A Curious Case of Whodunit

All Together Dead

All Together Dead

Betrayed by her longtime vampire love, Louisiana cocktail waitress Sookie Stackhouse must now not only deal with a possible new man in her life—the oh-so-handsome shape-shifter Quinn—but also contend with a long-planned vampire summit. With her power based weakened by hurricane damage in New Orleans, the local vampire queen is vulnerable to those hungry for a takeover. Soon, Sookie must decide what side she’ll stand with. And her choice may mean the difference between survival and all-out catastrophe…

All Together Dead begins with Sookie attending a meeting at Fangtasia regarding the plans for the summit. Due to the recent catastrophe in New Orleans, Hurricane Katrina, many vampires are missing or dead. The Louisiana vampire queen has been evacuated and her financial position is unstable. To cap everything off, Sophie Anne, Queen of Louisiana, has to go on trial at the summit because of the death of her husband, the King of Arkansas.

The day after the summit meeting, Sookie attends Halleigh’s bridal shower. Since she didn’t expect to be invited she tries to make herself useful by logging who gave what presents and stay out of everyone’s mind. She returns home to find she has a visitor; Quinn has come to see her. Amelia leaves the house so Sookie and Quinn can have a proper reunion and they make the most of it. Sookie and Quinn have sex for the first time.

Later the same evening, Sookie receives a call from Jason. He wants her out at Hotshot by seven that evening to attend his wedding. Sookie asks if she may bring Quinn and Amelia and Jason has no problem with it. Sookie and her friends attend Jason’s wedding where Sookie and Calvin vouch for their relatives should either of them break their vows and not be able to take the punishment, the vouchers will step in and take the punishment for them.

The next day after Quinn has left, Sookie gets another visitor, and this time her visitor is Claudine. Claudine has a bad feeling about Sookie’s impending trip to Rhodes for the vampire summit. Claudine tries to talk Sookie out of going but Sookie tells her she can’t. She’s already given her word she would attend and she’s being paid to go.

The next day after Sookie wakes up, Sookie goes shopping at Tara’s Togs. Her relationship still isn’t the same with Tara since the incident, but she figures if she corners Tara at work they’ll have to talk. Sookie buys the necessary clothes for Rhodes, almost buys more than what she needs but then puts it back because she feels wrong about spending Eric’s money. That night at Merlotte’s, Pam comes to speak with Sookie.

“Sookie, I don’t know what strange game you and Eric have going, but it’s not good for us.”
“I have nothing going! Nothing!”
“You may not, but he does. He has not been the same since the time you two spent together.”
“I don’t know what I can do about that,” I said weakly.
Pam said, “I don’t either, but I hope he can resolve his feelings for you. He doesn’t enjoy having conflicts. He doesn’t enjoy feeling attached. He is not the carefree vampire he used to be.”
I shrugged. “Pam, I’ve been as straight with him as I can be. I think maybe he’s worried about something else. You’re exaggerating my importance in Eric’s scheme of things. If he has any kind of undying love for me, then he’s sure not telling me about it. And I never see him. And he knows about Quinn.”

Amelia comes into the bar while Sookie is talking to Pam. Sookie introduces the two of them. They chat with each other while Sookie works. After Sookie is finished with work, Pam meets her in the parking lot and they continue their discussion of Eric.

“You care for him,” she said, and for the first time she sounded a little angry. “I know you do. He’s never been so entangled in his emotions. He’s never been at such a disadvantage.” She seemed to gather herself, and I figured our conversation was over. We got up, and I returned Sam’s chairs.
I had no idea what to say.

Shortly after this discussion, Eric arrives and sends Pam away. Without saying a word, Eric walks up to Sookie and kisses her then asks if she is Quinn’s. Sookie’s reply is that she is her own. Sookie then asks if Eric found out why he was running through her woods that night she found him. He says he still does not know and he has no one to ask because the witch is dead. Eric leaves just as suddenly as he appeared.

