What the %&$# Just Happened

Definitely Dead

Definitely Dead

Since Louisiana cocktail waitress Sookie Stackhouse has so few living relatives, she hates to lose one–even her cousin Hadley, undead consort of the vampire Queen of Louisiana. Hadley’s left everything she has to Sookie, but claiming that inheritance has a high risk factor. Some people don’t want her looking too deeply into Hadley’s past, or Hadley’s possessions. And they’re prepared to do anything in their power to stop her. Whoever it is, they’re definitely dangerous–and Sookie’s life is definitely on the line…

Definitely Dead opens with Sookie at a photo shoot with Claude for his Mr. Romance competition. Sookie realizes Maria Star, one of the female Weres from Alcide’s pack, is the assistant to the photographer. During a break in shooting, Maria Star tells Sookie she has something to tell her that Sookie may not like. Sookie reads it from her mind; Alcide and Maria Star are dating. Before she can say anything to Sookie, Sookie tells her there is nothing to worry about that Alcide and her were never really a couple.

Maria-Star’s eyes, a much lighter brown than Claude’s, widened in awe. Or was it fear? “I heard you could do that,” she said. “But it’s hard to believe.”

Later that evening while Sookie is at work, Bill comes in to visit with Sookie and ask her about her inheritance. It would appear that Sookie’s cousin, Hadley met an untimely death while she was the Queen’s consort. Hadley had been made vampire and now she was definitely dead. Sookie doesn’t know when she’ll be able to get down to New Orleans to go settle out Hadley’s estate. Bill asks if he may accompany her when she goes. Sookie doesn’t mind if he goes and feels it may be better to have someone along that she knows.

Father Riordan, the local Catholic priest, asked to have a word with Sookie. He’s already made a derogatory remark regarding Sookie’s undead friends, so Sookie doesn’t want to talk to him but her Southern upbringing cannot allow her to disrespect a man of the cloth. Father Riordan explains to Sookie that he has been approached by a family in search of their daughter. Sookie knows it is the Pelts but lets the Father continue. They would like to meet with Sookie because they feel she is the only one that knows what happened to Debbie. Sookie explains that she’s told the police, the private investigators, and everyone else that asked everything she knows about Debbie Pelt’s disappearance and she does not want or feel she needs to speak with the Pelt family.

The next night, close to closing time, Quinn comes into the bar to see Sookie. Sam is surprised that Sookie knows Quinn and maybe a little jealous. Sookie explains that they met at the pack master competition, Sam still isn’t very happy with Sookie knowing Quinn. Sookie is surprised that Sam knows who Quinn is, but he explains that every two-natured knows who the only tiger in town is. Sookie goes over to see what Quinn wants.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, as if he were inhaling me. “I’d recognize you in a pitch-black room,” he said, and he smiled at me. It was a broad and beautiful smile.

Quinn picks up on Sam’s attitude but still asks Sookie if he may follow her home because he has something to ask her. Both personal and professional. After Sookie helps close up the bar, she finds Quinn waiting in the parking lot; he follows her home.

Quinn asks Sookie on a date, they pick the coming Friday as he’ll be out of town before then and she has to work. Friday is her day off and he’ll be back in town. He says he’ll make arrangements for everything. Then he informs her that the Queen would like her services at the summit. Sookie explains that Eric has already requested her services but Quinn explains that the Queen’s request supersedes Eric’s. Sookie isn’t happy with either option. After they decide what they will do on their date, Sookie finds out more information about Quinn. Like what he does for a living, where he lives, other things you would normally learn on a first date or before agreeing to a first date. Sookie is excited about her upcoming date when Quinn leaves for the night.

The next night at work Sookie receives a phone call from Pam. Eric has requested she come to Shreveport on Friday. Sookie declines on the premise of having a date.

“I’m not giving up work or free time to drive over to Shreveport because Mr. High and Mighty wants me to jump to do his bidding,” I protested–reasonably, I thought. “He can haul his ass over here if he wants to tell me something. or he can pick up the telephone his ownself.” So there.

Pam isn’t pleased to tell Eric Sookie declined, but she does it. Later that night, Andy Bellefluer brings Hayleigh into the bar. Andy asks Sookie if she’ll hide a velvet box under Hayleigh’s fries. Sookie orders extra fries for Hayleigh’s order, the cook gives her grief but she gets her extra fries. Sookie reads Hayleigh’s mind when she finds the box under her fries. Andy proposes and Hayleigh agrees.

