Two Days Until E II…..So It’s Time For a Poll!

Bookies Are Hoping The E and S Chemistry From The Books Will Find It's Way to TB

I couldn’t make up my mind about the poll so I decided I would have to make two polls. And I know how much everyone loves polls about Eric and the gang! I also know we have a Trubies and Bookies who love our itty bitty blog I decided to make one poll for each of the sub-groups of the best damn fandom EVER!

The first poll is for Bookies! Please REMEMBER if you are a Trubie these things may piss you off but will not spoil you considering the TB writing team has thrown away most of the books at this point. Not saying it good or bad…it just is. *sigh*

Ok second poll! Bookies same goes for you, this may make you pissy and grumble but the basic facts are we have gone so off the path of the book we better start to to think of TB as an AU. *ducks* Listen don’t shoot the messenger and try to enjoy TB for what it is ENTERTAINMENT! *grins and ducks again*

The Word Is We Will Get More Pam *BOUNCES AND SQUEEZ*

Happy Voting!



~ by lilbooth02 on April 19, 2010.

11 Responses to “Two Days Until E II…..So It’s Time For a Poll!”

  1. I hope SA dies a gruesome and painful death, by E’s hand would be even better. 😉 And yes the only scene I really really want to see is the scene that Bubba interrupts, if its Laffey interrupting instead, no problemo, but god that scene is just too hot to skip. Please AB, prays to the TV/TB/and Viking gods!

    • It’s scary how in tune we are my friend. I actually had the SA choice as her dying at E’s hand and then changed it! LOL ILY

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  3. I would like to go on the record as against “sexy time” for E/S… it’s to soon, it would mean less and honestly strange at this juncture..js

  4. I have to say…it was tough to make a decision on the book end! I kind of agree on E/S Snuggle Time…they have a lot of ground to cover and trust to build between the two of them if non-bookies are ever going to believe what they have is bigger than the blood…

  5. Hehe, EML Lil! And I agree about less ES, except the Bubba interruption which could be one little moment of weakness for them both, and super hot, but big picture wise they need to concentrate on building Eric up from villian to anti-hero and letting Sookie grow a backbone without always running to Bill. Cause right now they absolutely would not work, they are literally like night and day. Im using that expression alot today, lol.

  6. Let’s see…less is more…Sophie gets lost and ERIC!

    Less is more is my number one wish.


  7. I voted for the ‘snuggling’ scene to make it in but there wasn’t an option for ‘More S&E interaction’ so I opted for sexy time as that was closest. I just want all the banter between them – it was funny in the books and seeing Sookie actually HAVE a sense of humour might redeem her somewhat.

    • Well I tried to include a broader range for the Trubie picks…. I always miss something, it my thing 😉

      • You can’t please everyone – especially me, I’m a fickle bitch 🙂

  8. “Sophie Ann Gets Lost On Her Way Home From Shreveport Never To Be Seen Again”


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