he said “It was determined I form this bond with you.” I thought he said “HE was determined TO form the bond with you.” Hmmmmmm. It was such a slip.

    I agree with Bekkah, my favorite quote was also Godric’s quote.

    And I can’t get enough of seeing real Eric with real Sookie, even if it was just a dream. At least we know they know how to write them, IF they decide to give us their books relationship.

    Thanks again Simba. I look forward to these every week.

  8. Oh and by far this was my favorite epi and I agree, combined with epi 8 it would make the perfect TB episode!

  9. Ive woken up Sunday morning here in Australia to read your review, i love it! The final scene between Eric and Godric moved me more then anything in a long time. The quatilty of AS and AH’s acting was oustanding for a small screen drama series. the “please please” in which AS seemed to tear his voice from his chest, the pitch changing with the delivery; this killed me, and i cried over and over again with each re-watch. Thanks for another great review, and opening my eyes to a few bits and pieces in the episode i had missed. Cheers 🙂

    • LOL. I’m glad you liked it, you were so anxious for it. I was like ‘Oh crap, Kylie’s going to have to wake up to it. I hope she doesn’t stay up all night waiting for this…’ lol.


  10. Amazing…thank you

  11. It’s a gracious plenty of a recap…… *scurriesofftoread&giggle*

  12. Love it Simba, as always. I agree with you: episodes 8 and 9 are both my favourites for the reasons you’ve pointed out. Both together make one very good episode.
    I just hate the dialogue between Sookie and Bill post bullet sucking. I was amazed by how he was explaining that to her and she didn’t questioned, just for once, the effects of Bill’s blood on her. WAKE UP Sookie! Also the way he speaks to her. He’s more a “daddy” to Sookie that he is for Jessica. “The bond between a vampire and his maker is much stronger than you imagine” but we see no bond between him and Jessica except for the “I command” you parts.
    A small remark: Bill says: “He was determined to form this bond with you.” It’s HE, not I.
    I’m amazed how well Nancy Oliver captured the book characters so well. She really writes a great Sookie and we see how well she wrote that bed scene. I was amazed and satisfied. There is still hope for Eric/Sookie shippers. I hope she writes their first kiss episode!!
    I also, as you do, don’t feel the need to watch the 3 last episodes. As you know, I have to stay awake until 3am on my timezone to watch it, but I won’t do it on the next 3 weeks cause I’m not so eager about it anymore. It was that fulfilling!
    For all the rest, you nailed it very well! (Go Sawyer!!) Why I’m always on the team that suffers the most?!. Kisses.

    • Oh I agree, Bill is CRAZY paternalistic to Sookie, but I think she takes it because she lost her own father at such a young age and almost never had a paternal figure, so Bill sort of fills that void. I think we see more ‘I command you’ from Bill to Sookie than to Jessica, just subtlely. Even in this episode, with the grabbing of her arm when she started talking to Nan.

      She really is great with the characters. Her portrayal of Sookie on TB in episode 5 was the first time I felt like she was a little like Book Sookie and not Bitch!Bi-Polar!Sookie.

      Oh I know right? I’ve been put through the wringer with Lost.


  13. Loved the recap.

    One of my favorite thing sin this was Skarsgard acting as Eric acting in the bullet scene. It was just a little true dramatic. Eric is not an actor. Skarsgard is.

  14. You’ve outdown yourself, hun! This recap was BRILLIANT! Your observations were SPOT ON and very well said. Thanks for all the time you put into these. I imagine they take a lot of your time, but know that we appreciate them! This was a marvelous look at the best TB episode ever (so far?) and I look forward to your next one!

  15. You know I went back to that line “He was determined to form this bond with you.” And I think I was right the first time (as well as tchetcha), that is what he’s saying. It’s just the way Stephen swallows his words that make it sound like “It was determined I form this bond with you.” I’ve gone back and listened to it over and over again. The fist few times I thought you were right Simba but going back again and watching his lips, I think he’s talking about Eric.

    • Yeah, I think you and tch are right, that makes sense It really threw me for a loop, but for some reason, I can’t hear it as anything other than ‘It was determined I form this bond with you.’ That really needed some ADR’ing lol.

