Fan Friday No. 17

Okay…well, it looks like I’m doing quite the summer of travelling. It’s still in the process of being hashed out, but it looks like after I return from Japan, we’re going to be visiting my uncle in Germany sometime in July…so…it looks like the TB recaps may be even more disrupted…but I promise that they will happen.

Konfetti’s Know Thyself

I glanced at the clock. It was nearly 7:00. Most nights I would be slinging drinks and making small-talk with the patrons at Merlottes at this hour, but tonight I was free. And alone. It felt odd in a way, it had been so long since I had had the house all to myself. What to do….what to do….

I went into the kitchen and poured myself a glass of sweet tea. I headed back to the warmth of the fire, sat the glass on an end table and plopped down heavily on the comfy sofa. I grabbed up my latest mystery book, curled my legs up underneath me and settled in for a relaxing evening of doing absolutely nothing. I smiled to myself. Maybe in a little while I would take a bubble bath and re-paint my toe nails. I was way overdue for some ‘me time’. As I started to read I felt myself begin to relax from the inside out and a feeling of joy began to spread in my chest. I felt happy and safe and warm.

The knock on my door was so sudden and unexpected that I jumped.

I pushed myself up with a little sigh; I laid the book open on the couch to save my place. I should have known something would happen to disrupt my quiet evening. I wondered if maybe Bill had decided to pop over for a visit, as he sometimes did in the evenings. Jason maybe? But that seemed unlikely considering we really weren’t on speaking terms. Well, I thought to myself, whoever it was would just have to keep on trucking down the road. My plans for the evening did not include company and as much as I hated to be rude I had things to do; chapters to read, nails to paint and tea to drink. My night was gloriously full.

I peeped through the peephole (go figure) to see who was coming to call on me. I felt my eyes go wide and I took an involuntary step back, my mouth falling open in a most unbecoming fashion as I registered the identity of my guest.


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BohemianWeasel’s Eric the Viking

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vidiliciousbabe’s Where is Eric?

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I hope you enjoy!



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