Fan Friday No. 12

Sorry for the lateness, but I had to take a Japanese placement test, study for another test…and watch Canada play hockey…hehehe. WE’RE IN THE FINAL!

misscyn’s Death Eatin’ A Cracker

It was near midnight New Year’s Day and I’d just finished taking down my Christmas tree when I noticed the light flashing on my answering machine. “Who’d call me on New Year’s?” I wondered as I pushed the button.

“Hi, Sookie, it’s Alcide,” My heart leapt a little bit, Alcide has a very manly voice, even if he is a jerk. “Call me tomorrow when you get a chance. I have a business proposition for you.”

Oh, great, I thought. Now I’m gonna get dragged back into some Were shit, just when things were getting calmed down. I couldn’t help but be disappointed that the call wasn’t from Eric, or Quinn, or even Bill, wishing me a happy New Year. Jackass former lovers, I told myself. Tara had been telling me I needed to change my religion, so to speak, maybe meet someone new. I was beginning to think she may be right.

I had met someone, on Christmas to boot, and what a someone it had been! I found Preston the Were in my woods Christmas Eve and he had entertained me and lessened my loneliness for a short time. Although I enjoyed myself immensely, after he left I felt lonelier than before. “It’s a new year, Sookie,” I reprimanded myself. “You’re not gonna live forever, unlike those damn vampires. Quit letting them push you around.”

The next day I got up and called Alcide first thing.

“As you know the weres and shifters are coming out of the closet much like the vampires did several years ago,” he launched in. ” It’s going to be rough and we’re gonna need your help with the humans. As Pack Master I’d like to put you on salary. You’d either have to quit your job at the bar, or cut down to a few nights a week, because we’re gonna need you during the day. It’s full-time, with benefits, $60,000 a year. We’d give you a company car, and you’d have your own office in my office building. On paper, you’d work for Herveaux & Sons. But your real job would be as a public relations telepath for the weres and shifters.

We’d try to keep you nine to five. You could drive to Shreveport some days, work from home on others. We will buy you a laptop for use at your house. We need a public relations type person, and you would be it. The advantage would be that you would know what the humans are thinking, and help us foresee the problems before they come about. We really need you, Sookie.

“But Eric and the new King,” I said before Alcide cut me off.

“Haven’t offered you a permanent position, only pay you by the job, and then, sometimes you don’t even get that,” he said sharply. “Sorry, Sookie, but I know how you’ve had to suffer, and how they jerk you around. Someone with your talent, someone who has saved their asses so many times, and you have to scrape by on waitress tips? If you want to help the vamps in your spare time you can, and if we can spare you from the office, when they have something really important, we will lend you out. But you’re getting older, Sookie, you can’t waitress forever, no one can. It’s hard on your body, being on your feet, it’s physical labor, and it’s crazy for someone with your talent. Please consider.”

“Sam” I said weakly.

“Like I said, you could still work for him some at night and on the weekends if you really wanted, Sookie. But your job now is a dead end and you know it. Those vamps take advantage of you having such a menial position that’s so easy to miss work and get someone to cover for you.”

I told him I would consider it and hung up the phone. Shit shit shit, I have to make a decision. Sixty grand a year! I thought with a jump. And a company car. And it wouldn’t be like I was being put up by a boyfriend. taking charity from Eric, or anything like that. I would have a real job, and it would not just be my telepathy. Alcide had really though this out. College classes, public relations, I know what people think, would it really be that hard to figure out what they wanted to hear? Isn’t that what a PR person does? I started getting excited at the thought.

And he was right. Although I technically was bonded to Eric, I had no deal with the new regime, other than I was under their protection. And I could still help them out from time to time, they went months without needing me, so what was the big deal?

“This is bullshit,’ I said out loud. “I need to eat. I need to pay my bills. This is a stupendous (yeah, yeah, Word of the Day) opportunity. I could learn some real skills, some that use my special ability, but are not dependent on it. I’d be a fool to pass this up.”

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coxworthy’s Sookie Stackhouse: True Blood

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WIRWEN’s this night; eric&sookie

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Enjoy Lovelies!



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3 Responses to “Fan Friday No. 12”

  1. Death Eating a Cracker is a fun read. Full of adventure, love and lol moments.

  2. I have to say, it’s one of my favorites (besides Lil’s and simba’s and ECB’s and Txone’s, etc etc etc LOL) I miss you all! I wish that RL didn’t take so much time so i could play more 😦 ❤

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