      For some reason I also hear ‘greedy’ as ‘gravy’ which also confused me.


  16. I look forward to your recaps every week, and this is just beyond brilliant. I could list the hundred or more ways in which I completely agree with you, but there really is no need– you sum everything up perfectly. Thanks so much for this! brava!

    driveshaft ring reference= ❤

  17. This is too, too much. I think all of you just want to see the 2 blondes get together. Eric actually needed his butt kicked for moving in on Bill’s ho. Vampire no-no. Let’s face it. Sookie has become the kind of girl her brother used to “date.” One taste of hot sex with Bill and not only is she always in heat, she has become stupid. And constantly being “Dear Abby” to people like she has it all together. My! My! How a few episodes can change the audience’s mind. Last season people cheered their relationship. Now, it’s Bill who? I do recall that when she drank a ton of Bill’s blood after the Rattrays’ had almost killed her, Bill told her that he’d always would know where she’d be; he’d sense her danger and that her libido would kick in high gear. Nothing I’d forget! The plot device to remove the bullets was dumb (in both book and on TV) How’s about digging out those pesky bullets with a finger or with one of the millions of shards of glass around? I can’t stand contrived solutions to problems. Sookie, her earnestness and her little girl/ho wardrobe has become tiresome. And pray tell, when would it have been a better time to bitch slap the Viking? Before or after he cried like a teen who had missed a Jonas Bros. concert? Remember folks, Bill has NO POWER. He is one of the newest of the vamps. Only 173 years old. Low man on the totem pole. He is at the other older vamps’ mercy. This is probably as hardcore as he can get with a rival without getting his neck ripped out. And it seemed to me that in his explanation to his dense, psychic waitress lover, his demeannor implied that Eric possibly may have done this to him before. In my opinion, Godric is LUCKY to be gone. No more scheming vamps jockeying for his job and no more silly humans. 2,000 years is a long time to put up with the living and undead. I did like some things in the episode, but I am preparing for the Bill beat-down in the last episodes while Sookie stands by(or is that writhes in the sheets) in a virginal, white thong waiting for Eric.

    • ann, you are cracking me up!

      • I mean…in the books Bill is largely just clueless and a product of his time. He hasn’t really evolved in terms of his mindset and he’s out of touch with the times…He’s still paternalistic and controlling, but it’s understandable. He overall means well, but he never quite gets to the point of being what Sookie really needs. You can understand Bill’s perspective so much more. He’s not portrayed so white, he’s portrayed with clear faults, instead of being the ‘good guy’ archetype. He makes mistakes, but he suffers for them in a way that’s not shown on the show. In the show, most of his bad actions are negated in the writing. It absolves him of the harm he causes. So overall, he’s still seen as the ‘good guy’. Bill isn’t as broody or whiney either. And he’s also a true vampire. He drinks blood from humans. It’s who he is. There’s none of this great loathing of himself. He doesn’t mope around. Sure, he’s aware that he’s lost something, but it’s not his arc. He’s also much more complex in the books. It doesn’t help that in the show, Sookie doesn’t call Bill out on his shit like she does in the books.


  18. i saw one part of the scene with nan differently. sookie defends godric to nan; nan is pretty harsh in answering sookie’s statements.

    did eric jump up and charge at nan for her rebuking sookie or the criticism of godric…

    i think it was both.

  19. Great recap! And thanks for crediting my caps. 🙂 That was very sweet. Yay for Sunday night! Less than a day away. *is anxious*

    • No problem! I always believe in giving credit where credit is due and crediting my sources and images. I’m a big stickler on that.


  20. Love the Eric/Sookie and Skate comparisons. When Andy!Eric was yelling at Lafayette, I thought he looked like Sawyer.

    The title of your site reminds me of when someone in book 9 says “He lives in you.” Was that intentional?

  21. Thanks for the wonderful recap! It must have been a lot of work, but I really appreciate it. Going through all those scenes again made me appreciate the episode more. Yes, it was subtler than ep. 8 in terms of action, but the scenes in ep.9 had a lot more hidden significances and A LOT of foreshadowing.

