I WON!!!


Lil won tickets to the True Blood Ultimate Experience for Truebies!

True Blood Sweepstakes

We have until June 1st to think of the perfect question to ask Alan Ball and the cast!

Skarsgard News already threw a doozy at me! ……

‘when you won at the scream awards and you mentioned reading the “blogs” did you mean Blood Bonds Blog???’


Can you come up with a better question?

Do you think I should reveal myself as Lil from BBB?


Are you ready for a little fun courtesy of Lil @ BBB?

It’s going to be a bloody season…

are you ready?

Can you handle it?


~ by lilbooth02 on May 16, 2010.

6 Responses to “I WON!!!”

  1. Oh here’s a question! Do you know what the hell Blood Bonds Blog is? Or is Lil deluding herself?

  2. Congrats Lillikins, that’s great.

    Hmm a question for AB…is he letting the r/l relationship between Anna and Steven effect how he manipulates the SVM books?

    Yea, I went there. 😉

  3. I won too! yay! 😀

  4. I think turn about is fair play so….leer and ask,
    “are those things real”.
    And by “things” I mean abs.
    That recent S3 image was drool worthy and a big surprise
    cus I thought he’d lost most of his GK beef.
    So ask. Maybe he’ll pull up his shirt and prove it.
    That right there would make it the best-est question ever.

    • AS put on 17#’s of beefcakeness for Straw Dogs, which wrapped shortly before TB went into production, hence our extra special treat!

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