Fan Fiction Focus: SVM Writer & Cowboy Up! Winner TXONE

Today we have a double dose of Fan Friday. In this post we will focus on a fan fiction favorite. txone is a loved writer in the SVM fandom by both readers and other writers. After winning the Cowboy Up! Contest txone was kind enough to sit down and answer a boat load of questions from me. You will also find a few reviews of txone’s work from some other pretty amazing fandom writers below. txone doesn’t know I asked fellow writers to take a few minutes to talk about her and her work so let’s all give a big collective AWWW to this special surprise………

Ok! Great that was quite the awww! I am proud of each and every one of you. Y’all are a bunch of Fluff Lovers, it’s a bit embarrassing to be honest. Before we go full steam ahead I wanted to take a moment and pimp something each and every FF writer loves. It’s a new blog run by our beloved s.meadows. We recently had an upheaval at FF and lost writers and their stories. In order to keep in contact with all the SVM fandom writers and an easy place for fans to find all of us this one stop shop was created. So please take a moment to add The Sookieverse to your favorites today!


author of

The Executive


Cowboy Up! Contest Winner

Cowboy Up Winner’s Banner created by ericcanbiteme/sawyersmine

A Q & A With TXONE

How long have you been reading and writing FF?

I started reading FF in October of 2008. Let Love In by Terri Botta was the first story I read. It was so compelling and new that I was immediately hooked on everything FF.

I started writing my first story in January 2009.

What inspired you to try your hand at FF?

I was inspired by the creative freedom that FF provides. You can have fun and take your favorite characters on new adventures. There are no limits when it comes to fan fiction.

How many stories have you penned?

At the moment, I have 14 stories posted on FF. I have a few more in the works.

If there was a website where you could publish original short stories would you do it?

I would definitely consider it.

Like to share any teasers? Hmm? Hmm?

Hmm…I’m not sure when this interview is going to post, so I don’t know what to tease. My next multi-chapter story that I’m currently working on is titled ‘His Promise’. So…here’s a peek at the first chapter of it.

I allowed a few more tears to fall as I traced the name carved into the cold stone with my fingertips. Corporal William Compton, my first love, my only lover, my husband, and father of my precious son. Had it really been a year since he was taken from me, from our four year old son, Billy?

It seemed like it was only yesterday when I opened my door to the CNO and Chaplain. They were compassionate and sympathetic, but nothing could soften the news they delivered. My husband had been fatally wounded by a roadside bomb in the city of Mosul. Bill was one of four casualties that resulted from the explosion. His Sergeant, Eric Northman, who suffered severe injuries, was the sole survivor of the blast.

Bill and Eric were close friends, having completed almost two tours together. I couldn’t imagine the emotional toll Eric, no doubt, would’ve undergone. Bill thought highly of Eric, not only as his superior, but also as a friend. He told me on more than one occasion that if anything happened to him that I should contact Eric.

“Mommy,” a small voice came, pulling me from my memories.

“What sweetie?” I smiled, wiping my eyes.

“Don’t cry, Mommy. Remember, Daddy wants us happy.”

Billy was wise for his age. He was repeating what I’d told him every time he was sad, missing his Daddy. Besides having blond hair like mine, he was the spitting image of his father.

I wrapped my arms around his small body, kissing the top of his head. “You’re right, sweetheart,” I told him as I peered into his large, chocolate brown eyes. “Daddy loves us so much, and he wants us to be happy. And what makes Daddy happy?” I grinned.

He giggled as he spoke, knowing what was coming next. “Smiles and laughs.”

“That’s right,” I replied, tickling him until he was a ball of laughter.

“Stop Mommy, I gotta pee,” he squealed.

“Well, we don’t want that,” I said, giving him one final squeeze. “It’s time to go, honey. Tell Daddy bye.”

“Bye bye, Daddy. I love you,” he said, blowing a kiss to his father’s headstone.

I closed my eyes to keep from crying again as I said a silent goodbye to my husband. “Are you hungry?” I asked my son as we walked back to my mini-van.

He looked at me as if I had two heads. “I want McDonalds.”

It was my turn to give him a look. Of course he wanted McDonald’s. It was his favorite treat. “What do you want to eat from McDonalds?” I asked as I fastened him into his car seat, though I already knew his answer.

“I want chicken nuggets, French fries, chocolate milk, and a boy toy,” he responded, counting each item on his tiny fingers.

We stopped at the McDonald’s in Keithville, and I let Billy play for a while before we finally had to leave. It was an almost two hour drive from the Northwest LA Veteran’s Cemetery in Keithville back to our home in Bon Temps. Sometimes when we visited Bill’s gravesite, we would stop at the mall in Shreveport on our way back home, but not today. Maybe it was due to it being the one year anniversary of his death, but I didn’t feel like being anywhere but home with my son.

Wow! I cannot wait to be an avid fan of that one! Do you have any other plans for new stories you can share?