    Oh.. and I agree, that cheap shot of Bill was sooo a result of jealousy. If he had done it right after the bullet-sucking, he’ld have been more “justified” (though I doubt he should punch his sheriff in front of other vamps). But he had done it at that moment because he saw Sookie’s longing looks at Eric.

    I love all your analogies with the families and their inter-relationships. Godric and Eric only had a few episodes and scenes to show their past & present relationship. But the audience totally took it in and related to them. The culminating scene at the rooftop was heart wrenching. I can’t believe I cried for the first time watching True Blood. The actors were amazing! I hope Alexander Skarsgard gets more recognition.

    • Thank you!

      I really did like all the motifs, the foreshadowing and significance of Episode 9. Like I said, I think I need to do a TB double header with these two…I mean, they just make one amazing continuous episode.

      I’m glad you liked my analogies lol.

  22. Hello! I am new to this site & am thrilled that I found it! I just loved your recap especially compared to others I’ve read earlier this week which seemed to be way more ‘poor Bill’ based. I agree that there is much more to Eric than TB and Alan Ball have allowed for so far, however, I feel that the writers / AB may be preparing Eric for a fall & preparing Bill&Sookie for a happily everafter episode. Crap!!!! I hope not. Anyway back to the recap thanks for expressing almost 100% of what I felt really happened. Alexander Skarsgard is fabulous & not only in looks! lol My heart was breaking and I cried with him as well as the realization of what was to come with Godric. Sorry if this posting is too long, but it had to come out. Thanks also for introducing me to “Nightwish”

    • No problem. Pfft…I wrote like 15,000 plus words, you may write as much as you’d like. Go crazy! I love feedback. I don’t even think we have a cap on word count on comments…

      I think the reverse is true…I think TB is setting up Bill for a fall. He’s portrayed as the good guy, they go to the nth degree to portray him as ‘good’ to the viewers and to Sookie, but we see time and time again, there are just so many faults to it. He’s anything but a white knight, but he’s still viewed as whiter than snow. Everyone thinks Eric is the ‘bad guy’ and he’s been portrayed in an ambiguous light. He ripped apart Royce in the season premiere. i believe that they’re building up to have Bill fall and build up Eric. Where’s the drama or the story when we see a bad guy acting bad and a good guy acting good? It’s so boring. Hell, most of us are already bored with Bill at this point, so I really think they’re building to something different and making Bill fall all the harder.

      This episode is a big game changer in a LOT of ways in how Sookie views Eric, but it also provides the catalyst for her to view Bill in a different light too. Only the Bill part is implied.


  23. that was as beautiful as the eps. Your discription was heart wrenching and clever insightful and dramatic truely beautiful.I have noticed the hair and dramatic change in bill and Sook’s appearence and the chemistry thank you for conferming my suspecions and also You got it with the sexual stimi in the blood with Bill as well I do hope she rubs that in Bills face at least acknowleges it is a possible reason for the relationship with Bill. So she can move on to the Hot one.

  24. Totally loved your recap and reading it was wonderful! I seriously must have watched this episode 20 times, and cried each time I saw Eric cry *teardrop* Something I noticed though, where Godric tells Sook that ‘it won’t take long, not at my age’ you seemed kind of confused by those words. I pretty much see it as this: The longer you stay out of the sun, the easier it will be to get burned by it. Makes sense right? seeing as Bill took longer to roast 😛
    It kind of saddens me that there are so many Bill haters out there, but I see the point everyone makes. Plus, Askar is just WONDERFULLY hot, so I get it! — but again, WONDERFUL recap!

    • Lol. I never looked at it that way, but it does make sense. Thanks! I always thought the older the vampire, the more resilient he is…so he should be able to not burn as fast…but yeah…lol.


  25. It also came to my mind that Eric’s “I won’t let you die alone” was somehow a really Viking thing to say. And I don’t mean to negate or undermine their bond or say that no one else would say such a thing in such a situation. But it’s just… In ancient Viking burial rituals, loyal slaves often followed their masters to death willingly and burned with them. Not to say Eric was a slave, but… you know. And loyalty to your kin and comrades was a HUGE thing to them in general, so… even if it wasn’t intentional, it sort of makes sense.