The next day Sookie gets up and decides she needs a new outfit for her date. She hasn’t seen Tara since the Mickey incident so she decides to ambush Tara at work. Tara can’t avoid her at her place of business. When Sookie gets to Tara’s shop she realizes Tara is busy with Portia Bellefluer who is planning a wedding. Sookie finds out that it is going to be a double wedding, Andy, Portia’s brother, and his fiancée will be getting married at a double ceremony with Portia and her fiancé.

Jason visits Sookie and tells her about Crystal’s miscarriage. Crystal did not want Jason to tell anyone but he is worried because she seems to be getting worse rather than better after the miscarriage. Sookie suggests she go to the doctor, but Crystal has refused so Jason does not know what to do. Sookie calls Dr. Ludwig. Dr. Ludwig arrives as Sookie is getting ready to leave for work. Dr. Ludwig follows Jason back to his house so that she may examine Crystal. Sookie heads to work. When she gets there she is confronted by a family sitting in Sam’s office. Sam explains that the family are the Pelts. Father Riordan is with them and he explains they showed up at his doorstep and asked if he would bring them to Sookie. Sookie explains to them that she does not know anything more than what she has already told everyone else.

“I am very sorry for your loss and I sympathize with your anxiety to discover what’s happened to Debbie,” I continued, speaking slowly so I could pick my words. I took a deep breath. “But this has got to end. Enough’s enough. I can’t tell you a thing other than what I’ve already told you.”

The Pelts finally leave, but Sandra isn’t satisfied with Sookie’s answers.

While Sookie’s in with the Pelts, Sam receives and phone call and leaves the office. One of the other waitress’, Danielle, son has gone missing from school. Sookie asks if she can help, Sam lets her off work to head to the school to see if there is anything she can do to help find the boy.

Sookie goes to the school to help search for Danielle’s son. Andy puts her behind the curtain in the cafeteria where they are interviewing all the teachers and staff of the school. Sookie “hears” something from the janitor and tells Kenya, one of the deputes, that the boy is in the janitor’s trash can. He’s alive but barely when they get him off to the hospital. Sookie returns to work to see that Sam has hired a new girl, Tanya. Sookie feels that something is off with Tanya and it has nothing to do with her being a shifter. After work, Sookie returns home to find she has a visitor. Under normal circumstances she wouldn’t feel afraid but with everything else that has happened to her she feels a little afraid. The visitor is Calvin, the pack leader of the Hotshot panthers. Calvin is there to inform Sookie that her brother, Jason is getting hitched to Crystal. Sookie is happy for Jason but not all that happy with his choice. Calvin tries to tell Sookie that he’s interested in settling down with one woman, but Sookie dashes his hopes that she’ll be that one woman.

“Did I ever stand a chance with you?” Calvin asked.

“You definitely interested me,” I said. “But I’m just too human to think of having my husband’s children all around me. I’d just be too…it would just throw me off all the time, knowing my husband had had sex with almost every woman I saw day-to-day.” …

The next day was Friday and Sookie’s day off. She sunbathed and ran some errands; picked up a wedding present for Andy and Halleigh. As she was finishing getting ready for her date with Quinn, Eric came to her. Eric is upset that she didn’t answer his summons to Shreveport. When he asks who she has plans with and Sookie tells him its none of his business, Eric begs to differ.

“You should be mine. I have slept with you, I have cared for you, I have…assisted you financially.”
“You paid me money you owed me, for services rendered,” I answered. “You may have slept with me, but not recently, and you’ve shown no signs of wanting to do so again. If you care for me, you’re showing it in a mighty strange way. I never heard that ‘total avoidance aside from orders coming from flunkies’ was a valid way to show caring.” This was a jumbled sentence, okay, but I knew he got it.

Sookie and Eric argue a bit more before Quinn shows up to pick up Sookie for their date. Eric is not happy to see Quinn is Sookie’s date. Eric confronts Quinn about being a messenger for the Queen; Quinn stays calm and answers the questions before escorting Sookie to his car for their date. They leave, but Sookie is still upset by Eric and the whole fiasco.

Sookie and Quinn arrive at the theater, Sookie is excited about her date. They make it all the way through the show. While walking back to Quinn’s car they are jumped by some newly made shifters. Sookie is alerted to the attacked before it happens, but she is still injured by one while Quinn fights off the other.

