Fan Friday No. 10!

Missus T’s Leap of Faith

I was in the produce aisle when my life imploded for the second time. One minute I was reaching for some fresh ginger and the next, I bumped into this brick wall, but it wasn’t a wall, it was him. I was totally shocked; I just opened my mouth and words tumbled out, “Eric, what on God’s green Earth are you doing here?”

He was equally stunned, “Sookie?”

Just then my brother, Jason, came around the corner of and saw us. “Aw, shit,” he said glancing at me, “I didn’t know he was back Sookie.” Then he looked at Eric, “Dude, just go.”

“Jason, I…” Eric shook his head, but he was looking at me. “I just got home. I heard you were in Atlanta. Are you living in Bon Temps now?”

He heard I was in Atlanta? He was keeping track of me? Backthetruckup. I gave Jason a quick look before saying, “No, I’m just here for a long weekend.”

He nodded and looked at me with those eyes. Oh, those eyes. “If you have time while you’re here…we really should talk.” He licked his lips, “I mean…I…there are things to say.”

Before I could come up with a response Jason stepped in between us and spoke, “Dude, she’ll talk to you if and when she wants to. Okay?!” Without waiting for a response, Jason grabbed my hand and pulled me away from my past.

Read more of Leap of Faith here. Read more of Missus T’s work here.

AnaMoon’s Diantha Cataliades

See the big version here. See more of AnaMoon’s work here.

WinifredWEvansxXx’s El Tango De Roxanne

Note: There’s a 50 second opening credit sequence, it’s cool, but just an FYI.

See the video here too. See more of Winifred’s work here.

Sorry for the lateness. I totally forgot to post it! And I sent out the emails late and then I wanted to wait for responses! Sorry!

Oh, and I’m watching the Olympics a couple clicks west of me…you know in Vancouver.




~ by simba317 on February 12, 2010.

One Response to “Fan Friday No. 10!”

  1. *squees in pants*

    I really don’t know how I got so lucky, but I beta read for MissusT!!! And I just have to say that she has more writing talent on her little pinky than most published authors! 😀

    LoF is a fuckawesome fic that should be read by all!

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