The next morning Sookie packs and leaves for Rhodes. While she’s on the plane she is questioned by the Queen’s lawyer about what she witnessed when Andre killed the King of Arkansas. When they arrive at the hotel in Rhodes Sookie reaches out to Barry the Bellboy, the only other telepath Sookie has met. After she’s checked in and gone to her room, Sookie meets up with Barry in the lobby. While they are using their gift they are approached by a female vampire that is none to happy to see Sookie. Jennifer Cater is the vampire that has brought charges against Sophie Anne regarding the murder of the King of Arkansas. Jennifer confronts Sookie and threatens to drain her dry. When Jennifer leaves, Quinn finds Sookie and Barry holding hands to increase their power base. Quinn walks up to Sookie and Sookie throws herself into his arms as a greeting. A fierce looking woman walks up to Quinn asking about security. Quinn sends her off to find the head of security for the hotel then explains to Sookie that the woman wasn’t really a woman but a Britlingen; highly trained bodyguards from another dimension.

After Sookie tells the Queen about her confrontation with Jennifer, the Queen calls to arrange for them to meet and talk. When the Queen and her entourage arrive at Jennifer’s room they find her dead along with three others. The Queen’s bodyguard enters the room to verify all are dead. They call security and are questioned about the bodies. The lone survivor of the Arkansas vampires runs to the room; Sophie Anne offers him, Henrik, safety if he’ll pledge fealty to her. After they depart Jennifer’s room Sookie makes the suggestion that the Queen raise Andre to be the King of Arkansas. During the opening ceremonies, the Queen puts Andre by her side instead of behind her to show he is her equal. Sookie begins her “work” during the opening ceremonies. She learns that Quinn has a past that she is unaware of and comes across his sister, only she is not aware that the woman is his sister and is jealous by the girl’s possessiveness. During the opening ceremonies Eric performs a marriage ceremony between the King of Mississippi and the King of Indiana. After the ceremony, Sookie corners Jake so he’ll tell her why everyone is in awe of Quinn. As a young teenager, Quinn rescued his Mom from some hunters that had trapped her. He slaughtered them all and his sister was the result of one of the hunter’s raping his Mom. Quinn called the Las Vegas vampires to ask if they would clean up the mess. In return he was indebted to them for three years.

“What exactly did he agree to do?” I asked.
“To fight in the pits for them. For three years or until he died, whichever came first.”
I began to feel cold fingers moving up my spine, and this time it wasn’t creepy Andre…it was just fear. “The pits?” I said, but if he hadn’t had vampire hearing, he wouldn’t have been able to make my words out.
“There’s a lot of bets placed on pit fighting,” Jake said. “It’s like the dogfights the hunters wanted the bear for. Humans aren’t the only ones who like to watch animals kill each other. Some vamps love it. So do some other supes.”

Sookie goes back to “work” at Sophie Anne’s side as she is talking to the Queen of Alabama. Sookie “hears” from one of the Queen’s humans that Alabama will back Sophie Anne for as long as it is beneficial to her then her alliances will change. The Queen sends Sookie to fetch the suitcase from the underground garage. While on the way there, Sookie is cornered in a corridor by Andre. Andre wants her to drink from him and be bonded closer to the Queen. Eric interrupts.

“Andre, let me offer a suggestion,” Eric said in a much cooler, calmer voice. Good. He was keeping his head together. One of us needed to. “She must be kept happy, or she won’t cooperate anymore.”
Oh, crap. Somehow I knew his suggestion wasn’t going to be. “Let her go or I’ll break your neck,” because Eric was way too canny for that. Where was John Wayne when you needed him” Or Bruce Willis” Or even Matt Damon” I would be glad to see Jason Bourne right now.
“We’ve exchanged blood several times, Sookie and I,” Eric said. “In fact, we’ve been lovers.” He took a step closer. “I think she wouldn’t be so balky if I were the blood giver. Would that suit your purposes? I’m under oath to you.” He bowed his head respectfully. He was being careful, so careful. That made me more frightened of Andre.

Andre agrees and Sookie “bonds” with Eric. After they are finished, Quinn comes in to see the arousal on Eric’s body from the bonding. Sookie runs away after telling him it’s not what he thinks.