The cops arrive after Quinn has disposed of both of the attackers. He and Sookie are questioned; it seems the cops don’t believe they didn’t know their attackers because it looks pretty personal and the damage Quinn did to them is questionable. Quinn and Sookie go to the police station to answer more questions. At the police station Sookie is questioned by the same cop that interviewed her with Alcide a few months back while they were “engaged.”

“Sookie is pretty no matter who she’s with,” Quinn said.
I smiled up at him, and he smiled back. he was sure making all the right moves.

The cops new partner is Patrick Furnan’s second in command and Sookie warns the cop to be careful of his partner after she’s answered what questions she could about the attack.

After leaving the police station and being dropped off at Quinn’s car in the theater parking lot, instead of going to dinner, Quinn takes Sookie to the Hair of the Dog, the local Were packs bar. Since the place is warded against humans, Quinn has to carry Sookie into the bar where they receive a none too pleasant welcoming. After some banter, the owner, Amanda, a Were whom Sookie knows, stands up to hear their story. Sookie is aware that Amanda was sitting with Alcide and Maria-Star. Quinn tells the story of their attack and “reminds” the Were’s that it is their responsibility to find out who attacked them as Sookie is a “friend of the pack” even if the new pack leader doesn’t particularly care for her. Alcide says they’ll look into it and seems genuinely concerned for Sookie’s welfare.

The next night while Sookie is at work a vampire walks into the bar (sounds like the start to a bad joke huh?). The vampire sits at one of Sookie’s tables after acknowledging Bill, who’s also in the bar. When Sookie goes over to asks what she’d like, the vampire tells her her name and that she’s there to introduce herself as the new bartender at Fangtasia. Sookie asks why she’d come introduce herself to her and the vampire tells Sookie because Pam told her to. It seems Pam has a bit of a sense of humor in sending the new bartender to introduce herself to Sookie as all the previous bartenders have been killed because of Sookie.

When the vampire leaves, Sam asks what she wanted. Sookie tells Sam and Arlene has something to say about the vampire checking in with Sookie.

Arlene stared at me. “They got to check in with you, now? Sookie, you need to shun the dead and involve yourself more with the living.”
I stared right back. “Where’d you get an idea like that?”
“You act like I can’t think for myself.”

Apparently Arlene can’t think for herself, because Sookie learns that she’s been going to the Fellowship of the Sun meetings with her new boyfriend. Sookie isn’t very happy with this news and learns there are many in town that have started attending the church. Sookie’s not one of the Fellowships favorite people after she had their biggest church ransacked by the cops and their leaders, the Newlin’s, were now on the lamb.

The next morning, Sookie receives an unexpected visitor. Tanya comes to Sookie’s house for a visit without calling. Sookie doesn’t like that Tanya arrived unannounced but her manners require her to greet her guest. Tanya leaves just as suddenly as she arrives. Sookie receives another visitor a short time later. Mr. Cataliades, the Queen’s lawyer, arrives to take Sookie back to New Orleans so she may go through her cousins effects and close out her account. Sookie was not expecting Mr. Cataliades or his niece. Sookie finds out that a messenger, Mr. Cataliades’ other niece was sent a few days prior to inform Sookie of his impending arrival. Sookie tells Mr. Cataliades about sensing someone was in her yard, but never getting the message. Mr. Cataliades sends his niece to search the yard where they find his other niece dead. She had been sliced in half and it is determined the means would be by sword yielded by someone with great strength.

Mr. Cataliades still insists Sookie needs to return to New Orleans with her. Sookie contacts Sam for the time off with the explanation about the body found in her woods. Then Sookie calls Bill, who wanted to go with her as he had business of his own to attend to in New Orleans. Although Selah, Bill’s new girlfriend, is in the house with him, she is not privy to their discussion.

Okay, still feeling jealous. And envious: Selah had the luxury of ignorance, while I did not. What a nicer world it was when you didn’t know about the supernatural side of life.

After gaining confirmation from Bill that he would still like to go with her, Sookie calls Quinn to cancel their second date. Once she has left a message with Quinn about the cancellation, Sookie leaves for New Orleans with Mr. Cataliades and his niece.

They arrive late into the evening, or early morning depending on how you view things, and Sookie finds that her cousin’s house has been warded against intruders. She’s too tired to speculate further and goes to sleep. She is awakened the next morning by a stranger woman in her cousin’s room. The woman is Amelia, her cousin’s landlord and the witch who warded her cousin’s apartment. Sookie realizes Amelia is a clear broadcaster and has to work to not read everything out of the woman’s mind before she says it. Sookie learns a lot about Amelia, her witchcraft, and what she did for her cousin.

