Interviews with Charlaine Harris

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There has been a lot of hype for the release of Dead Reckoning book 11 in the Sookie Stackhouse series. There’s plenty of spoilers out there of critics that have already reviewed the book, but let’s try to hold off for a week to read it for ourselves. Instead, here are some interviews by the author, Ms. Charlaine Harris, to tide us over.

Houston Post

The Other Way

Girls In The

There’s so many more, but really if you want to read all the juicy details about Dead Reckoning check out Ms. Harris’ website.


Sneak Peek: Season 4

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New videos seem to be popping up daily with sneak peeks into Season 4 of True Blood. Here’s one with Hoyt, Jessica, Pam and the Fellowship of the Sun.

A Curious Case of Whodunit

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All Together Dead by Charlaine Harris

This is the seventh book in the Southern Vampire series. I’ve decided to change it up a bit; instead of going chapter by chapter with quotes and nonsense I’m only going to highlight the important stuff that happened and only quote supporting information for the major events. Yup, I’m getting backlogged on these recaps and need to cutdown my writing time. This one had one major a event and one event that foretold of something to come. So let’s read what happened…

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What the %&$# Just Happened

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Definitely Dead by Charlaine Harris

This is the sixth book in the Southern Vampires Mysteries. This one had so much stuff going on that I felt like my head was spinning half the time. From the attacks to the reconstruction to the final battle and then thrown in the emotional stuff with Bill and there just seemed to be a lot going on for Sookie. I’m glad she’s found some happiness with Quinn at this point. I felt bad for her with Bill’s revelation. I was a little surprised by Eric’s confession. And well then there’s the whole Queen thing. Yea there was just a lot going on in this story, but in the end I think it was perfect progression of the characters.

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Nightmare in Bon Temps

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**Note from Scooby – The recaps of books 1-11 will begin again, sorry about the delay between books 4 and 5, life got away from me. So let’s get going with…**

Dead as a Doornail by Charlaine Harris

This is the fifth book in the Southern Vampires Mysteries. I’m kind of on the fence about this one, Sookie shows her independence but she still has no control over her libido. She almost does it with Sam in his office; she’s just waiting for Eric; she kisses Calvin and Alcide; and then there’s Quinn. Sookie’s got more suitors than she knows what to do with; got to give it to the girl though for holding her own.

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AWESOME Auction Item

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In order to benefit Amnesty International, Alexander Skarsgard has kindly donated six of his personal scripts for auction, containing his very own notes and comments in the margins and lines. Currently, the second of his six scripts are up for auction HERE. It’s Episode 8, “Night on the Sun.”’s Charity Auction Item No. 3!

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Item number three is up for bidding and is an autographed copy of the latest Sookie Stackhouse Novel, Dead in the Family by Charlaine Harris. All proceeds will go towards Amnesty International and their continued fight for human rights worldwide! The bids start at $30.00.