    • Oh definitely. It’s not an uncommon practice either. I know they did it in China. You can find evidence of that with the first emperor there in his tomb, it’s the site of the famous terra cotta warriors and also with the Ancient Egyptians, the pharaohs, just of the top of my head lol.


  26. Wow Simba this is my favorite recap so far, hehe, because this is my favorite episode so far. I love how you explained “parallels”, you’re brilliant. I love the Sookie/Eric gif, It’s something that needs to be played over and over.

  27. I love how you say Eric is “arguably” more attractive and “arguably” better looking. LOL! It’s so nice of you to try to be objective occasionally, but we all know the truth 😉

    Great recap! I was struck by the “Get out of the way” thing too. Bill is such a wenie. I commented (and got spanked for it) on another board, you know the one, that while CH doesn’t have to go with popularity to determine what happens in her books, True Blood kind of does. I mean, TV shows have ratings. And anybody who’s online anywhere can see that Eric is by far the more popular between him and Bill. A TV shows pisses off too many viewers, and they get canceled. I think there may be more hope for Eric & Sookie on TB than there is in the books, for that reason.

    I actually teared up again just reading your recap of the final scene with Godric. When he says after 2000 years he can still be surprised, and he sees God in that. That final scene was amazing and I agree that there’s a good chance the last few episodes will feel anti-climactic. But hopefully they can use them to wrap up the Maryann storyline so we can be done with her for season 3, where, hopefully, the focus will be on the DEMISE of the B/S relationship!

  28. As always…AWESOME. 🙂
    Thanks for another great review.

  29. This is just an FYI to everyone…but when I first published the recap, I forgot to add all the Lion King videos I had planed. It was a big D’oh. But I’ve since put them up.

    I’ve also changed the little mistake I made mishearing Bill’s dialogue. It really confused me until you all pointed out what he really said.


    ‘Bill’s blood made her really immature and bi-polar and crazy’….YOU MADE ME LOL
    ‘Eric is manipulative…well, Bill is too, he’s just slightly sociopathic’….VERY TRUE
    ‘He passed on the eyebrow to Eric, who passed it on to Pam’…..BWAHAHAHA

    I thought Sarah said to Steve that she hates his hair!?
    OMG why oh why couldn’t they move the camera down a little more to the left. Hell we got to see Bill, Jason, Sam and Eggs butt why can’t we see Eric’s >:-)
    Dream Eric really reminded did me of Amnesia Eric!
    YES! I totally agree with you Bill did picked the wrong time and again Bill uses reverse psychology on Sookie. She really needs to wake up and smell the coffee!
    The scene where Eric is begging Godric was heart wrenching to watch it gave me the chills, phenomenal acting on both actors. I loved this scene more that the dream sequence.

    • I love both scenes, but I know what you mean. The end scene is just ace.

      It’s like so good, but kinda hard to watch, like Mufasa dying. It’s like all the sad songs that I love, but don’t listen to most days because it’ll make me cry or feel sad.


  31. When I was watching the episode for the first time I didn’t cry but you’ve have made a stream of tears run down my face with your recap. I can really relate to Eric losing his parent who has guided him for most of his life.

    Thank you for this!

  32. Thanks for the great recap Simba, it’s like rewatching the episode all over again but with fun commentary.

    Two things struck me about Bill. First, he didn’t act the avenger of Sookie’s honour until well after the fact, until he saw Sookie eyeing Eric continually throughout Nan’s meeting. If he was so aghast for Sookie’s sake why didn’t he do something initially when the trick happened? I think it’s because he became incensed with jealousy when Sookie was trying to defend Godric and help Eric at the meeting, and she was so concerned for Eric who was clearly in a bad emotional state. This caused him to resort to a petty act, and made him look even more like an unfeeling jerk in the process. It was something to make HIMSELF feel better, not Sookie, imo.