Amelia offers to help Sookie goes through her cousin’s things. While going through Hadley’s things Sookie realizes there’s a body in the closet. The body does not smell and she finds out it was because of a statis spell that Amelia put on the apartment. Much to their surprise the body is not dead and they are attacked by a hungry new vampire. Once the vampire is contained, the ladies are taken to the hospital. While waiting in the hospital to be treated, Sookie is visited by Eric and then Bill. Eric makes Bill tell Sookie why he was in Bon Temps by the Queen’s direction after she learned of Sookie’s power through Hadley.

“She ordered me to return to my human home, to put myself in your way, to seduce you if I had to…”
I can’t breathe. No matter how my right hand pressed to my chest, I couldn’t stop the decimation of my heart, the slide of the knife deeper into my flesh.
“She wanted your gift harnessed for her own use,” he said, and he opened his mouth to say more.

Sookie tells both Eric and Bill to go away. She leaves the hospital without being seen and walks back to Hadley’s house. All the while going through every event and spiraling deeper and deeper into her hurt and broken heart.

Sookie awakens the next morning to find Claudine in bed with her and Amelia at the foot of the bed waiting for her to wake up. Sookie asks why they are there and Amelia states her displeasure about finding herself left alone at the hospital after Sookie disappeared. Claudine says she’s there because she is Sookie’s guardian angel. Claudine explains what fairies are to Sookie and Amelia after statements are made about her being a guardian angel.

“Fairies are your basic supernatural being,” Claudine said. “From us come elves and brownies and angels and demons. Water sprites, green men, all the natural spirits…all are some form of fairy.”
“So you’re what?” Amelia asked. It hadn’t occurred to Amelia to leave, and that seemed to be okay with Claudine, too.
“I’m trying to become an angel,” Claudine said softly. Her huge brown eyes looked luminous. “After years of being…well, a good citizen, I guess you’d call it, I got a person to guard. The Sookie, here. And she’s really kept me busy.” Claudine looked proud and happy.

They discuss the attack and Amelia offers to arrange to do an ectoplasmic construction to find out why Hadley killed the guy that attacked them. After Amelia leaves to make the arrangements, Sookie and Claudine talk about meeting the Queen. Since Sookie missed the meeting from the prior night, she has to attend tonight but she has nothing to wear. Claudine offers to take Sookie shopping, Sookie refuses because she doesn’t want Claudine spending her hard earned money on her but Claudine tells her the money is her income from the strip club she owns with her brother, Claude. Sookie and Claudine go shopping.

After they return from shopping, Claudine helps Sookie get ready to meet the Queen. Amelia also helps. Sookie goes to the Queen to meet with her to discuss her cousin. While talking to the Queen, Sookie tells her about the reconstruction that is to take place that night to find out why Hadley killed Jake, the new vampire/ex-Were. The Queen asks if she may accompany Sookie to view the reconstruction, Sookie agrees and they leave to go to Hadley’s apartment. The Queen and Sookie watch the whole reconstruction only to find out that Hadley didn’t kill Jake but she did turn him. They were unable to view who did the draining, but now they know it wasn’t Hadley.

After Amelia informs the Queen they have to stop because the witches are tired they all talk about what happened and what was discovered during the construction. While they are discussing their findings, Quinn shows up. He tells Sookie that he tried by her house and when he didn’t find her there he came to New Orleans to find her. The Queen asks to speak with Sookie and they go up to Hadley’s apartment. While inside, the Queen tells Sookie about how she became a vampire and why she took Hadley under her wing was because of her uncle molesting her. Sookie was surprised to learn that Hadley had also suffered at their uncle’s hand. She had been saved by her grandma, but Hadley was not as lucky. The Queen took pity on Hadley for this reason and took care of her. The Queen tells Sookie about leaving a jewel in Hadley’s apartment. She expresses that it is important that she get it back immediately. Sookie promises to give it to her if she finds it amongst Hadley’s things. To cover their long discussion, the Queen tells Sookie she must make it appear that they have had sex. Sookie isn’t down with that so she makes it appear she had sex with Andre, the Queen’s second. While in the act, Andre makes a statement about Sookie smelling like fairy.

“I love the smell of fairy. Do you think she knows she has fairy blood?” he asked Sophie-Anne, while I was in the process of transferring my lipstick.