Sookie goes to get the suitcase from the underground garage. She confronts the two attendants because they do not ask to see her identification to prove she is who she says she is. She takes the suitcase up to the Queen’s suite. Outside, in a planter, Sookie sees a soda can. When she picks it up she realizes that it’s not an ordinary can. She believes it to be a bomb. The first “person” to find her is the Britlingen Batayan escorting the King of Kentucky back to his room. She contacts her cohort Clovache informing her of the unknown device. While they talk they alert Quinn to the danger above and her comes to Sookie. While he’s trying to get Sookie to put the bomb down Eric comes to try to do the same. When they can’t get her to put it down they both attempt to have her give it to one of them.

“You’ll give it to me and leave,” Eric said. He was pushing his vampire influence at my head with all his might.
“Won’t work, never did,” I muttered.
“You are a stubborn woman,” he said.
“I’m not,” I said, on the verge of tears at being first accused of nobility, then of stubbornness. “I just don’t want to move it! That’s safest!”
“Some might think you suicidal.”
“Well, ‘some’ can stick it up their ass.”

The bomb squad finally arrives, first with the little robot then with a vampire in a safety suit carrying a safe box for Sookie to place the bomb in. When she does, Quinn envelopes her in his arms.

Sookie again finds herself in the Queen’s suite going over the bomb and where it was found, what it was made of, and everything else with the head of security of the hotel. Sookie feels when Eric is about to enter the room and begins to fidget. Eric comes to sit next to her and when she asks to be excused and returns to her room to find Quinn waiting for her. They go to sleep in each other’s arms. When Sookie awakens the next morning there is a note from Quinn. Sookie calls Amelia to check in and learns that Amelia has been working at Merlotte’s since she was bored and there were many waitresses not showing up for work. Sookie gets ready for the ball that is to take place the evening. When she leaves her room to attend she is told that the trial for Sophia Anne is happening right then. She rushes to Sophia Anne’s side and is bombarded with everyone’s thoughts.

And the rush of thoughts engulfed me. I smiled and walked on automatic while I listened in. Pretty…Sohpie Anne’ll get what’s coming to her…maybe I can call her lawyer, see if she’s open to an approach from our king…nice boobs…my man needs a telepath…hear she’s fucking Quinn…hear she’s fucking the queen and Baby Boy Andre…found her at a bar…Sophie Anne’s washed up, serves her right…hear she’s fucking Cataliades…stupid trial, where’s the band?…hope they have some food at the dance, people food…

Henrik has gone forward with the trial on the belief that Sophie Anne was going to kill him. Sookie “hears” this from Henrik’s lawyer, at least she thinks it was Henrik’s lawyer and not Henrik himself. When they are about to find out who told Henrik such lies he is killed by a wooden arrow. When a second one was in motion, Quinn tackled Sookie to the ground.

Batanya killed the assassin with a throwing star. While Sookie is hovering over Quinn trying to stop his bleeding Eric comes to kneel beside her.

“He’s going to heal,” Eric said. He didn’t sound especially happy about it, but not sad either.
“Yes,” I said.
“I know. I didn’t see it coming.”
“Oh, would you have flung yourself in front of me?”
“No,” Eric said simply. “Because it might have hit me in the heart, and I would die. But I would have dived in and tackled you to take you out of the arrow’s path if there had been time.”
I couldn’t think of a thing to say.

While Quinn is semi-unconscious, Eric asks Sookie if she loves Quinn. Sookie says she doesn’t know yet. Then Eric asks if she loved him. Before Sookie can answer the paramedics arrive to take Quinn. Quinn tells Sookie to be careful. Once Quinn is gone they go to work to figure out who the assassin was. They find his wallet in his pocket. Now they just have to figure out who sent him.

