Fan Friday No. 16

I can’t believe we have 16 of these bitches…

Lubadub’s Terminal Attraction

Ladies and Gentlemen, in compliance with the FAA and National Weather Service, all flights in or out of John F. Kennedy International Airport have been canceled. No flights will be departing or arriving until morning.

As the announcement started over again, this time translated in Spanish, I wanted to bash my head against the wall. They couldn’t be seriously canceling every single flight. The storm wasn’t even that bad. Scratch that last statement, I just peaked out the window and it’s snowing like a mother fucker out there. I couldn’t see across the tarmac let alone get a jet into the air. I trust my instruments, and the air traffic controllers, but this wasn’t the type of weather anyone flew into willingly.

I had been flying since I was nineteen, when I enlisted in the Air Force. Once I completed my contracted four years, I had no idea what I wanted to do. I was twenty-three years old and didn’t know what I wanted to be when I grew up. I contemplated reenlisting, but I didn’t really want to head out to war. As I was flying home on a commercial flight to Shreveport, Louisiana, it hit me that I could fly for the rest of my life. That was twelve years ago, and I still woke up every morning loving my job. I loved nothing more than to be behind my control panel thirty-five thousand feet in the air.

The stewardesses, ugh excuse me, flight attendants, were a definite benefit. They loved a man in uniform, hell everyone loved a man in uniform, and I made this suit look good. Many of the new girls that stepped foot on my plane found their way into my cockpit, if you know what I’m saying. There was only one girl on my current crew that I hadn’t slept with, one Miss Sookie Stackhouse. God, that girl was sex on a stick; long wavy blonde hair, light blue eyes, a sweet smile and an even sweeter laugh. She actually cared about the people she tended to on each flight.

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I hope you enjoy!



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