How Sookie Got Her Groove Back

Let me begin by saying I’m sorry this is long but so much happens in this book and it is pivotal to understand it all. On with it…

Dead to the World

It’s not every day that you come across a naked man on the side of the road. That’s why cocktail waitress Sookie Stackhouse doesn’t just drive on by. Turns out the poor thing hasn’t a clue who he is, but Sookie does. It’s Eric the vampire–but now he’s a kinder, gentler Eric. And a scared Eric, because whoever took his memory now wants his life. Sookie’s investigation into who and why leads straight into a dangerous battle among witches, vampires, and werewolves. But a greater danger could be to Sookie’s heart–because this version of Eric is very difficult to resist….

We’re introduced to Dead to the World with a prologue in which Bill explains why he HAD to go to Lorena. Bill explains to Sookie about Lorena being his maker and when a maker calls the child has to come (kind of like we all wish our kids would, instead we get sassed). Bill lays it on pretty think; trying to convince Sookie he had no responsibility for his actions while he was with Lorena. All I can say it, good riddance to Bill and Sookie, you can do better Sookie just have faith. Before Bill leaves Sookie’s house, he informs her that he will be going out of the country to work on his database.

The first chapter begins with the ending of a party, Merlotte’s Bar and Grill New Year’s Eve party to be exact. Sookie, Sam and the rest of the bar employees are cleaning up after a very busy night. There are still a few patrons of the bar; Sookie has a run-in with one who learns not to mess with the barmaids at Merlotte’s. Sam is there for Sookie when he needs her, even if it is a minor reason this time. They finally finish cleaning and closing up the bar; Sookie heads for home after a long night with good tips. While she’s driving down the road close to her house she comes across a partially naked man running down the road. It’s January first in the south, so seeing a half naked, barefooted man startles Sookie. Being the Good Samaritan she is, Sookie stops and asks if the man needs help. This is when she realizes he’s no man, but a very familiar vampire. Why would Eric being running down her road naked, Sookie thinks. Second problem, Eric does not seem to recognize Sookie and he’s afraid of her.

“Stay back, woman,” he warned me. His voice sounded like his throat was sore, raspy and raw.
“What are you doing out here?”
“Who are you?”
“You know darn good and well who I am. What’s up with you? Why are you out here without your car?” Eric drove a sleek Corvette, which was simply Eric.

Sookie takes Eric back to her house, gets him out of his wet jeans and throws them in the wash. Eric makes a comment about Sookie being out at night; she replies that she was coming home from work. Eric says women should not be out late at night; Sookie simply agrees. Eric asks why she was out; Sookie replies because she needs the money (remember this for later). They go on talking about the reason why a woman needs a man, blah blah blah, Sookie stands her ground about being able to care for herself while she cleans Eric’s feet. Sookie calls Pam to inform her of Eric’s whereabouts, Pam asks if he can stay, Sookie agrees and they plan to meet at the house the next day. Sookie shows Eric where he’ll sleep once the sun comes up; Eric asks if he can stay in the room with her; Sookie allows him to. Sookie falls asleep holding Eric’s hand under the covers.

Jason visits Sookie the next day and asks her what she thought of the girl he was with at the New Years Eve party. After some beating around the bush, Sookie tells Jason that his date changes into something and he shouldn’t date her. Sookie asks Jason if he’d pick up some clothes and synthetic blood for her. When Jason asks who the clothes are for, Eric emerges from his resting place. Jason warns Eric that nothing better happen to his sister and in retaliation Eric tells Jason that he should take his sister into his home and care for her. After Jason leaves, Eric apologizes for coming out of the room and he knows Sookie didn’t want him to meet Jason but he wonders why. Sookie explains that all her family is dead except for Jason and a long-lost cousin.

“Don’t be so sad,” he said, as if he couldn’t help himself.
“I’m fine.” I made my voice brisk and matter-of-fact.
“You’ve had my blood,” he said.
Ah-oh. I stood absolutely still.
“I wouldn’t be able to tell how you feel if you hadn’t had my blood,” he said. “Are we—have we been—lovers?”
That was certainly a nice way to put it. Eric was usually pretty Anglo-Saxon about sex.
“No,” I said promptly.