They all enter into the ballroom. The band is just starting and a pair of professional dancers have taken the floor. Sookie is infatuated with the way they move together. Once the pros are finished, Eric asks Sookie to dance. They waltz around the dance floor. When they stop to take a break from dancing, Sookie wanders to room. She finds herself tapping into the minds that she can when she stumbles upon the thoughts of a vampire. She’s shocked and scared by this revelation that she can now read vampire thoughts. She doesn’t understand why it is possible but thinks it may be because of the bond. Searching the room again, Sookie “hears” thoughts about the weather and focuses in on the person with the thoughts. She finds a weather witch and escorts him and his wife over to a Sheriff under Sophie Anne. The Sheriff has no idea what Sookie is talking about but his human girlfriend, also Sookie’s roommate while in Rhodes, clues in on what Sookie is trying to accomplish and hints to the Sheriff that Sophie Anne may find this man of some interest. Sookie goes back to looking around the room and spots Barry.

“You wanna dance?” I asked, because the Dead Man Band was playing a great cover of an old Jennifer Lopez song. Barry looked reluctant, but I pulled him by his hand, and pretty soon we were shaking our bonbons all over the place and having a great time. Nothing’s like dancing for relaxing tension and losing yourself, just for a little while. I wasn’t as good as Shakira at muscle control, but maybe if I practiced once in a while…
“What are you doing?” Eric asked, and he wasn’t being facetious. He was glacial with disapproval.
“Dancing, why?” I gave a wave to signal Eric to scoot. But Barry had stopped, already, and given me a little goodbye wave.
“I was having a good time,” I protested.
“You were twitching your assets in front of every male in the room,” he said. “Like a…”
“You hold up, buddy! You stop right there!” I held up a finger, warning him.
“Take your finger out of my face,” he said.

Before they could have a full blown fight, Sookie was swept onto the dance floor by the male professional dancer she had admired earlier. While she was dancing with him, his partner had cornered Eric and gotten him onto the dance floor also. When Sookie’s finally calmed down she goes in search of Quinn. On her way to finding him she stops to talk to Jake, the ex-Were turned vampire by her cousin Hadley. Jake does not seem to be very happy about being a vampire. He feels like an outcast because his old Were friends will no longer speak to him but the vampires also hold him at arms length.

I said impulsively, “Jake, I’m so sorry. I’m sorry Hadley turned you if you would rather have passed on. She was fond of you, and she didn’t want you to die.”
“But I did die, Sookie,” Jake said. “I’m not the same guy anymore. As you know,” he picked up my arm and looked at the scar on it, the one he’d left with his teeth. “You won’t ever be the same, either,” he said, and he walked away. I’m not sure he knew where he was going, but he just wanted to get away from me.

Sookie finally finds Quinn and they talk about his past and what he saw with the bonding. Sookie explains that she doesn’t care about his past. He was taking care of his family and that’s important to her since she has so little of her own. She understands why he did what he did. Sookie explains about Andre trying to trap her into a bonding with him and Eric saving her at the price of her being bonded to Eric instead of Andre. Quinn doesn’t like it but understands.

The next day Sookie has breakfast with Barry. After they are finished eating Sookie asks Barry if he would like to go with her to find the archery range the assassin had used. Barry agrees and they set off in search of the archery range. They find it on the third try and Barry uses his looks and charm to get the employee to help them. Only they can’t see the surveillance video for the store until after she is relieved. Barry and Sookie promise to return later to view the tapes. Sookie calls Eric to leave a message that they found the range. When they return to view the tapes they find the range door destroyed. They walk inside to find the girl and her male associate dead. When they go back into the area where the tapes would be they find them burned. They call the police and leave to return to the hotel before they show up. When they arrive at the hotel Sookie tells Eric what happened.

That evening there were more trials going on with lower vampires. Bill was a judge for the first trial where a male vampire tortured a human female and his female vampire roommate took out one of his fangs. The second trial was about a female vampire who turned a young boy who was going to die with the permission of his parents on the grounds that he would still see his parents after he was turned. The female vampire did not hold up her end of the bargain and the parents were upset that they no longer got to see their son. Once the trials were over, Sookie went in search of the Queen. She found her at the table Bill was working at selling his vampire database. While standing by the table Sookie begins to look around and realizes that a few of the bus boys are avoiding her and Barry. Sookie makes a mental note to talk to Barry about it. Sookie returns to the Queen’s suite with the Queen and another vampire. Jake enters the room and comes to sit with Sookie. They strike up a conversation about the following day which has been listed as “free time.”

