Countdown to the 21st…

Teaser no. 1…Excitement


OHMIGAWD!!!! ASDFKLJWHER!!! ERIC!!!1111!1!!!11 Whoa, lookit that cleavage!

Zo’lana Staples Lewis!? Sohpie-Anne!? UGH.

Excitement. Dead and Gone…

Hehehehe…expect a couple more in the coming days. Caps by me…the video’s from The Vault.

Because…I dunno about you, but I see Sophie-Anne and all I can hear is the bad maenad speech and the representation of UBERLY forced and bad plot device…*sigh*



~ by simba317 on April 12, 2010.

One Response to “Countdown to the 21st…”

  1. Not to mention that Sohie Anne attacking Eric AGAIN it’s getting old and boring…

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