Since Sookie had forgotten to put Eric’s pants in the dryer the night before, she gave him Bill’s old robe to wear until Jason returned with his clothes. Sookie informs Eric about his friend’s coming and he asks about what she knows about him. Sookie doesn’t know much and explains that she has only been to his place of business when he summons her. Eric asks how he’d make her and she bypasses the question by giving him the hairbrush he requested. Pam and Chow arrive; they show their respect for Eric and Sookie tries to depart the room, Eric asks her to stay. Jason returns and Pam sneaks out the back and around to the front of the house to verify it is Jason. Jason isn’t too pleased and threatens Pam, which she finds funny. They all go inside the house and discuss what happened to Eric, as far as they know. Pam keeps looking to Eric to take charge and she seems frustrated when he doesn’t. A coven of evil witches is trying to take over Eric’s businesses and the lead female witch, Hallow, wants Eric for more personal reasons. When he message is presented to Eric and he declines, Chow makes the wrong move and attempts to attack the witch messenger. Eric vanishes from his office; enter naked Eric running down the road. The vampires ask Sookie to take charge of Eric and keep him safe, Jason asks for the amount that would be paid if they turned Eric into the witches that are searching for him and after some negotiation (that leaves Sookie embarrassed), they agree on an amount.

After everyone leaves, Sookie and Eric lay down in front of the fire and talk. She’s surprised to find that she can talk to her as easily as she does with Arlene, only she doesn’t have to omit anything because he already knows, or would know, it all if he could remember. Sookie asks Eric how he feels about all this…

“I’m glad they are afraid enough of me to take good care of me.”
“Huh,” I said intelligently. Not the answer I’d expected.
“I must be a frightening person, when I am myself. Or do I inspire so much loyalty through my good works and kind ways?”
I sniggered.
“I thought not.”

After this Sookie and Eric talk Bill, finding Bill, killing Lorena, and about murderers. Eric concedes that all vampires are murderers whereas Sookie says all humans are not. Sookie compares vampires to lions; they’re predators and they all kill. Eric counters stating that unlike lions, vampires can love as well as kill; a lion would never caress an antelope. Sookie warns Eric that she would ask him to leave if he’s not being straight with her. He asks what he’s done wrong, he was only contributing (I swear I can see him looking at her with some doe eyes, batting his lashes, like “Who me? I’m innocent, can’t you see?” yea okay Eric, we believe you).

Sookie is awakened the next morning by her phone ringing, its Jason’s boss; Jason hasn’t shown up for work yet. That’s not like Jason; he always shows up for work, Sookie is worried. Sookie is afraid the witches went after Jason, but why would they. After she gives Jason an hour to stumble into work, Sookie calls the police to report him missing only they don’t seem to care and tell her to call back. Sookie writes a cryptic note to “Jason” telling him she’s worried and has gone out to look for him (she wrote it in case Eric woke up before she returned or in case someone broke into her house while she was out). When Sookie arrives at Jason’s house, Alcee Beck is there checking out Jason’s truck. Sookie asks Alcee some questions; they look around the inside of the house then Alcee checks outside. Sookie grabs Jason’s shotgun and takes it out to her car before leaving. Alcee finds blood on the pier behind Jason’s house and tells Sookie it’ll take some time to setup anyone to come out.

While on her way to Shreveport to check out a lead she got Sookie stops along the side of the road to gather herself; surprisingly enough Tara pulls up behind her to see if she’s okay. Tara pretends to not remember anything from the last time Sookie and her spent time together, which Sookie didn’t know if she was faking or really didn’t remember. With Tara is Claudine, an exceptionally tall and beautiful woman.

“I’m Claudine,” she said, with a beautiful smile. Her teeth were Hollywood white. Her skin had an odd quality; it looked glossy and thin, reminding me of the skin of a plum; like if you bit her, sweet juice would gush out. “I’m here because of all the activity.”
“Oh?” I said, taken aback.
“Sure. You have vampires, and Weres, and lots of other stuff all tangled up here in Bon Temps—to say nothing of several important and powerful crossroads. I was drawn to all the possibilities.”

