Scooby’s DAG Review

My review of Dead and Gone by Charlaine Harris.

The first chapter, supplied months in advance of the release, left readers believing we were finally getting the answers we were looking for. Would Sookie finally profess her love for Eric? Would Sookie and Eric finally have THE talk about him remembering their time spent together while he was under the spell? Would we finally learn about Eric’s past? Would Bill finally be out of the picture and we would stop having to read about his undying (lol) love for Sookie? So many questions arose from the first chapter and what did we get answered…Eric’s past.

Although Eric’s past was very interesting, it was basically what we all assumed it would be. The big thing was Eric finally coming to terms with how he feels for Sookie. He asked her to move in with him and she declined. He was so sweet to her and she treated him as nothing more than a friend with benefits (because typing what I really want to say would be inappropriate).

Sookie’s constant blaming of her feelings for Eric on the blood bond has become tiresome. She was so willing to profess her love for Bill within days of meeting him, yet after months of knowing Eric she still claims it’s the blood bond. That is hard to believe. Sookie is a walking contradiction at this point. Eric understands her wants and is trying to give them to her but she refuses. When she was with Bill she was upset that he was spending all his money elsewhere. Yet when Eric tries to give her things she gets upset because she does not want to be a “kept woman”.

But I got off topic, Dead and Gone was not what I expected. From the second chapter until the ending, it seemed to be a parade of every character ever written in the Sookieverse. The crucifixion of Crystal seemed as something the FoTS members would do instead of the fairies. And why would the fairies go after Crystal anyways? Mel being gay, with no previous signs that he was anything more than Jason’s buddy to replace Hoyt, was just unbelievable. And why was Mel killed for slapping Crystal? He did not kill her, he slapped her.

With regards to the fairies, what was the point of making Claudine pregnant only to kill her off? What was the point to the war between the fairies only to have Niall close the portal between the worlds anyways? Why did Bill rescue Sookie and not Eric, even though Eric was informed? Was Charlaine trying to redeem Bill in the eyes of the reader and therefore make him worthy of Sookie again? The whole book was just a contradiction to the eight previous books. Characters were acting out of sorts. Too many moments that seemed to be written in as an afterthought. Even the love scene between Sookie and Eric seemed off and Sookie’s reaction afterward was just despicable.

I cannot say that I liked this book, but I cannot say that I disliked the book either. There were moments that I really disliked, Sookie’s treatment of Eric among them, and moments that I enjoyed, Eric claiming Sookie as his (FINALLY!). But overall the book was hard to read and did not give us much new information.


~ by Scooby on May 8, 2009.

2 Responses to “Scooby’s DAG Review”

  1. Those are all very good points, & the same questions I asked myself while I was reading it too. So many unanswered questions & like you said, complete contradictions. Especially the point you made about characters acting out of sorts, like they couldn’t remember everything that has happened in the previous books. It did have its good moments…just wish there were more of them.

  2. I agree with your review except I didn’t care for this book at all. Everyone was so off, and I agree that it read more like a Who’s Who of Sookie’s world. Sookie’s in a fugue state for most of the book – at least when it’s convenient – so she doesn’t have to deal with anything. At other times she more like herself i.e. Arlene’s plot and being cautious when approaching the house.

    The book also had too many “just so happened” moments. I just so happened to decide to garden with my iron killing fairy trowel when a killer fairy appears. I just so happened to return the package to Eric without question. I just so happened to lose Bill, my bodyguard, when evil fairies are on the loose.

    Even Eric, who I love in this series, felt off in this one. There was no intimacy between him and Sookie; the sex felt like a hookup, and it bothered me he gave blood to her while she was unconscious. He also questions “what she wants” from him, when he knows throughout all the other books that she’s never traded on their relationship for material gain.

    Why was protection for Sookie lacking in this book? Why didn’t Eric have Pam guard her? Why didn’t GGP Niall send fairy protectors? Alcide only has Tray guard her? Sookie herself is also lax with her security.

    Sookie’s torture and Claudine’s fate made me want to throw the book. Characters being written out in one sentence…beyond frustrating. Claudine’s death could have been shown not told; there was ample opportunity for it.

    Finally the blatant pandering to “teams” has worn thin. Quinn shows up for a moment and is gone. Why? A sop to the Quinn fans?Who was GGP Niall referring to at the end of the book? I found I no longer cared. It seemed that CH has been building towards Eric for a long time and yet suddenly Bill’s back in the picture? WTH? I just hope book 10 is better.

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