Andre samples a bit of Sookie’s blood to confirm that it is her blood he smells and not Claudine. This is the first Sookie learns that she is part fairy, only she can’t figure out why. While on the way to the others the Queen offers to assist Sookie by any means, Sookie asks for boxes and other moving materials. The Queen agrees. They return to the others in the courtyard and Quinn is not happy with what is presented in front of him. Sookie tries to explain to him that it’s not what it seems, but before they can progress to having sex he is called away.

The next morning, Sookie wakes up to someone knocking on the door to the apartment. She opens the door to find a young man there with boxes and other moving materials. She learns he’s a law student who does odd jobs for the Queen and Mr. Cataliades. Sookie asks Everett about the moving van and sets up for Everett to get rid of some things that she’s already gone through. Before Everett leaves, Quinn arrives bringing breakfast and coffee with him. Sookie is very glad that Quinn is there. Quinn helps Sookie sort through all of Hadley’s things. They are making good time when they take a break for some extra curricular activities. Quinn has been getting worked up all day watching Sookie bend and stretch in a pair of spandex shorts and midriff top. Sookie got hot and bothered watching Quinn’s muscles work. They have “sex” like two teenagers with all their clothes on. After they are done, Sookie catches someone’s thoughts that are coming to get her. She warns Quinn just as the attackers come through the door. There are too many of them for Quinn to fight off and although Sookie takes out one, she is no help.

Quinn is stunned by a stun gun and him and Sookie are tied up and taken out to a waiting van. One of the attackers touches Sookie inappropriately and it sends Quinn into a spiral that causes him to half shift. It doesn’t help them any and they are thrown into the back of the van. As they drive to where ever their attackers are taking them, Sookie uses Quinn’s half-turned hands to cut through the duct tape on her hands. Once she is loose, she works on Quinn’s bindings. Their captors are pretty oblivious until they realize Sookie has gotten Quinn lose. Sookie attacks the passenger and when the driver pulls over, Quinn and Sookie make a break for it. After running through the swamp for what feels like forever, Sookie informs Quinn she can’t go any further. They find shelter from the downpour that is happening around them and Sookie comes to the realization of who’s been hunting her.

Quinn squatted in front of me. “You’ve picked who’s been doing what? How many enemies do you have?”
“At least I know who sent the bitten Weres, and who had us kidnapped,” I said, refusing to be sidetracked. Crouched together in the downpour like a couple of cave people, Quinn listened while I talked.
Then we discussed probabilities.
Then we made a plan.

To proceed with their plan, Quinn shifts into full tiger form. He carries Sookie to find their abductors. Quinn sniffs his way to what looks like an abandoned cottage in the swamp, not far from their location. They see the vans parked in back and work their way around to get a glimpse inside. Sookie is caught when she tries to sneak up to a window. She rushes in the door while Quinn takes care of the Weres outside. Sookie fights with Sandra but realizes the girl is too strong. While she’s fighting she hears someone asking to be let in, it’s Eric and he’s brought others with him. After they get everyone taken care of and Sookie is clothed in the homeowners clothes while her and Quinn’s dry in the dryer they question the Pelts, their abductors. Eric tells Sookie he thinks she has a new admirer in Rasul. Rasul confirms Eric’s suspicion. Sookie finds out why the Pelts have been sending people to attack her. It seems Sandra wasn’t happy with Sookie’s explanations of her sister’s demise and wanted Sookie to die. The Pelts tell Sookie they’ll leave her alone if she’ll just tell them what happened to Debbie. Sookie doesn’t make the decision alone on whether to tell them, she asks Eric.

“Eric,” I said, “what should I do?”
I don’t think I’d ever asked Eric for advice before. he was surprised. But the secret wasn’t only mine.
After a moment, he nodded.

Sookie proceeds to tell the Pelts about how she killed Debbie in self-defense. She also tells them she doesn’t know where her body is because Eric took care of it and he has no memory from that time. Sookie learns from the Pelts that Tanya is from Debbie’s birth family and was happy to help the Pelts find out if Sookie was guilty. The Pelts make a pact with Sookie that they will leave her alone as will their daughter, Sandra. Sandra doesn’t like this but Mr. Pelt says if she does anything to Sookie that he will challenge her before the pack and kill her for disobeying.