I love how Sookie correlates Claudine with a plum; I love plums. Okay on with the recap… Tara sets it up so Sookie can go talk with Holly, one of her fellow barmaids, she’s a Wiccan. Sookie detours to go talk to Holly. Holly tells Sookie about Wiccans and witches. Sookie asks about the witches in Shreveport, Holly tells Sookie the leader of the group is “out-and-out ruthless” and warns Sookie to stay away. Holly also tells Sookie where she can find them. Sookie leaves for Shreveport.

Finally into Shreveport, Sookie looks up one of Jason’s most serious old flames, but she’s adamant that she hasn’t seen Jason nor does she ever want to again. Sookie leaves and heads to Fangtasia to ask questions. When she got there, the employee entrance door was askew, something was seriously wrong. Sookie let herself into the bar and found Belinda, a barmaid and fangbanger, literally tied in knots. When Sookie asks what happened, Belinda tells her the witches in search of Eric attacked them. Belinda strongly believes that Eric will avenge his followers when he finds out, Sookie thinks the old Eric would also. Sookie calls 9-1-1 and leaves the bar before they arrive. Her next stop is to see Alcide.

Sookie tells Alcide about the witches trying to take over Shreveport, Alcide makes a call then they’re on their way to see his Packmaster, the leader of the Shreveport Werewolves. While relaying the same information to the Packmaster, the Packmaster informs Alcide their second in command has been out of contact and missed a meeting the previous night. The second is despondent regarding the hierarchy within the werewolves pack, but she’s loyal and wouldn’t go over to the witches in her desire to make Packmaster. Alcide and Sookie leave Colonel Flood, Shreveport Packmaster, to check on the second in command, Adabelle. While driving Alcide suddenly asks Sookie whose idea it was to send Bill to Peru, Sookie answers his queen, she thinks. Alcide asks who else could have sent him, Sookie answers Eric. Which piques Alcide’s inner warning signal…

“You think that Eric staged this whole thing? You think he ordered Bill out of the country, had witches invade Shreveport, had them curse him, began running half-naked out in the freezing cold when he supposed I might be near, and then just hoped I’d take him in and that Pam and Chow and my brother would talk to each other to arrange Eric’s staying with me?”
Alcide looked properly flattened. “You mean you’d thought of this?”
“Alcide, I’m not educated, but I’m not dumb.”

Just goes to show you that Alcide doesn’t think very highly of Sookie’s intelligence, but the same can’t be said for her body. Alcide and Sookie make a couple stops in search of Adabelle, her mother hasn’t seen her so they head to her business. There they find the place a wreck, Adabelle and someone else have been murdered and their body parts are strewn around the building. Alcide and Sookie call the police and form a ruse that they are engaged and were there to see about a wedding dress for Sookie. The police officer, knowing who Alcide is, doesn’t think Alcide’s father would be too pleased with Alcide marrying a barmaid from Bon Temps.

Sookie sees her first missing vampire poster when she stops into the grocery store for blood and some other necessities. She also finds out the name of Jason’s date for the New Years Eve party from Hoyt Fortenberry. Sookie returns home and opens the door on Eric changing into his clothes. Sookie apologizes to Eric for walking in on him and Eric brushes it off. Eric asks Sookie if everything is okay, Sookie tells him about Jason missing. Then she goes to take a shower; Eric opens the curtain to ask if she needs help and climbs in with her interrupting her shower.

“Have we e love?” he asked.
I shook my head, still unable to speak.
“Then I was a fool,” he said, moving one hand in a circular motion over my stomach. “Turn around, lover.”

Not long after, Sookie is helping wash Eric and the heat is too much. They make their way to the bed and Sookie experiences the best sex ever. While cuddling after coitus, Eric asks for their background. Sookie begins by telling him about his station and about Bill; as Sookie is telling the story, Eric begins roaming her body again. They have sex again and Sookie compliments Eric; Eric asks what her favorite part of his body is, her reply is his butt. He assumed it would be his member to which she describes as adequate, initially.

“Adequate?” He took my hand, placed it on the part in question. It immediately began to stir. He moved my hand on it, and I obligingly circled it with my fingers. “This is adequate?”
“Maybe I should have said it’s a gracious plenty?”
“A gracious plenty. I like that,” he said.

After another orgasm, Sookie drifts off to sleep.