“What are you going to be doing? It’s marked as free time on the schedule.”
“I don’t know,” he said, a curiously remote tone in his voice. “My life has changed so much I just can’t predict what will happen. Are you going out tomorrow in the day, Sookie? Shopping, maybe? There are some wonderful stores on Widewater Drive. That’s down by the lake.”
Even I had heard of Widewater Drive, and I said, “I guess it’s possible. I’m not much of a shopper.”
“You really should go. There’re some great shoe stores and a big Macy’s—you’d love Macy’s. Make a day of it. Get away from this place while you can.”

When Sookie excused she motions to Andre that she has something to tell him. He escorts her to the door where Sookie informs him of her suspicions about the bomb and who may have told Henrik that Sophie Anne planned to kill him. Sookie suspected the hotel owner, another vampire, of the deeds. Once she’s told Andre why she suspects the hotel owner she leaves to return to her room. On her way there she runs into Bill.

“You did well this evening,” I said, too tired to hate him. I nodded at the forms.
“Yes, we’ll all make a lot of money from this,” he said, but he didn’t sound particularly excited.
I waited for him to step out of my way, but he didn’t do that, either.
“I would give it all away if I could erase what happened between us,” he said. “Not the times we spent loving each other, but…”
“The times you spent lying to me? The times you pretended you could hardly wait to date me when it turns out you were under order to? Those times?”
“Yes,” he said, and his deep brown eyes didn’t waver. “Those times.”
“You hurt me too much. That’s not ever gonna happen.”
“Do you love any man? Quinn? Eric? That moron JB?”
“You don’t have the right to ask me that,” I said. “You don’t have any rights at all where I’m concerned.”

Sookie wakes up the next morning to Barry yelling to her in her thoughts. She rushes out of her room to find out what’s wrong. On the way to meet Barry at the elevator she runs across Jake’s body laying in the hall. Sookie tells Barry about her conversation with Jake the previous evening and tells him to go get help. Sookie calls Mr. Cataliades while Barry wakes up his roommate Cecile. Once they’re all gathered they try to figure out what to do.

“What shall we do?” Cecile asked, which earned her high marks in my book.
“It’s the extra coffins,” I said. “And the blue suitcase in the queen’s suite. Barry, you were asked to bring up a suitcase, too, right? And it didn’t belong to anyone?”
Barry said, “Right. It’s still sitting in the foyer of the king’s suite, since everyone passed through there. We thought someone would claim it. I was going to take it back to the luggage department today.”

They made a plan to rescue as many as they could. Sookie called Quinn to wake him up and get him out of the hotel. Barry set off the fire alarm and the first person Sookie ran into while headed to Eric’s room was the Britlingens, Batayan and Clovache, carrying the king wrapped in a blanket. Sookie gets into Eric’s room and rouses him out of sleep. They both work to get Pam into her coffin and Eric covers up in the cloak he used for the wedding ceremony. They step out into the hall and break through the glass window leading to the outside.

And Eric saw sunlight for the first time in a thousand years. He screamed, a terrible, gut-wrenching noise. But in the next instant, he pulled the cloak tight around him. He grabbed me and hopped astride the coffin, and we pushed off with our feet. For just a fraction of a minute, we hung in the balance, and then we tilted forward. In the most awful moment of my life, we went out the window and began tobogganing down the building on the coffin. We would crash unless—

The bombs start going off in the hotel and Sookie watches as the hotel begins to collapse. Sookie tells the paramedics they’re dealing with vampires and need to find a safe place for them. The paramedics say they know a place to take them and take Pam and Eric away in an ambulance. Sookie goes back into the hotel to search for survivors. She finds Bill behind a slab of concrete, when the concrete moves she sees that Bill is badly burned. She gives him the yellow emergency personnel jacket to cover up with then goes in search of others. She finds Quinn and his sister in some rubble. She stops to speak with Quinn. Sookie sees Andre not far from where she is with Quinn. She makes no move to save Andre and tells Quinn she’ll send the rescuers in to him. Outside, Barry reaches out to Sookie.

