Fan Friday No. 11

Zigster’s The Bitch and the HellCat

Senior year and we were still saluting the flag. Some things never changed.

I glanced back, I couldn’t help myself, curious to see if Eric had actually stood like I knew he wouldn’t. He didn’t, I was right.

He was lounging across three seats in the back of the room, his long legs draped over the desks in a haphazard elegant way. He saw me staring and gave me a wink as the pledge was winding down. I sneered at him. He had a cigarette behind his ear and brought it to his lips.

My mouth dropped open. Seriously? He wouldn’t dare! No, in fact he most certainly would.

I couldn’t believe it. It was like watching a trainwreck. I couldn’t look away.

“… and to the republic…”

Out came his zippo next, he flicked open the metal top and gave me a look, daring me to snitch. Like I would ever stop this insanity from happening. But still, this was just dumb.

“… for which it stands….”

“Don’t do it!” I mouthed to him. He merely leered back at me.

“… one nation…”

He rasped the lighter to life with his thumb.

“… under God…”

That was the kicker. Flick. He lit the cigarette, pulling in a drag as the end of it glowed red from the flame, his strong cheekbones becoming even prominent as he inhaled.

People were still saying the pledge around us. Only a few had caught on to the smell of smoke in the room. Eric’s eyes flashed with devious intent the next second. My hand dropped from its position over my heart at that point, and I fully turned to face the back of the room. A few kids followed suit. The teacher was oblivious.

What was he doing now?

He shot up in one fluid movement. Standing on the chair of his desk, paired with his intimidating height, he almost reached the high ceilings of the old school. He gave me a wink – I winced – before turning his face up and blowing a steady stream of smoke towards the sprinkler system above him.

“… for liberty, and justice for all.” At that, the room exploded into a monsoon of water. Well, at least I knew now that the ancient sprinkler system worked, as I was instantly drenched in freezing artificial rain. Four years and never once had I seen it kick into action.

Alarms and screams sounded throughout the school. People grabbed purses and notebooks, finding anything that could cover them from the spray. I just stood in disbelief. Any hope I had for beating the humidity in the fight against my hair now seemed futile. I was soaked.

We hadn’t even finished homeroom, and Eric Northman had managed to have the entire school evacuated before the beginning of first period.

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  1. HAHAHAH I LOVE rinoasin’s version of Jason!!!

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