The Crew

Here’s where I’d like to introduce the Crew at Blood Bonds.

This is where you’ll find out about our reviewers, recapers, editors etc and what they do for the site. I’d like to say a big shout out to the ladies who help me with this site and put in so many hours to manage our splinter sites and promote it.


I own the site and started it with a lot of help from Lil, Scooby, and ohiovamp. I’m a reviewer and recapper. I created and am Admin of both the blog and forum. I also created the LiveJournal community and youtube page. You’ll find me spamming LJ communities. lol.


Lil writes reviews for the site. She’s an Editor. She also started and manages us on FaceBook and Twitter. So when you’re twittering and sending messages to our FaceBook, you’re talking to Lil! She’s also District Magistrate at the forum. She also came up with our tagline, ‘Jump in and get your fangs wet!’ You’ll also find Lil under the pen name of Kyss Ericsson over at


Scooby is also an Editor who writes reviews. She also started and manages our MySpace page and makes it all pretty! Scoobs is also the goddess that provides us with all the videos, by spending the time to upload and post videos onto YouTube to put on our blog. She’s also one of my District Magistrates at the forum.


OV created our lovely header! She’s also responsible for some of the custom images on the site. She’s another one of my District Magistrates at the forum.


EBCM created our icon/logo/avatar. She’s also done work on the backgrounds of our social networking sites as well as our banners. She also writes as sawyersmine on

notawitch, ral and vampire4eric are all Monderation Minions at the forum. NAW’s also the one who came up with the name to the blog.



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