Hi there! Welcome to Blood Bonds!

I’ve created this to be THE place to commentate, discuss and critique both Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse novels and the TV show spawned for the series, True Blood, created by Alan Ball. This is your one stop shop to talk about both fandoms. The place to say what’s really on your mind about the books and the show. The fan view. Go wild. This site is less about spoilers and news than it is about what you think and how you express it. In fact, we’re about all expression, whether it be posting here, or creative expression too, like fanfic, fanart and fanvids.

The name? It relates to the Blood Bond between Eric and Sookie created in All Together Dead and the link between the novels and show.

This is a place for Eric Lovers and Eric/Sookie shippers, but I also want this to be a place for all fans, we’re inclusive. However, keep in mind, that we do love Eric and we’re not afraid to share it! I want this to be a place for contributors to talk about the book, the show and fandom. It shall be spoiler friendly, so be warned! If you would like to contribute, just let me know.

I give you the forewarning, that I come from the pond of Fishbiscuitland. I am born of snark and like Fish, I don’t believe that there should be crazy Nazi rules. I believe we should rule by consensus and not with an iron fist. Like the Skaters of FBL, I think us ELs have had a very similar journey in our fandom.

The main blog here at WordPress is where we will post all of our fan reviews, recaps and articles regarding the books and show. The Forum is where we’ll have more discussion, analysis as well as news and spoilers regarding everything book and show, from the writers to the actors. Our Meebo Chat Room is basically for basically chatting with us and shooting the shit and having conversations that jump around lol. We also have a little fun and play RPGs as the citizens of Bon Temps and Shreveport.

However, I ask that you keep to a few house rules:

1. Respect each other. Rudeness will not be tolerated. It’s okay to be snarky, but I do not want to see ANY personal attacks whatsoever. Attack the post, not the poster.

2. With respect to number 1, I will not tolerate any comments that are sexist, racist and homophobic.

3. The actors are sexy. We all know it, but lets keep it classy. Keep their private lives out of it and do not make personal attacks on them. Criticizing their acting is one thing, but bashing their personal characteristics is another.

4. I don’t mind swearing, but let’s make sure what we say isn’t vulgar. That goes for images and videos too.

5. Be warned, we are spoiler friendly, especially to True Blood. We have more consideration for the book spoilers though.

6. Please do not post any links to full episodes of True Blood or digital copies of the Sookie Stackhouse novels in the comments.



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  1. […] reminder, I’m sure that the debate will be heated. That’s fine, just keep THE RULES in mind at all times. Meaning: No personal attacks whatsoever, keep it above the belt! Post nothing […]

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