I always have a notebook filled with story ideas. I’m pretty sure His Promise will be the next story that I post. Then, I also have a collaboration story that I am doing with pixiegiggles. I’m super excited about it!

What inspires you?

My inspiration comes from many places. If I’m writing love and romance or sex, obviously, I think of my husband. When it comes to angst, I have a few places that I can draw inspiration from, but it isn’t my favorite thing to write.

What made you decide to enter the Cowboy Up! contest?

I entered the contest as a challenge to myself. I had a story idea in mind before the contest came about, so, I adjusted the plot to make it cowboycentric. It was heavy angst and that was the area that I wanted to push myself to see if I could achieve my goal.

Did you enjoy brining Cowboy Eric to life?

Oh, most definitely! I love anything to do with Eric Northman. He could be in leather, animal skins, or wranglers and I’d still love him and enjoy writing him. But, I do prefer him naked…LOL!

Do you like writing OC or AH better?

As a writer, I enjoy writing all human stories because it gives me so many new options and story lines. Of course I love writing OC also, hence all of the smut. As a reader, I enjoy everything.

As a writer what do you prefer writing Angst or Fluff?

Can my answer be smutty fluff?

Your answer can totally be smutty fluff! As a reader what do you prefer to read Angst or Fluff?

I enjoy reading angst more than writing it, but I love the fluffy stuff too.

What was your favorite scene in the SVM series? Ok, top 5!

Hmm, I would love to say that the shower scene is my fav, but I can’t. My favorite scene is after Sookie gets staked and she trusts Eric enough to relinquish her will and let him glamour her. That was a huge event for them as a couple, I think more so than them having sex.

What was your favorite episode of TB and why?

Hands down, it was the rooftop scene with Eric and Godric. That absolutely ripped my heart to pieces.

I just want to thank txone for sitting down and answering these questions twice. You have been a good sport considering all of my probing……. 😉

A txone User Guide

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The Executive

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All Their Love

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A Fresh Start

Branded Heart

Editor’s Note: I consider myself an addicted reader of FF. I suggest to new readers of FF to start from an author’s first story. Why? It’s exciting to see how a writer changes styles over time. And to be honest it is a learning experience to watch a writer grow on the page. I don’t think any writer will disagree with me when I say there is always room for improvement. At least for FF writers who are trying to strengthen their skills and learn how to touch readers we always are hungry to learn. For some FF authors it’s just a hobby but for some it is a stepping stone. Either way there are some damn good writers in FF.

Fan Fic Writers Talk About txone

A LindsayK Review of All Their Love:

What I love about this story isn’t so much the smut, which is very, very… well, if you read it you know exactly what I mean *fans self*.  No, what I love is that when I first read that she would be doing a threesome story with Eric, Sookie, and Alcide I was skeptical.  I had no idea how someone would pull off Eric sharing Sookie with anyone, let alone him being into men too.  Slash has never bugged me one bit, unless it’s something like Snape/Harry, lol, so I decided to give it a try.  Txone has never disappointed me, and she certainly didn’t with this one.

She eases you into in the first chapter with some good old-fashioned ESN, and followed that up with our first taste of Eric and Alcide, and with one read of that chapter you will be wishing you had a ice cold pool to take a dip in.  Txone manages to keep everything in Eric that we love about him.  He’s sexy, he’s fun, he’s still manly as hell, he just happens to also be attracted to men, and doesn’t that also fit with Eric?  I mean, vampires have a very fluid sexuality, after all 😉

After that fuckhot chapter, we move along to the courtship of Sookie by Eric and Alcide both, and eff me am I ever jealous of that woman. I’ve got a big heart-on for Alcide to begin with, and we’re all head over heels for Eric, so the idea of Sookie having both of those men wanting her and everyone being okay with it is just a panty-flamer.

Back to my original point: What I love the most is not only that txone did what I thought was impossible, but she did it so well and with depth.  This isn’t just a smut story.  She’s showing what I believe so strongly; that all of us deserve love, gay, straight, or bi.  I love that these two men love each other so strongly, and are opening their hearts to love another.  I love that Sookie is so accepting of Eric and Alcide’s relationship, and that she happily joins them as an equal part of it.

Ultimately, it’s all in the title.  It’s all about love.

A Red Thing Reviews The Executive:

When I was first getting into fan fiction I didn’t have too many stories that I knew of to read. I kept seeing people mention The Executive, and so I got curious and opened it. Well, let’s just say that I spent the next day and a half getting completely caught up on it. I was engrossed from the very start.  I immediately liked Sookie, which isn’t something I can always say about stories. She was tough, she was poised, and yet she was flawed. It made her endearing and relatable.  We also got to meet Eric Northman businessman. What can I say? He oozed sexy from the start. However, we got to see an interesting and different Eric. He is vulnerable, he’s been hurt, but he doesn’t let it keep him down. He found something he liked and eventually loved in Sookie and he didn’t stop pursuing it.