The next morning, Sookie reflects on her activities of the previous night. She’d like to have babies but a relationship with a regular guy was out of the question because she’d always know when he was angry with her or any other thoughts running through his head. Sam calls to ask about Jason, Sookie relays there’s still no news. She calls the police station again for an update, there’s none to have. Sookie makes her way out to Hotshot, a small community outside of Bon Temps, to talk to Crystal Norris, Jason’s date to the New Years Eve party. Crystal does not want to provide Sookie with information and is very rude until her uncle enters the room and forces her to talk to Sookie. Calvin Norris, Crystal’s uncle, is not shocked to hear that Crystal is looking outside the community for a partner; the community had been trying to bring in new blood because too much in-breeding was causing problems amongst the newer offspring. Calvin walks Sookie out to her car and makes her a proposition.

“If you need some place to hide, if you need someone to watch your back or defend you, I’ll be your man,” he said. …”I think you would like the people here, and you would be a good breeder. I can tell by looking.”

Sookie declines the offer and tells Calvin the police will find out about Crystal being with Jason and come asking questions. Calvin tells her they won’t find out anything. Sookie goes to work and tells Sam about her trip to Hotshot. Hallow and her brother visit the bar asking Sam about the missing vampire. Sam calls Sookie over to talk to the witches. They ask if she knows Eric and she tells them she does; no point in lying after all. They ask about Bill and Sookie tells them he lives across the graveyard from her; they leave to go visit Bill’s house. Sookie rushes home to warn Eric and is greeted by Eric kissing her. Before she swept away in the moment, Sookie is able to tell Eric they should hide because the witches are coming to Bill’s house.

Eric has other ideas and sweeps Sookie up and starts running towards Bill’s. They are not alone when they arrive. Hallow and her brother was at Bill’s house trying to break in when they caught the presence of others near by. Mark goes off to look and a fight breaks out. Howls are heard during the fight then the screeching of tires as the witches run over a Werewolf and flee the area. Sookie goes to help the injured Were and come upon the pack, she picks out Alcide in his Were form, she remembers seeing him change at Club Dead. Colonel Flood is the first to change back into human form to assist Sookie; Eric tries to help but the pack is not receptive of a vampire helping their kind. Sookie rushes Maria-Star, the injured Were, to the hospital. Sookie stays until Maria-Star is in recovery and proceeds back to Merlotte’s to give the pack an update. On the way she falls asleep behind the wheel only to be awakened by Claudette.

“How did you get in my car? Why are you here?”
“Because there’s been an unusual amount of supernatural activity in this area in the past week or two. I’m the go-between.”
“Go between what?”
“Between the two worlds. Or, more accurately, between the three worlds.”

Sookie wants to know more about Claudette but Claudette brushes her off saying she’s too tired to understand. They make it to Merlotte’s.

Sookie walks into Merlotte’s where every supe she’s ever met is present, well minus the Hotshot shifters. Everyone’s eyes are on Claudette though and when she’s asked why she’s present, she replies because Sookie fell asleep behind the wheel. Eric says he offered to go but Sookie said no.

“Well, hel-lo, tall, blond, and dead,” Claudine said. She looked Eric up and down, admiring what she saw. “You in the habit of doing what human women ask of you?”

By far my favorite line in any of the books, Claudette is sassy and she’s the perfect woman to help Sookie. Alcide asks what Claudette is, she replies that she’s a fairy (chalk it up to another supernatural being that Sookie didn’t know existed but should have assumed). They finally get around to asking Sookie how Maria-Star is and Sookie relays the story she gave the cops and passed onto Maria-Star before she left. Now that all parties are on the same page, the two parties, the Weres and the Vamps, begin to talk about why they are there. The vamps have new information as do the Weres, but the Vamps are distracted by Claudette. Claudette is like heroin to a crack fiend; vampires get high off fairy blood. They ask her to step outside so they can finish their meeting. The vamps received a letter stating a vamp would be drained each day until Eric was turned over. The Weres scouted and found where the witches were holed up. Sookie was just recovering from being insulted by one of the Weres when Debbie Pelt walks into the bar. Sookie is dismissed to take Eric home and Debbie insults her as she’s leaving. Instead of turning around and saying something to Debbie, she does the mature thing and leaves. On the drive home, Sookie thanks Eric for defending her against the Were that insulted her (before Debbie arrived). Eric compliments her on her many strengths, Sookie tells him to stop and that she’s used to it. He continues to compliment her and teases her to make him stop; Sookie kisses Eric but it doesn’t end there. They make love again, because it is making love on Sookie’s part by this point and after they’re done Sookie thanks Eric again.