    The other telling thing was how Bill, only now, conveniently brings up how the ingestion of a vamps fresh blood can cause sexual attraction to that vampire. Hmmm, why didn’t you tell Sookie that when she had gallons of your blood, Bill? And why did you lick her face when she was badly injured Bill? Was that to ensure a full exchange of blood? Simba, you are spot on in asserting that Bill is just as sneaky, underhanded and manipulative as Eric. But he pretends he’s noble and upstanding and so much more human than monsters like Eric. Yeah, whatever, Bill. Lie to yourself as much as you seem to do to Sookie.

    I hate how he doesn’t seem to trust her, or believe she can make her own adult decisions about who she likes, cares about, loves or owes allegiance to. She’s not a prize toy to clutch greedily to his chest. Stop stifling her, Bill, and maybe then she won’t be tempted to expand her horizons in the form of a certain blond viking.

    A poster on TWoP brought up an interesting parallel that Godric was to Eric what Gran was to Sookie. They’ve now both lost someone who was their parental figure and whom influenced their beliefs. It’s hard to recover from that, and I hope that Sookie will realize just how much Eric needs support not condemnation right now. Unlike Bill who couldn’t give a shit if it doesn’t concern himself or Sookie.

    • Thanks for the comment, Z!

      I agree with Bill’s increasing jealousy over Eric. His jealousy is what caused him to punch Eric at the most inappropriate time and I agree it makes him look like even more of a jackass. And I agree that it was entirely selfish on his part.

      I agree on how convenient Bill’s timing is as well. It’s so suspicious.

      I hate that Bill doesn’t trust her or allow her to act on her own too! It’s so grating! The more stifling Bill behaves, the more myself and other viewers want her to break free from him.

      The loss of the parental figures in their life could be what they use to find common ground and bond over. Watch out, Bill!

      I agree with everything you say! lol.


  33. I simply adore your recaps. I honestly don’t know how they’re going to top these last two episodes in the final three. It’s all going to be Bon Temps stuff, which will mean little to no Eric. As well as less good acting, I’m tired of their messed up back story when we have such amazing actors the need a light shown on them more. But alas, I am just a fan girl, what can I do?

    Would it be possible to borrow that icon you made if I credit? It’s just absolutely lol and I’d love to use it.

  34. thanks for the recap simba. this episode was INCREDIBLE. i will be watching it many many times in the future. here is my feedback:

    * you said: “Although, in reverse, this really puts a damper on Sookie’s attraction to Bill. Is she only attracted to him because of the having his blood? Is she only ‘in love’ with him because of Bill’s blood and its effect on her.”

    i say: Having just finished the first book, I’d have to argue a bit that the circumstances under which Sookie fell in with Bill had to have played an important part. I mean people were dying and she was sort of a damsel in distress

    * just a technicality, but i think Maryann is giving vibrator action, not dildo. A dildo doesn’t vibrate.

    * I do find it more than a little weird that Hoyt is head over heels for a girl that is permanently 15 or 16 years old. They are cute, but it’s a little unnerving.

    *the post-coital scene between Eric and Sookie has to be one of the most erotic things i’ve ever scene in my life. two thumbs way up for everyone involved in creating that. it crossed my mind a million times this week. braaaaavo!

    * I watched the episode for the second time today and I am also just getting in to the second book and while I love this blog, I think it can be a smidge too anti-Bill. He has his foibles, but I don’t think he is all bad. When Sookie said she was going to Godric, I was also baffled as to why she was getting involved. It really felt like she was — once again– sticking her nose into something that had nothing to do with her. While it was a beautiful scene in the end, the first few moments were a tough sell for me. Eric has known Godric for a thousand years and Sookie just met him like the day before. It just felt forced and peculiar that she’d wanna hang with the dude in his final moments just because she could.

    * good comparison between Sookie’s face and the Kate faces. Ha ha. I remember when she ran from Jack. He’s been chasing her ever since. Fool.

    *I agree that the final scene was phenomenal (good insight into the real Eric, deepening Sookie’s understanding of vampires, bringing Sookie and Eric closer) and would have made an incredible end to the season.

