The Bloodie Awards are Coming Soon!

The First Annual Blood Bonds True Blood Awards

The Bloodies or the Blood Bonds True Blood Awards are coming soon! What are they? This site is all about opinions, views and discussion on True Blood. The Bloodies another way we’re using to hear from all of YOU to hear what YOU think of the show. After the very last recap is released, the Bloodie Awards will commence. These Awards are a series of polls, in which people will vote for the winner, in every category from as serious as ‘Best Episode’ and ‘Best Writer’ to the silly and inane like ‘Worst Outfit’ and ‘Most LOL Use of SUUUUUKEEEHH!’ A new page has even been added to the Blogroll for The Bloodie Awards on the right sidebar.

We have five categories in which each award is under. They are Aesthetics, Characters, Relationships, Actors and The Powers That Be. When the awards are ongoing, several award polls will be unveiled each day for voting. The voting for each award will go on for three days until the poll is closed. When the very last polls are closed, we unveil the winners of every award in a big fat post.

That being said, we have a bunch of ideas for awards for each award and the awards under each category, but there are probably ones we have missed. If you have an idea for an award, please feel free to tell us in the comments.

A reminder, I’m sure that the debate will be heated. That’s fine, just keep THE RULES in mind at all times. Meaning: No personal attacks whatsoever, keep it above the belt! Post nothing racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. Do not actor bash. Critiquing their acting is one thing, do not attack them personally. Keep it classy. Swearing is okay, but nothing vulgar, please.

Awards and Categories


Best Sookie Hair Worst Sookie Hair
Best Sookie Outfit Worst Sookie Outfit
Best Hair Worst Hair
Best Outfit Worst Outfit
Best Eric Outfit Best Eric Hair
Best Pam Outfit Best Pam Hair
Best Makeup Worst Makeup
Best Dressed Character Worst Dressed Character
Best Set Worst Set
Best Special Effects Worst Special Effects


Best Character Worst Character
Most Improved Character Least Improved Character
Best Guest Character Worst Guest Character
Best Lead Character Worst Lead Character
Best Recurring Character Worst Recurring Character
Best Character Arc Worst Character Arc
Best Vampire Worst Vampire
Best New Vampire Worst New Vampire
Best Villain Worst Villain
Best Human or ‘Human’ Worst Human or ‘Human’
Most Messy Vampire Best Eric Line
Best Line Worst Line
Most Hypocritical Sookie Moment Most Annoying Bill Moment
Best Moment When Eric Gets One Over Bill Most LOL Use of ‘SUUUUUUUKEH!’
Best Eyebrow Worst Eyebrow
Most Welcome Character Most Unwelcome Character
Favourite Character Least Favourite Character


Best Romantic Pairing Worst Romantic Pairing
Most WTF Pairing Best Platonic Relationship
Best Shipper Moment Worst Shipper Moment
Best Kiss Worst Kiss
Best Onscreen Chemistry Worst Onscreen Chemistry
Best Sex Scene Worst Sex Scene
Best Nude Scene Worst Orgy


Best Actor Worst Actor
Best Lead Actor Worst Lead Actor
Best Recurring Actor Worst Recurring Actor
Best Guest Actor Worst Guest Actor
Most Overacted Scene Most Poorly Acted Scene
Best Acting in a Limited Amount of Time Worst Acting in a Limited Amount of Time
Favourite Actor Least Favourite Actor

The Powers That Be

Best Episode Worst Episode
Best Writer Worst Writer
Fire From the Writers’ Room Give This Writer a Raise
Most Consistent Writer Most Disappointing Writer
Best Director Worst Director
Best Book Moment Most LOL Moment
Best Moment Worst Moment
Happiest Moment Saddest Moment
Best Storyline Worst Storyline

Hope to see you voting! Thanks to EBCM for the banner.



~ by simba317 on September 10, 2009.

4 Responses to “The Bloodie Awards are Coming Soon!”

  1. So happy your are doing this Simba!!
    Can’t wait

  2. ECB did an fantastic job!!!!

  3. Wow this looks like so much fun! Can’t wait.
    Nice way to ease the withdrawals 😦

  4. […] you have an idea for The Bloodie Awards and it isn’t listed here. Please submit your idea in the […]

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