Fan Friday No. 13!

pfloogs72’s Life Imitating Art

“Did you see who’s here today?” I scanned the crowd until I saw the tall blond that I knew she was talking about.

“Mr. Love ’em and Leave ’em himself!” she giggled

He earned his nickname when Amelia first started working here. On several occasions he’d bring a ‘date’ to Muddy’s on a Saturday morning and they’d order coffee. After a half hour or so, like clockwork, the woman would push back from her chair and leave, having clearly been dumped. Their reactions ranged from irate to just plain pitiful. It had been highly entertaining while it lasted, but he’d been coming in solo for over a year now.

“I wonder if he’s been single all this time or if he just hasn’t found a reason to break up with his latest girlfriend yet.” Amelia pondered.

“He’s not single.” I said. “I think he’s with this Upper East Side socialite type name Felicia who works at the Met.”

“How in the hell do you know that?” Amelia asked wide eyed.

“I’ve seen his picture in some of the social blogs out at various events. He’s always photographed with her.”

“You need to lay off the social news. You know way too much about people you don’t event know. That’s kind of creepy.”

“It’s my job, Amelia. It’s helpful to know stuff like that. Although, yes, it is kind of creepy that I know this about the random gorgeous guy who dumps girls in Muddy’s like it’s his job.”

“Well what’s his name?”

‘I don’t know – they’ve never listed his name.’

‘Ooooooh. Mysterious. Well, I got to get back to work before I get fired. Maybe we can get drinks this week?’

“Sounds perfect. Call me when you know your schedule.”

I turned back to my sketch book and realized that my subject had paid her bill and left while I was gabbing with Amelia. Fudge.

My gaze was drawn back to the blond guy and I wondered what his story was. He really was a handsome man with strong features and icy blue eyes. His golden blond hair stopped a couple of inches above his shoulder and was tousled from his fingers running through it. He had a pen out and was intently looking at the paper in front of him. The corners of my mouth edged up into a small smile when I realized he was working on the crossword. At that very moment he looked up and caught me right in the eye. Gah. I quickly looked away but knew my cheeks were hot pink.

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Kinkei’s Vampire Bait

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xKillerxGirlx’s Eric&Sookie; Love Me Leave Me

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Annnnnnddd…this is just hysterical:




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