Pixel Project Celeb Male Role Model: Have You Voted Yet?

We were contacted over the weekend by the The Pixel Project to join in the promotion aka pimping of the very first Voters’ Choice Celebrity Male Role Model campaign. And I responded with a HUGE FAT YES! After all this site is run by women who have a voice. We have the ability to stand up for ourselves, mothers, sisters, and daughters and say enough is enough. If have ever known someone or have been a victim of violence you know the sense of powerlessness that follows. So ask yourself how can a I make a difference….

And of course there is the opportunity to vote for your favorite Swede Alexander Skarsgard!

We must help provide the powerless with power, educate both sexes on how violence against women not only affects the woman but the people around her and the people around them. It’s an ever widening circle of chain reactions that breed more pain and negativity. Thanks to programs like the Pixel Project inroads have been made but there is still so much to be done.

So please if you have not already voted and signed the petition please, please do it today. If you have already voted get your friends and family to vote and sign the petition.

I don’t even care if they vote for Alex… ok I know what you’re thinking, who switched out Lil’s coffee with crazy juice….. but I feel so strongly about this project and ending the violence I’m okay if you choose to vote for some other actor. But let me point out, Alex is not only a hot swede with one hell of a six pack. As many of our readers know Alex lent his voice to Skarsgard News fundraiser for Doctors Without Borders. Did you know ASNews raised close to $10,000 for Haitian earthquake relief? Alex also has lent his voice to a recent PDA for Chilian earthquake relief and gave one of his favorite shirts to be auctioned off by Amnesty International.

Ok Ladies so let’s all put on our pimp hats….*smoothes pink feather* and spread the word about Pixel Project’s campaign!

Check Out Vote For Alexander Skarsgard on Facebook too!


~ by lilbooth02 on May 24, 2010.

One Response to “Pixel Project Celeb Male Role Model: Have You Voted Yet?”

  1. Voted again, thanks for the reminder.
    43% for the win!

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