“No,” he said quietly. “You took me in off the road and kept me safe. You’re ready to fight for me. I can tell this about you. I can’t believe my luck. When this witch is defeated, I would bring you to my side. I will share everything I have with you. Every vampire who owes me fealty will honor you.”

In her mind, Sookie brushes this off because Eric won’t remember saying it to her once he’s back to his old self. But she tells him that he’s made her very happy.

The next morning, Andy and Alcee show up at Sookie’s house to tell her about the blood that was found out on the pier. The blood was probably feline and there was a print, other than Jason’s boot print, present. Sookie read from Andy’s mind that the print was from a panther, but there wasn’t any panthers in the area usually. They ask her about Maria-Star and if there’s any connection. Catfish, Jason’s boss, had arrived with Andy and told Sookie that there was a search party forming outside Jason’s house. They were going to search the woods around the house for Jason. Sookie is astonished to see how many people from the town showed up; Arlene, Tara, Ms. Fortenberry, and Sam to name a few. Sam talks to Sookie while everyone is forming up and tries to assure her that if Jason’s out there, he’ll smell him.

“Sam,” I said, my eyes filling with tears. I tried to thank him, but the words wouldn’t come. I was lucky to have a friend like Sam, and well I knew it.
“Hush, Sookie,” he said. “Don’t cry. We’ll find out what happened to Jason, and we’ll find a way to restore Eric to his mind.” He rubbed the tears off my cheeks with his thumb.

Sookie is such a blind nitwit; she’s overlooked Sam all this time and now she’s so confused she doesn’t know what she wants. Kevin, one of the parish’s finest, is the organizer of the search party with Kenya, his partner on the force, his enforcer. He tells everyone to split into groups of five with one person having a rifle. Sookie goes off with the three shifters from Hotshot, Calvin, Crystal, and one she doesn’t know. Her group finds Jason’s tree hunting spot, Felton, the shifter she didn’t know, climbed up in an unhuman fashion and Sookie was glad the only other human in her group was preoccupied. Crystal got ahead of the group and ran into a wild hog. They call off the search since Crystal was injured, Pastor Fullenwilder killed the hog and was so excited about his kill he didn’t notice the change that was coming over the shifters in his group. The search was called off and Sookie returned home. The message on her machine was from Pam, her and Eric were to meet the vamps and the Weres at an address in Shreveport at first dark. Sam puts Sookie to bed and Sookie falls instantly to sleep.

Sookie awakes to find Eric in bed with her. Eric asks what she’s been doing all day after he smells the woods and multiple types of shifter on her. She tells him about the search party. Eric says he’s sorry about Jason missing and Sookie tells him to look deep inside himself to see if he really means it. Eric admits he does not but feels he should say it because he likes having sex with Sookie and wants her to think well of him. Sookie asks if he’ll listen to her if she needs to talk for the same reason and Eric says yes, but also because he has feelings for her. Sookie admits to having feelings for him too, not love but something close. Eric has been trying to find a way to get Sookie out of her clothes while they talk and Sookie tells him they don’t have much time.

“Kiss me,” he said, and he wasn’t talking about his mouth. “Turn this way,” he whispered. “I want to kiss you, too.”

It didn’t take them long to finish and Sookie tells Eric they have to leave for Shreveport. Eric tells her she must stay behind and Sookie says no, that she has to go. The get dressed and head to Shreveport, they get lost along the way and when they finally make it to the house, Eric kisses Sookie before they go in.

“We could go back,” he said. In the dome light of the car his face looked hard as stone. “We could go back to your house. I can stay with you always. We can know each other’s bodies in every way, night after night. I could love you.” His nostrils flared, and he looked suddenly proud. “I could work. You would not be poor. I would help you.”
“Sounds like a marriage,” I said, trying to lighten the atmosphere. But my voice was too shaky.
“Yes,” he said.

