The Bloodie Awards

The Blood Bonds True Blood Awards aka. The Bloodies

This site is, and always will be, focused on the views, opinions and discussions of the True Blood fans. The Bloodie Awards will henceforth be one of the ways we allow for discussions or viewpoints to be heard. These Awards are a series of polls, in which people will vote for the winner, in every category from as serious as ‘Best Episode’ and ‘Best Writer’ to the silly and inane like ‘Worst Outfit’ and ‘Most LOL Use of SUUUUUKEEEHH!’

We have five categories in which each award is under. They are Aesthetics, Characters, Relationships, Actors and The Powers That Be. When the awards are ongoing, several award polls will be unveiled each day for voting. The voting for each award will go on for three days until the poll is closed. When the very last polls are closed, we unveil the winners of every award in a big fat post.

Each year, we will run the Blood Bonds True Blood Awards or The Bloodies after each season of True Blood has run in its entirety. On this page, one will find the winners list of each year’s awards.




5 Responses to “The Bloodie Awards”

  1. […] and ‘Most LOL Use of SUUUUUKEEEHH!’ A new page has even been added to the Blogroll for The Bloodie Awards on the right […]

  2. Hi. I can’t recall if this has been addressed somewhere, but I have to ask: Are you going to have a Narm!-category? It seems appropriate, and I can think of a few moments on the show that would fit. Sorry if I’m being too evil.

  3. Hi guys, love the site. Was wondering where are the Bloodie Awards? I know I saw them but dont’ know where the links are? Also the category write-ups for the voting were hysterical. Where are those? Possible to have all links in one location? Want to forward to friends! Thanks.

  4. Will there be Bloodie Awards for Season 3?

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