Fan Friday No. 18

Symphonic Poem’s The Overture

“Son of a bitch!” I exhaled as I returned my focus to the luggage behind me.

Maybe I did pack too many clothes in this one suitcase as my brother had told me; then again Jason just chalked it up to me being a woman. He had broken up with his girlfriend again and was going through one of his phases; so he once again generalized women and put them all into the same category. I was just glad he had moved on from the whole ‘all woman are evil bit’ since my Gran didn’t like that at all. Speaking of Gran, she wouldn’t care for my use of language at the moment either. I inhaled deeply once more as I jerked the handle of the suitcase forward.

Of course in that moment I chose to become freakishly strong and pulled the suitcase right onto myself, forcing me backwards as I slipped on my ruined earphones before hitting my back on something solid that catapulled me straight onto my size 10, size 8 on a good day, ass.

“Ouch!” I instantly muttered as I looked down at my sweater dress-covered rump. “Today is not my day.” I whined.

“Says the woman who just bumped into me and spilled my drink.” A strong male voice said.

Well I was going to tell him where he could go, after all here I am on the floor in a foreign city and almost certain that I would have a bruise the size of a softball on my fanny by the morning and all he was concerned was with the fact that I had spilled his drink, when I looked up into his face. He was blocking my viewpoint of the sun and casted an ominous shadow around me; somehow making me feel safe but I immediately noticed his stormy blue eyes, his strong jaw line, his blond hair and that chin that I wanted to run my finger over.

I’m pretty sure I attempted to form coherent sentences but none escape my lips as I continued to stare upon this masterpiece before me. I had once thought musical compositions were incredible, but all would falter compared to him. My breath hitched as he towered over me as I allowed my eyes to roam down his broad chest onto his impeccably longs limbs. His body made me aware of my own and of a certain feeling that was forming down below. Of course that was normal…right? Of course my virginal self wouldn’t know. He had caught my gaze and suddenly his irritated façade was place with the sexiest smirk I have ever seen.

Read more of The Overture here. See Symphonic Poem’s profile here.

Keerakeera’s Sookie and Bill

Click here to see the big version at DA. See keerakeera’s profile here.

IMafanofstuff13’s I Know I’m Going to Fall Down

Direct link to the video here. See more of IM’s stuff here.




~ by simba317 on April 9, 2010.

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