As much as Sookie likes the idea, she knows it could never happen because Eric would never be the same. She’d change but Eric never would.

They go into the house and Pam is annoyed because they are late. Debbie’s also there, which doesn’t make Sookie too happy. Pam lays out the plan of how they are going to infiltrate the building with the witches. Sookie is to lead and count how many are in the building. Alcide doesn’t like this idea and speaks up. Alcide says someone needs to go with Sookie and Bubba is elected; Sookie is happy to see Bubba. Bubba asks where Bill is, to which Sookie replies Peru, just as she’s saying that Bill enters the room. Bill asks what Debbie is doing there, no one knew he even knew who she was, until he informs everyone that Debbie took part in his torture. She tries to deny it but he goes into detail. Alcide is sickened by her actions and abjures Debbie from his life. Debbie is put into Bill’s charge and he’s instructed that if she tries to turn against them, kill her. They make their way to the building that houses the witches. There’s a stench in the air and Sookie notices that everyone that lives in the area seems to be out for the night. She figures the stench is to fend off any unwanted visitors but she makes her way towards the building after kissing Eric goodbye. Sookie tells Bubba how many are present in the house so he can inform Pam. Bubba leaves Sookie to go tell Pam.

Sookie is grabbed from behind and asked who she is; she takes down the person asking only to find that it is Holly, a barmaid at Merlotte’s. Sookie asks Holly what she is doing there; Hallow threatened to kill Holly’s son if she didn’t help. Sookie asks how many others are helping against their will and Holly tells her three then describes each of them. Bill and Debbie are the first to arrive and ask Sookie why she’s still there.

“I told you to stay back,” Bill said, and his voice was frightening.
“Alcide abjured me,” she told me, just as if I hadn’t been there when it happened.
“What did you expect?” I was exasperated at her timing and her wounded attitude. Hadn’t she ever heard of consequences?

Pam, and the rest of entry party arrive they are shocked to see Sookie still there. Sookie tells Pam about the three being forced and sends Bubba back to ask the witches on their side if they can do something to mark those that should not be injured. In sending Bubba away, Sookie is left to grant entry into the building for the vampires. Pam breaks down the door and Sookie enters and yells for the rest to come in. Sookie begins grabbing the three that are innocent but is too late to grab one before a Were got to her. The witches on their side made those that were forced begin to glow. The witches on the other side began to shift and chant to defend themselves. The vampires and werewolves made quick work of all those in the house. Debbie, who wasn’t supposed to shift because of being abjured, partially shifted and came after Sookie only to be stopped by a hand grabbing her throat in the fog created by the evil witches. Sookie took one of the witches life who’d fed off Pam while she was incapacitating Hallow. In Sookie’s defense she didn’t really kill the guy, he killed himself by running into the knife that Sookie was holding.

All the witches had died except for Hallow, which they kept alive so she could reverse the spell on Eric. Sookie noticed the witches were not good fighters and was told Hallow probably recruited them for their power not their fighting abilities. Sookie leaves with Eric and heads back to Bon Temps. When they arrive at her house, Sookie opens the door to an unexpected visitor. Debbie is sitting in Sookie’s kitchen holding a gun, she fires a shot but Eric gets in front of Sookie before it can hit her. Sookie grabs the shot gun by the water heater and blows Debbie away. Do you think there’s a hunting season for were-lynx? Huh, probably not, oh well one dead nasty woman then. While Eric disposes of the body and gets rid of Debbie’s car, Sookie cleans up the mess in her kitchen.

I heard him come in just as I was falling asleep, and he kissed me on the cheek. “All done,” he said, and I mumbled, “Thanks, baby.”
“Anything for you,” he said, his voice gentle. “Good night, my lover.”

Eric awoke the next evening disoriented and with no memories of his time spent with Sookie. Sookie on the other hand knew what had happened and was having a hard time adjusting to having the real Eric back in her life. Eric can tell something is wrong with Sookie.

“Something more is wrong with you,” Eric said. He’d always been astute.
“Yes, lots of stuff is wrong with me.” I would’ve enjoyed hugging him right then, but it would just complicate everything. “And I think it’s going to snow.”
“Snow, here?” Eric was as delighted as a child. “I love snow!”
Why was I not surprised?
”Maybe we will get snowed in together,” he said suggestively, wagging his blond eyebrows.

