Janet Cadsawan is kindly allowing us to sell her jewelry here. She’s responsible for some of the items you will find on True Blood, especially in Episode 5 this season. Pay attention to the Viking rings! You’ll be able to find that there as well as other pieces regarding True Blood.

If you buy her jewelry through us, you will receive a 15% discount. Not only will you support Janet, you will support this site as a 6% cut is given to us to help us run it. The merchandise has already helped us get a Pro Photobucket account due to the need for more bandwidth.

Here it is, check it out!

I hope you enjoy!



9 Responses to “Merchandise”

  1. I want the cuffs!!! I am so getting the cuffs!!!!!

  2. Hey that’s our QT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE TO OUT SWEET GIRL!!

  3. heehee!!!!!!! THAAAAAAT’S ME!!!

  4. Bought my cuff Bracelet yesterday. Can’t wait for it!

  5. I got the cuff and it is gorgeous!

  6. Thanks guys!!!!!

  7. When I finally get paid I am getting my freakin’ cuff!!! OMG who knew it would be so hard to get a freakin’ direct deposit!!!! AAAAHHHHHH

  8. […] So far, you guys have sucked down 84.7 GBs of bandwidth on my Photobucket account! Crazy! But keep sucking it. Thanks to Swinka/Janet Cadsawan’s generosity and all of you who brought her SVM/TB/Eric related jewellery, I have the funds for a Photobucket pro account. We put a lot of time and effort into this site and as our viewership grows, so does its needs to be facilitated. If you want to support this site and Swinka, please purchase her merchandise here. […]

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