    • As for Bill, there’s one thing I’ve learned while watching True Blood, I actually like Book Bill. Any resentment I’ve had is towards the TB portrayal. He just rubs me the wrong way lol. I don’t think he’s all bad, but certainly, his bad qualities tend to show themselves to me more than the good. The circumstances of Sookie falling in love with Bill definitely have a lot to do with timing both with the book and in the show. It was her way of dealing with grief, she needed someone to cling to at that time, and Bill was it. However, I do think Bill took advantage of her grief.

      Sookie really does feel obligated and connected to Godric, both in the show and in the books after he saves her from Gabe the rapist. As a child who had been molested, it really meant something to her. It comes across more in the books, because you’re connected to her terror more. She really connected to Godric in the books, because he really did volunteer to go to the FOTS to meet the sun. She told him she didn’t need the ceremony or the Newlins to do it, if it was what he wanted to. He just needed to do it, so because she talked him out of being in bed with the FOTS and for saving her life, she watches his final moments.


  35. Zoriah had this to say on Fishbiscuitland which I thought was very pertinent.

    A few people on TWoP seem to be trying to excuse Bill’s general needy mopeyness as being because he suffers from self loathing. Awwwh. 🙄

    Now, I have always loved Sawyer, and he had a huge heap of self-hatred and was/is constantly struggling against his own humanity. The difference is that Bill is like Jack in trying to use Sookie as some kind of ego prop, a human mirror from which he can gauge his own goodness from. He’s seeking external validation and coming off as incredibly whiny, self-absorbed and insecure because of it. Why should Sookie constantly be needed to reassure him he’s a special vamp, that he’s not like the others, that he CAN be a good noble vamp if he puts his mind to it. It just is sooo unappealing as a romantic lead. Basically I see much of Jack in Bill right now, especially SNBH Jack. He’s desperately in denial, trying hard to posture and make threats and hold onto what he sees as his property, but really, it’s the wrong way to keep Sookie. Does he only love her when she’s only making googly eyes at him? And putting him at the center of her world.? When she isn’t he seems to get rather hot under the collar, possessive, conservative and ultimately petty.

    At least Sawyer’s self hatred was direct at himself, trying to get people to stay away from him by putting himself in the worst possible light, playing up people’s bad assumptions of him. With Bill it’s more like he needs to pass the blame for any of his failings on others, like Lorena or Eric. Lorena made him do all those nasty evil vamp things, he never had a choice. Eric’s making him look ineffectual, and stealing Sookie from him (as if his own behaviour and her own free will aren’t factors). Bill’s the only vamp in existence trying to live a clean, non violent life, ain’t he so special and deserving of Sookie’s pure love…but wait what about Godric? Well, instead of being intrigued by Godric’s message which is more akin to his own idea of wanting to get closer to his own humanity, instead he didn’t give a shit about what’s going on with Godric and Eric despite the larger implications of Godric’s actions.


  36. Amazing recap as usual Simba. I LOVE the delicious Sawyer photos & Lion King references, thank you! But the Maryann/Tara/Eggs stuff bores me so much at this stage, i couldn’t even read the recap comments on their scenes, so while i’m sure they were awesome i just can’t take those characters anymore — it’s almost a physical pain watching them now, LOL. Bill punching Eric at his most vulnerable moment showed his true nature. And that is the nature of a total Dick. I certainly hope Sookie was paying attention. I will Really…Really miss Godric.

    • Me too!

      I just noticed something rewatching the episode. After Bill punches Eric, he’s opening and closing his palm like that really hurt. I wonder if he broke a few bones for doing it lol.


  37. Great as always. Truly enjoyable recap. Makes me want to go watch again.

  38. So I was just reading along, smiling here and there, thinking about how Bill is ridiculously insecure and clingy to Sookie (for love or other reasons), and then I read the line:

    “He’s acting like Eric is the god of thunder and rock n’ roll, the spell you’re under will slowly rob you of your virgin soul.”

    and I cracked the fuck up. I mean, I literally burst open with laughter. Surely that must be like a Judas Priest song or something, hahaha?

  39. That scene with Eric and Godrick, when Eric says “please please”, is so unbelivable intence if you know swedish. Ofc the scene is intence anyhow, but for us swedish speaking, it is more than intence. Its..I can describe it. I think I hold my breath during the whole scene.

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