Frequently Asked Questions

I feel the need to address a few things that are constantly asked or requested of us, or just plain clogging up our inbox.

Duuuude! Where is the recap/the next Bloodies?

Waiting to be completed…Please keep in mind that Lil, me and everyone else involved with this site has a life outside of running this site. Lil has a job and a family to take care of. I’ve got classes to attend, homework to do, papers to write, program applications to fill out and deadlines to make in university. Each recap or any original content in this site takes a lot of time, effort and love to produce, please be patient. There’s a reason I’m mostly doing recaps in the summer…I’m out of school.

It’s very sweet that you’re so excited and in heavy anticipation for our next recaps or polls, we really appreciate it, but please stop asking us incessantly about it. We’ll always try our damndest to make deadlines and promises, but…well, life happens.

OMFG! You guys are awesome! Will you host a podcast?

No. We say everything we want or need to in our reviews, recaps and any other written and also visual forms on this site. We feel that we express ourselves the best, the most efficiently and for the most and best purposes of entertainment in the written and sometimes visual forms.

I would TOTALLY LOVE to host a video podcast for you guys! Will you do it?

See above and add a ‘Hells NO!’ Lil and I are not made for audio-visual purposes…

Do you know what’s gonna happen next on True Blood?

Aliens are going to abduct Sookie where we find out that she is one out of twelve models of robots who have immortality due to their consciousness getting downloaded onto a new model every time they die. Eric goes on a blood binge with a hot Southerner on a creepy tropical island with smoke that clicks at you, a mysterious scientific hippie community and a crazy French lady who speaks English with an Eastern European accent. Bill spent his formative years at Harvard doing improbable science experiments on everything from fruit like papayas to animals and children.

Umm…No. Obviously. Please read our Disclaimer…Look on the right side bar and scroll down. It’s there! ‘We are not affiliated with HBO, Alan Ball, True Blood, Charlaine Harris, the Sookie Stackhouse novels, or any actors, agents or managers, we’re just a bunch of fans discussing the fruits of their labour.’ No, we don’t have a direct mind link to Alan Ball, Charlaine Harris head that lets us in the know of what’s gonna happen, or a mind link with anyone involved with the show or books, for that matter.

Why isn’t there more True Blood/Southern Vampire Mysteries news and spoilers on the site?

We’re more about discussion, analysis and opinions of the book series and show rather than posting all the news and spoilers related to them. Most other sites already post the news and spoilers, we don’t see a point in posting something that everyone already knows or has seen. We want to post original content. There’s not really any rhyme or reason why we post some spoilers and not others. Usually if it’s particularly interesting and it makes Lil, Scooby or I squee and go *MUST POST*…we will.

Why aren’t/isn’t your recaps/reviews/site/polls/content more objective? You should be more objective.

I never claimed to be objective or unbiased. It’s stated as much in the About page. This is a site written for Eric Lovers. So yes, we have a strong bent towards Eric. When I write a review or a recap, they’re just that, reviews and recaps, not synopses. I’m telling people what I think. I’m not doing a plot summary. That being said, I welcome all opinions on the show, as long as it is put forward in a respectful manner. Please, tell me what you think. I’m all about views and opinions and merely offer one when I put mine forward. So if you got something to say, then comment. All I ask for is respect.

Do you even like the show? If not, stop watching, FFS.

Yes, I like the show. I’m also critical of it. Just because I like something doesn’t mean that I won’t acknowledge that it has faults, or that it can be improved. I point them out, yes, but I do so because I like it and want it to succeed. I’m hard on it because I’m a fan, kinda like Coach is hard on his players on FNL, because I believe it can be better than it is. It also bugs me more when it’s not as good as I’d like, because I know it could be.

How come you didn’t post that article about ‘That Cast Member’ getting it on with ‘You-Know-Who’ or ‘Thou-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named’!?

Because we don’t give a damn about gossip. We simply do not have any interest in the supposedly sordid personal lives of the actors of True Blood. Please see the About page on the right sidebar under ‘Blogroll’ for the site rules. It falls under that as well and respect for the actors. We keep the actors’ personal lives out of this site, it has nothing to do with our enjoyment of the TV show and therefore it will not be discussed on this site. So please stop sending Lil emails via Facebook in regards to gossip. Stop sending pictures or videos that are supposed to be incriminating. Just stop sending us any gossip! We don’t care to know and it will not be posted! Secondly, please don’t send articles that are gossip and can be related to cast members only using conjecture in regards to who’s dating whom. Again, really…really?

That being said, we will occasionally pimp the charities that the cast members are involved in and congratulate actors for achievements, birthdays and important announcements, like engagements. That’s it!

Oh hey, Lilja, you’re running this site too on top of managing You’re a super blogger!

No. Lil and Lilja are two different people. The Lil on this site, LilBooth02, is not the Lilja who runs Though we all know each other, this has gotten both Lil and Lilja into trouble when people misidentify them online. Yes, spelling matters.

Hope that answered a few things!


4 Responses to “Frequently Asked Questions”

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  2. I’m sure if I wasn’t pumped with LeCrema, I’d have something witty to say. *giggles* but love you guys *smoochies* lol lol

  3. Aww! *hugs Joie*


  4. I hope no one is upset with our fact page. LOL I do have to admit some minor poking and prodding about the awards or polls or posts I am supposed to be working on is needed because I need to feel slightly guilty to light a fire under my ass! LOL

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