What kind of shape are you in?
Pretty rocky, but not much hurt. You?
Same. Cecile died.
I’m so sorry.
I couldn’t think of anything else to say.
I’ve thought of something we can do.
I probably didn’t sound very interested.
We can find living people. We’ll be better, together.
That’s what I’ve been doing,
I told him. But you’re right, together we’ll be stronger. At the same time, I was so tired that something inside of me cringed at the thought of making further effort. Of course we can, I said.

It took a while for Sookie to convince the rescuers that they could help. After they pointed the rescuers in the right direction to find many survivors they became very wary and needed to stop. The chief of the fire department seemed to have another idea.

“Let me get your names and addresses, so the mayor can thank you,” the gray-haired man said, holding a pen and clipboard at the ready.
No! Barry said, and my mouth snapped shut.
I shook my head. “We’re going to pass on that,” I said. I’d had a quick look in his head, and he was greedy for more of our help. Suddenly I understood why Barry had stopped me so abruptly, though my fellow telepath was so tired he couldn’t tell me himself. My refusal didn’t go ver big.
“You’ll work for vamps, but you don’t want to stand and be counted as someone who helped on this terrible day?”
“Yes,” I answered. “That’s just about right.”

Sookie helps Barry to a safe place while she tries to figure out how to get them further away from everyone before they try to expose their abilities for their own gain. Sookie calls Mr. Cataliades. Mr. Cataliades arranges for a cab to pick them up and take them to a hotel on the other side of town. When they get there, the maid offers to do their laundry. Sookie strips Barry out of his clothes and puts him to bed then does the same for herself. The next morning, they awaken and get dressed in their clean clothes. Mr. Cataliades arrives at the hotel and they find out the status of everyone in their respective parties.

“Please, how is everyone?” I asked.
“Sophie-Anne has lost her legs, and I don’t know if they’ll come back,” he said.
“Oh geez,” I said, wincing.
“Sigebert fought free of the debris after dark,” he continued. “He’d hidden in a safe pocket in the parking garage, where he landed after the explosions. I suspect he found someone to feed off, because he was healthier than he ought to have been. But if that’s the case, he shoved the body into one of the fires, because we would have heard if a drained body had been found.”
I hoped the donor had been on of the Fellowship guys.
“Your king,” Mr. Cataliades said to Barry, “is so injured it may take him a decade to recover. Until the situation is clear, Joseph leads, though he’ll be challenged soon. The king’s child Rachel is dead; perhaps Sookie told you?”

They ran through the list of the other members, some were missing, some were found dead, and most were badly injured. Sookie asked about Quinn and found that he was at the human hospital with his sister. The three of them talk about saving the vampires and humans the previous day. Sookie brings up the fire chiefs feelings about them saving all those people.

“You should have seen that guy’s face when he finally believed that we could find people. He thought we were psychics or something, and he couldn’t understand that what we were doing was registering a live brain signature. Nothing mystical about it.”
“He was all over the idea once he believed us,” I said. “You could hear in his head that he was thinking of the hundred different ways we could be of use to rescue operations, to the government at conferences, police interrogations.”
Mr. Cataliades looked at us. I couldn’t pick out all his snarly demon thoughts, but he was having a lot of them.
“We’d lose control over our lives,” Barry said. “I like my life.”

Mr. Cataliades informs them that arrangements have been made for a plane to be ready in a hour to return the Texas vampires then the Louisiana vampires to their home states. They talk about Kyle Perkins, the assassin, and Sookie pieces together that the queen hired Kyle to kill Henrik and when Sookie left the message stating she’d found the archery range, Andre or Siegbert had gone to take care of the problem before Barry and her returned.