Pam arrives and Eric begins to ask her question after question. Sookie excuses herself to go to work but doesn’t think they’d notice her gone. Sam asks about what happened the previous night, Sookie relays the story to him. Sam tells Sookie that Calvin was in earlier and Sam thought Calvin hoped Sookie was working. Sookie learns from Sam that the Hotshot clan aren’t Weres with a capital W but were-panthers. Sookie tells Sam about the print found in Jason’s blood. Sam tells Sookie about Felton being in love with Crystal. They both agreed they needed to go out to Hotshot to ask some questions. Sam goes with Sookie to Calvin’s house and Sookie relays her suspicion to Calvin. Calvin forces Felton to open his door and confess to what he’s done with Jason. Sookie finds Jason in the shed behind Felton’s house; he’s been bitten and beaten. Sookie takes him back to her house and explains to him they won’t know if there’s any side effect to his kidnapping until the next full moon.

While Jason showers, Sookie and Sam sit in her kitchen and talk. Sookie finds an envelope on her kitchen table and opens it to find a check for $50,000 from Eric. Sam leaves with much gratitude from Sookie, to which he tells her to stop thanking him. The first thing Sookie does the next morning is check on Jason, and then begins to make breakfast. Jason isn’t much up for eating once he’s finally up and settles in with a cup of coffee. Sookie and Jason go over a plan of what to tell the police when they come asking where he’s been. They can’t tell the truth because they need Calvin and the Hotshot clan if Jason transitions on the next full moon. The best plan they could come up with is for Jason to say he doesn’t know and stick to it.

Sookie gets a visitor at home once full dark hits, she knows who it is but is glad he asks to enter her home instead of just entering. Eric says he finds himself troubled, Sookie makes a jab about dropping everything to help.

“Hallow is dead, having been forced to counter the curse on me, obviously.”
“Pam did a good job.”
He nodded. “It was Hallow or me,” he said. “I like me better.”

Eric explains why Hallow picked Shreveport; it was to extract revenge on the supernatural community that imprisoned her parents. Eric senses that Sookie isn’t telling him everything and Sookie brushes him off by saying she liked him better when he couldn’t remember who he was. Amanda stops by Sookie’s house while Eric is there to ask Sookie is she’s seen or heard from Debbie since the war? Sookie tells her no, but Eric is suspicious and begins roaming around her house. After Amanda leaves, Sookie stands to find Eric ready to leave also. Eric knows she needs to leave for work so he’ll excuse himself but not before he tells Sookie to wear the lighter jacket that is not suitable for the current weather because he other jacket is still ruined. Sookie knows she’ll receive a new jacket the following day and is not disappointed when it arrives.

It was cranberry red, with a removable liner, a detachable hood, and tortoiseshell buttons.

Dead to the World Questions for Discussion

1. Why does Sookie believe Pam and Chow cannot enter her home? Did she rescind their invitation “off page’?

2. What do you think of Hallow being able to sense Sookie “listening” to her? What about Sookie’s declaration that “no one” had before? What about Sam and Alcide?

3. What do you think of Claudine?

4. Pam’s reactions to Amnesia Eric throughout the book, do you think she knows he’s faking or is she waiting for him to regain his memories and leadership roles?

5. Do you think Real Eric would want to marry Sookie? (No jumping ahead please, think about it as it pertains to this and previous books)

6. Do you think Eric is gripping Sookie’s hand out of anger, fear, or trying to hold his tongue? (during the war strategy meeting)

7. Do you think Sookie was right, was Eric showing his true nature (as Amnesia Eric) and the “flash and assurance” was an act?

8. Do you think Eric’s amnesia was an act? Throughout the book he seems to be himself then other times he’s not, coincidence or him not being able to stay in character so to speak?

9. Do you think Sookie purposely created an idealized version of Eric in Dead to the World? Why or why not? What is her purpose in doing this?

10. Any other thoughts on Dead to the World? What was your favorite quote, scene or event? What was your least?

Off-Topic Question: Has anyone else noticed that Ms. Harris drops the title of the book randomly into the reading (other than Club Dead)?

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