BBB Exclusive: Charlaine Harris in Portugal!

Ok Ladies and Gents! Our beloved friend and supporter, Tchetcha, who has been with us since the beginning of Blood Bonds Blog has given us all a little present! Charlaine Harris’s sit down with fans straight from Portugal!

I tried desperately to get these embedded, but for some reason wordpress won’t work with me on this. If Simba was not doing things like homework 😉 I am sure this would have went a lot smoother!

Charlaine Harris is overseas promoting the Sookie Stackhouse Series. Book Four Dead To The World was the last book released. Dead As A Doornail drops April 16, 2010.

Charlaine Harris Part One

Opening Remarks Translation:

Good afternoon. My name is António Vilaça and I’m a publisher in Saída de Emergência. First of all I would like to thank everyone for coming and making this another success. I would also like to thank Charlaine for accepting our invitation at the last minute and include Portugal on her mini European Tour. It is only four countries and we were able to have her here. I won’t talk much more, I will let Charlaine… cause it is her you want to listen to… I present you Cristina that will be here to help you out in case you have some trouble in understanding something and will also help Charlaine to understand your questions too. Charlaine Harris and next to her Paula, her irreplaceable assistant. I would let Charlaine speak now so she can present what you want to hear.’

The very first question is from TT!

Charlaine Harris Part Two

Charlaine Harris Part Three

TT is tired and is going to sleep. We will have the rest of the translation added ASAP!

Oh and maybe we can get this all figured out and embed. I am so the suck! Sorry!



~ by lilbooth02 on March 15, 2010.

4 Responses to “BBB Exclusive: Charlaine Harris in Portugal!”

  1. Actually Lil, you don’t need the translation for the rest of the videos cause all the Q&A is in English. 🙂 She didn’t spoiled much about dead and gone although she was asked that.

  2. Sorry, not Dead and Gone (duh!), Dead in the Family.

  3. You freaking rock, T!


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