“Sookie?” said Barry.
“I really want to be on that plane.”
“I know.”
“What about you?”
“I don’t think I can do it. Sit on the same plane with them.”
“They all got hurt,” Barry said.
“Yeah, but that isn’t payback.”
“You took care of that, didn’t you?”
I didn’t ask him what he meant. I knew what he could pick up out of my head.
“As much as I could,” I said.
“Maybe I don’t want to be on the same plane with you,” Barry said.

Sookie goes to see Quinn in the hospital; finds that he’s more injured than she previously suspected and finds his sister sitting in the room with him. Sookie sends the sister to go buy some clothes. Sookie drifts off to sleep while holding Quinn’s hand; she wakes up when Frannie returns with a McDonald’s bag and her shopping purchases.

“You love him?” she asked, sucking up some Coke through a straw.
“Too soon to tell.”
“I’m going to have to take him home to Memphis,” she said.
“Yeah, I know. I may not get to see him for a while. I’ve got to get home, too, somehow.”
“The Greyhound station is two blocks away.”
I shuddered. A long, long bus ride was not a prospect that I could look forward to.
“Or you could take my car,” Frannie said.
“Well, we got here separately. He drove here with all the props and a trailer, and I left out of my mama’s in a hurry in my little sports car. So there are two cars here, and we only need one. I’m going to have to go home with him and stay for a while. You have to get back to work, right?”
“So, drive my car home, and we’ll pick it up when we’re able.”

Sookie sets off for home in Frannie’s sports car. While driving Sookie reflects on her life and decides that it’s not all bad. Although there are some bad parts, she has some good friends that make it worth while. She returns home two days later, Amelia rushes out of the house to greet her. Amelia almost slips about a big surprise that happened while Sookie was away.

“Guess what?” Amelia said. “Your friends got married.”
I stopped dead. “Which friends?” Surely she couldn’t mean the Bellefleur double wedding; surely they hadn’t changed the date yet again.
“Oh, I shouldn’t have said anything,” Amelia said, looking guilty. “Well, speak of the devil!” There was another car coming to a stop right by the red Mustang.
Tara scrambled out. “I saw you driving by the shop,” she called. “I almost didn’t recognize you in the new car.”
“Borrowed it from a friend,” I said, looking at her askance.
“You did not tell her, Amelia Broadway!” Tara was righteously indignant.
“I didn’t,” Amelia said. “I started to, but I stopped in time!”
“Tell me what?”
“Sookie, I know this is going to sound crazy,” Tara said, and I felt my brows draw together. “While you were gone, everything just clicked in a strange way, like something I’d known should happen, you know?”
I shook my head. I didn’t know.
“JB and I got married!” Tara said, and the expression on her face was full of so many things: anxiety, hopefulness, guilt, wonder.

Tara wants to put all the bad stuff from her past behind her. Sookie would like to do the same and remembers glancing back as Quinn killed Andre, for her. Sookie decides she’ll keep away from vampires for a while and try to live a normal life.

All Together Dead Questions for Discussion

1. Did the particulars of Jason’s wedding set of any warning bells?
2. Do you think Pam should have confronted Sookie about Eric? What about the kiss from Eric? What did you think of what Eric talked to Sookie about?
3. Do you think Quinn should have told Sookie about his past earlier instead of her finding out second hand?
4. What did you think of Eric “saving” Sookie from Andre? Ulterior motives?
5. Do you think it’s just the bond that forces Eric to Sookie when she has the bomb? What about Quinn, why do you think he tried to rescue Sookie?
6. What did you think of Eric’s reaction to Sookie dancing with Barry? Do you think it was the way she was dancing or who she was dancing with?
7. Do you think Jake was trying to warn Sookie about the bombs? Why would he?
8. What do you think of the rescuers wanting to “use” Barry and Sookie? Is it right? Was it right for Barry and Sookie to decline?
9. What did you think of Barry’s parting shots towards Sookie? Do you think it was hypocritical after all the remarks he made regarding the vampires?
10. What did you like? What didn’t you like? What else in this book do you think is a pivotal moment, not already mentioned?

Discussion can take place here in comments or here on our forums.


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