What I love about this story is what Sookie and Eric brought out in each other. He helped her to put forth her strong side, embrace her independence and enjoy her sexuality. She helped him to overcome the hurt he faced in his past and showed him it was alright to fall in love again. Plus it was just damn sexy. Txone writes sex like it’s never been done before. It’s hot and steamy and yet loving and tender all at the same time. It’s amazing.

What she did here was to create a version of Sookie and Eric that were easy to love. They were different enough to make them unique, yet they both maintained the qualities that made them the characters we love so much.  It was easy to root for them and hope for the best. If ever I am feeling down I go back and I read this and it lifts my mood immediately. I can look to Sookie to show me that it’s ok to be tough and I can always count on Eric to make my panties melt.  Txone is truly the Executive when it comes to great fan fiction.

TVGirl.Nicole talks about her fav txone works:

Txone has consistently broadened my horizons when it comes to reading fanfiction.

When I first started reading SVM fanfic I had no interest in anything all-human, preferring to stick to pieces more in-line the the original SVM books. Then, browsing through the SVM communities I came across the Cowboy Up contest. Txone roped me into the AH world of the Sookieverse with “Branded Heart.” I remember PMing her right away, with tears still fresh on my face, telling her that she had changed my reading habits in one fell swoop. Txone went on to win the contest with that fic.

When the Support Stacie Auction came around I grabbed my checkbook and bid on txone… the result was “To Keep You Safe.”  I told txone that I just couldn’t stand Bill and she should feel free to just knock him off – I was bitter that at the end of “Dead and Gone” he remained living, so to speak, while my favorite fairy Claudine had gone to the Summerlands. She complied, yet managed to soften my views of Bill at the same time.

When it comes to original characters, txone delivers on that front as well.  Again, I had read some fics where authors heavily featured their own OCs and found myself annoyed usually that the focus wasn’t more on our SVM “gang.” Then I met Jayla in “A Fresh Start.” Enough said.

Most recently, I’m reading “All Their Love.”  Now, I don’t generally care much for slash, particularly when it involves our favorite Viking Eric Northman. But everyone on Twitter was all, well, atwitter, about this fic, so I gave it a shot… and once again found myself enjoying a fic I didn’t think I’d have any interest in at all to begin with.

Finally, do I really need to say anything when it comes to “The Executive?”  It has over 2,500 reviews – I think that speaks for itself.

So, I salute you, txone, for entertaining me out of my comfort zone, making me laugh, making me cry, and making me change my panties frequently.

Viking Battle Cry!!!

Pixiegiggles takes on The Executive:

The queen of ESN herself? Well, where do I even start?

I guess The Executive is a good place. It does hold a very special place in my li’l fangirl heart. (and not just because I’m lucky enough to get a sneak peek of it as one of its betas, I swear ;D) It’s actually the very first AH that I ventured into—and it certainly did not disappoint.

How do you spell UNF? Well, I’m glad you asked. In my opinion, it’s gotta start at the poolside … with the lotion . I mean, guh! That’s got to be the hottest non-sex lemon scene I’ve ever read in fanfic! I can’t decide if I’d rather be Sookie … or the lotion. Tehehe!

And, it just gets better from there. (Can you say dirty laundry smexin’? THUD. CUBED.) But, what’s even better, is how brilliantly she carries us through all the twists and bends on the way to happily ever after.   We are beyond lucky to have such a talented writer in our fandom J

(pssstt hey it’s Lil, Pix totally growled I swear I heard it!)

Thanks Ladies!!!!! You all rock!!!

Because I am idiot I am adding this late.

Part of txone’s grand prize for the Cowboy Up! Contest was Eric’s Bullet.

Created by Cadsawan Jewelry + Design

Click On Bullet For Cadsawan's TB Collection**

Janet Cadsawan is one of the most talented people I know and also the most genorous please also check out

The Fluke Collection

!00% proceeds from the Fluke Collection help the whales prosper in their environment through IFAW

Thanks everyone for joining us for the very first Fan Fic Focus! But remember it’s Friday! So that means it’s Fan Friday!!! Look for Simba’s post later today! Also it’s only 5 days until Eric’s Hair Evoltion II: Bigger In Dallas! Make sure to read Evolution I first. And one last pimp for my special Pixie…….

The Dead Pan Contest

We’re looking for your best parodies set in the SVM/TB universe that is Eric-centric, preferably with E/S as lead characters. Your parody can be culled from books, TV, films or even cartoons. Lemons are optional but droolingly encouraged. We’re giving a generous 15,000 word limit, too.

Dead Pan Submissions

Please Remember to Review!


**Eric’s Bullet Photo Courtesy of Cadsawan Jewelry + Design


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  1. Anyone know where txone can be found? All Their Love was gone from my favorites on FF this morning, and her LiveJournal page says “not found.” Am I expected to live without ATL?

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