TV’s Top Couples

Vote Update

Eric and Sookie made it to the top 32 but they are getting their bond stomped on and handed to them!

Vote Here

UPDATE: E/S only has 10% of the vote. I think we all need to visit the days of the Alpha Male Contest and pay fealty to our Vampire Sheriff!

Look at him! Look at Him! You know you want to pay fealty bitches! Now Pay it! VOTE!

ppssstt ppsssttt: Hey it’s me Lil, I wasn’t planning on pimping this on the position I don’t want E/S to happen before it’s time for E/S to happen, but this is just sad and wrong. Even if they are not an “official couple” their hot chemistry filled dream sequences are worth tuning in for and ignoring giant eggs!

Eric and Sookie have made the cut for TV’s Top Couple, whereas Bill and Sookie are missing. Cast your vote (repeatedly if you want to have Alpha Male Flashbacks) and following the action of this couple filled vote-a-thon.

Let the Voting Begin




~ by Scooby on February 22, 2010.

8 Responses to “TV’s Top Couples”

  1. Fun! Everyone vote for Spike & Buffy too. And for whoever that couple is that’s going against Buffy & Angel. 😛

  2. Voting like crazy

  3. running to vote!

  4. this link is no longer valid, the vote is over, now has the top 32:

    • I saw this comment sitting in the inbox while I was updating the post..LOL I guess next time I will read the comments before I start editing posts! THANKS!

  5. I tried to post this to an HBO/Alexander Skarsgard board, but their site it so messed up now I could not find where I usually post. Anyone else been able to figure out their “new and improved” website?

  6. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by LilBooth02: Check it! Sookie and Eric are gettin’ beat down!

  7. Up against Chuck, I don’t think they have a chance but I voted nontheless!

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