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I know I’m a HUGE slacker!

I have been off living in the real world and completely ignoring my blogging responsibilities! It’s honestly unintentional, it’s just the Plumber is so cute! And he was on vacation and was taking me out and snuggling with me. Then there was that FREE Jake Owen concert at City Place in West Palm. Have you seen this man? Have you heard him sing? Trust me you would have totally blown of blogging too!

But here I am on a late Saturday morning throwing together the BBB news and pimps. We have a a few things we want to make sure you all are aware of in the fandom. Also please feel free to leave more news and info in the comments. I am flying by the seat of my lonely pants on this one I am sure I will miss something.

First important things you should know:

Simba is in Japan, she is crazy busy and will try and keep in touch via me and occasional blog postings, including her DITF review, when she can. I am so proud and so happy for my partner. She wanted this so badly and I know she will not take this opportunity to visit and study in Japan lightly! Love you my little Lion Queen!

Scoobs will continue the book recaps in between being all things to all people …. Mom, Wife, Daughter, Friend, and my super awesome beta! She probably has more titles I don’t even know about, she never stops doing stuff. She exhausts me!

Ok, so for Lil, yeah that’s me… I am trying to commit to a weekly poll and other fun stuff for the last few weeks before True Blood starts. It’s the end of the school year here in South Florida and it’s going to be one hell of a month. I will also be working like a dog at my job and for my wonderful extremely hot talented husband who is starting his own company. I’m going to do my own TB epi recaps this season and let me warn you now, I’m not Simba, I could never do what she does and we also don’t agree on everything when it comes to True Blood. I know crazy right?! Everyone including us thought we shared a brain! (more like I leached off her abnormally large one).

BBB News

Truly, Madly, Deadly is NOW available!!!



New Affiliates

If you have a TB, SVM, or dual website or blog and want to affiliate please drop me an email. We are always looking to expand our friendships within the fandom. After all we were created by fans for the fans!

Complete Affiliate List

Affiliate News!!!!

True Blood Wiki Wants To Throw You a True Blood Premier Party!

True Blood Wiki is celebrating the return of Season 3 by giving away 3 True Blood Premiere Party Packs! Each party pack includes:

16 Satiating Bottles of Tru Blood

8 True Blood pint glasses

The Complete True Blood Season 1 on DVD

The Complete True Blood Season 2 on DVD

1 Handy True Blood Bottle Opener

AND a $50 Visa card to feed your human friends!

**To enter, you just have to create an account on True Blood Wiki and leave a comment on the Giveaway blog post.  The giveaway runs May 10 – May 24.

~~~~~~ True BLood Radio Show!

Everyone favorite source of EVERYTHING Eric Northman will be hosting a weekly Blog Radio Podcast this season.

Check out for all the details!

**Affiliates!! Do you have news and contest you want pimped? Bring it on!


True Blood News!

Depsite of what you may have told there is still only one place to get all your True BLood Goodies and Baddies! HBO has created an extensive home for all things True Blood

Home of True Blood


iTunes has True Blood Teasers and Drops available!

What does that mean? That means you can download all your favorites to your Iphone or iTouch and share them with all those Twi and Vampire Diary fans who have yet found the shock and awe of True Blood!


The Ultimate Truebie Giveaway!

Your chance to win begins tonight at 6:13 pm est
Follow True Blood on Twitter!
Register at:

A little TB Birdie sent me this link and I thought I would share….

Rutina Spoils S3!!


Fans of True Blood and Blood Bonds Blog

Check out Adele’s blog, she has started a countdown to True Blood!

My Life In Words


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One Response to “Blog News & Pimps”

  1. I’m taking my time reading through DitW again for my review. Spending lots of time with DH who just got back from Iraq 8 days ago. I’ll have something soon for DitW.

    ~ Scoobs

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