The next day while packing, Sookie realizes that what she thought was an unopened canister of coffee held the Queen’s jewel. That night, Sookie attends the Queen and King’s party. After sneaking the jewel into the party disguised as a tampon, Sookie makes a plan with Quinn for him to distract the King while Sookie gives the jewel back to the Queen. As they make their way through the procession to greet the King and Queen, Quinn distracts the King while Sookie slips the Queen’s bracelet on her wrist. The Queen is shocked but disguises it with kind words to Sookie. The King and Queen lead the first dance, a waltz, after the Queen shows that she has the gifts her husband gave her. The King is not pleased with the new developments.

While Quinn and Sookie are dancing a head goes flying by. After getting Sookie to relative safety, Quinn goes off to help the Queen’s men defend themselves against the King’s people. Sookie is tackled and taken down to the ground only to find herself under Eric. He’s excited by the fighting but felt he needed to save her. Sookie sends him off to help the Queen escape. Sookie is then jumped by Jade Flower, the King’s second, while Sookie is trying to make her escape. Jade Flower has a hold on her ankle and Sookie cannot get away until Jade Flower is stabbed through the back by Bill. Sookie escapes into a room that she finds occupied by the King, Queen and Andre. Andre kills the King before he can kill the Queen. They all make it out of the party, hurt but not dead. Andre and Queen drop Sookie back off at Hadley’s apartment.

Sookie is met by Amelia after she arrives at Hadley’s. Amelia asks if she may return with Sookie to Bon Temps. Sookie asks why and Amelia explains that she turned Bob, a witch, into a cat while they were attempting something in the bedroom. Amelia’s running from her mentor as she knows she’ll be in trouble with her coven when they find out. Sookie agrees after making a remark about liking cats and Quinn shows that he’s only half transformed back into his human form. He still has a tail and Sookie tells him he can’t sleep in bed with her while furry. After she’s showed and while Quinn’s in the bath, Sookie gets another visitor. It’s Bill, he wants to explain, but Sookie doesn’t feel like forgiving.

“I risked my life for you,” I said, the words coming out in a halting sequence. “I gave Eric power over me forever, for your sake, when I took his blood. I killed someone for you. This is not something I take for granted, even if you do…even if that’s everyday existence for you. it’s not, for me. I don’t know if I can ever not hate you.”
I got up, slowly and painfully, and to my relief he didn’t make the mistake of trying to help me. “You probably saved my life tonight,” I said, looking down at him. “And I thank you for that. But don’t come into Merlotte’s anymore, don’t hang around my woods, and don’t do anything else for me. I don’t want to see you again.”
“I love you,” he said stubbornly, as if that fact were so amazing and such an undeniable truth that I should believe him. Well, I had, and look at where it had gotten me.
“Those words are not a magical formula,” I said. “They’re not going to open my heart to you.”

After sending Bill away, Quinn comes out of the bathroom as a full human and asks to sleep in the bed. Sookie agrees and he climbs in and falls to sleep. Sookie crawls over and listens to his heartbeat.

The next morning, Sookie returns to Bon Temps with Amelia and Bob the cat. On the drive Sookie tells Amelia about what happened the night before. Amelia asks Sookie about Bon Temps, Sookie tells her about the coming wedding events she’s invited to. Sookie tells Amelia she’ll be happy to have company for awhile and asks Amelia what she’ll do with her house. Amelia tells Sookie that Everett was interested in living in the top apartment and he’d take care of her plants and stuff while she was gone. Amelia asks how Sookie is doing with the Bill situation, Sookie tells her she feels like she has a hole in her heart.

“I don’t want to sound all Dr. Phil,” she said. “But don’t let the scab seal the pain in, okay?”
“That’s good advice,” I said. “I hope I can manage it.”

Sookie is left thinking about her life and she realizes it’s not all bad.

Definitely Dead Questions for Discussion

1. How many of you were thrown by the news of Hadley’s death? Did you read the short-story before or after Definitely Dead to find out what happened?

2. Do you think Sookie should have gotten some acknowledgement for saving Cody, Danielle’s son?

3. Were you surprised or upset by Eric’s reaction to Sookie’s refusal to come to him?

4. What did you think of Amelia?

5. Were you surprised by Bill’s revelation? Did you feel Sookie’s pain?

6. At what point did you figure out the Pelts were behind the attacks on Sookie? Do you think it was just coincidence that Quinn was with her both times?

7. Do you believe Bill is sincere when he says he loves Sookie?

8. What was your favorite part of Definitely Dead? What was your least favorite?

Discussion can take place here in comments or here on our boards.


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