Fan Friday No. 15

Sawyersmine’s I Need Your Love Tonight

Eric smiled to himself when he realized that was Sookie Stackhouse who had been waiting outside the infamous Studio 54 in her little get up. She looked like a fish out of water. She had intrigued him with her ability to infiltrate his company and expose Madden the way she did. His company was now suffering because of her little ‘Investigative Report,’ on the front page of the New York Times, but it would soon bounce back. Still, it was an embarrassment and Eric didn’t take kindly to public flagellation by a tiny little barely known blonde rookie female reporter from down south. He didn’t think any Wall Street shareholder would either. He suspected there was something more to it, but it impressed him that it was this little ‘Peggy Sue’ blonde from somewhere South, Louisiana perhaps, who exposed Victor for the criminal that he was. It amazed him that Sookie had accomplished all that she had. She appeared as harmless as a fly, but he knew underneath it all she was much, much more. That sparked his interest. And though Eric knew someone like Sookie did not travel often in his circles, he couldn’t help but want to get to know her better, and maybe, just maybe have a little fun with her. Besides, he owed her for getting rid of Victor, and the way she did it.

Eric had a sudden thought when he noted the very fetching and revealing ensemble Miss Stackhouse was wearing. He knew she had to be here on business. Women like her never let their hair down in a place like this, and the outfit she was wearing was like nothing he had seen her wear before. Oh yes, she was working tonight. The thought just encouraged Eric more as his head churned over an idea. What if he got a little payback tonight? She put him on the front page stripping him down figuratively–what if he did the same thing?

Eric was known as somewhat of a party boy, he had been known at times to have a different woman on his arm almost every other night. Wouldn’t it be hysterical if he made that reporter eat her words? Not to mention she was a hot little thing. Not his usual type, but there was something about her. The last time they spoke it wasn’t so friendly, but the tension, the sexual tension could be cut with a knife. So why not have his cake and eat it too?

Eric approached the little blonde reporter like he owned the place and said, “Fancy meeting you here, Miss Stackhouse!”

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verauka’s Sookie’n’Eric

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menssa’s Deal with God

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  1. Awwwwww, thanks guys! xoxo

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