Cowboy Up Extravaganza!!!

Ok I know I am full of fail! I have been off living real life way to much and not engrossed in the blog and writing like I should be! But I am going to try and remedy that a little bit today. I can’t believe my partner youbettago hasn’t shown up at my door to smack me in the ass! (maybe cuz she knows I would enjoy it?)

Today you get an interview from Fan Fiction writers simba317, miss construed, pixiegiggles,  and Missus T. You also get to see the fantabulous story banners sawyersmine made for four of our top five finalists and our special finger lickin’ good Judge/Host Pick. I want to thank everyone who submitted a fic. I love each and every one of them. I so plan on reviewing each fic by the way. I didn’t want to do it during the contest, you know being the host and all. Ya’ll are lucky I wasn’t a judge, we would still be without a winner because I wouldn’t have been able to make up my mind! I am such a fan of each of the authors. As a matter of fact at the bottom of this post you can find the full list of authors. You can click on their names to check out their profiles and stories!

Oh yeah! Then in her very own blog post CU! winner txone will have her own interview and her fics featured in a very special way! She has no idea, I just thought of it! (Hope it works! 😉 Okay so on to the reason for this particular ho down…. here are our winners! Here are they and winning story links! Click the fantabulous story banner and hunker down for some great story tellin’!

First Place


Second Place


Third Place


Fourth Place


Fifth Place

ChinaCatSunflower for

Trouble at The Crooked Letter

At this time CCS does not have a Story Banner. When she does I will add it here.

Special Judges Selection


In Simba’s Words:

As a writer what do you prefer writing Angst or Fluff?As a reader what do you prefer to read Angst or Fluff?

Simba: Angst and Angst

Lil: LOL (I already knew that)

Lil: and why?

Simba: I have a natural aversion to writing fluff. I remember writing the second part of A Lesson in the Temperol…it started with Eric and Sookie having escaped Bon Temps and being free, in the car and happy…it just didn’t feel right, so I had to change it. I negated the fluffiness of it by inserting a bit of angst and ending the fluffy parts, because as in life, everything is constantly in flux and you’re never in one place for too long. I suppose that’s also what the fic is about, how fleeting every moment is.

Simba: Fluff doesn’t sit well with me. At all. It’s just too much.That being said, I don’t believe in overwhelming angst and angst for angst’s sake.

Lil: can you write a happy ending or must it always be like real life where nothing really is just right?

Simba: I like angst because it makes the happy moments that much better. Everything needs to have balance.I always strive for balance. I believe in happy endings, but I believe you have to work to get here. I also believe that you can’t resolve everything and that there has to be something realistic about the ending. Something imperfect to make it work. I don’t think you end a fic and the universe is dead and I think you have to leave a little room where there could be more angst, or at least a real life with ups and downs.

Simba: *get there

Lil: amen sista!

Simba: I believe that an ending has to be satisfying, yet leave things open. I want people to have closure and to feel fulfilled by the journey.

A Sit Down W/ Missus T:

How long have you been reading and writing FF?

*Scratches head* I started reading fanfic during season one of TB over at The Blue Whale Pub’s Viking Whordes Forum. My screen name over there is spartangrrl, and I’m embarrassed to say I haven’t been on the site in months. It’s a kickass board. Anyway, to be honest, I didn’t know fanfic existed before that. I loved the idea that I could take these characters, that I felt I knew so well, and make them do what I wanted them to! I started my first FF (Dead on New Years) during the break between TB seasons 1 and 2.

FYI – The Blue Whale Pub Viking Whordes

What inspired you to try your hand at FF?

Funny story. *giggle* In chatting with online friends at The Pub, we joked about some of the corny lemons we read in FF. Someone put out a challenge to write our own lemon…and I found that although I love lemons and can read a FF full of nothing but lemony goodness, I couldn’t write them without a story to go along with it. So, my lemon turned into 27 chapters! *snort*

How many stories have you penned?

I have five stories posted right now including Leap of Faith which is just heating up! There are 2 more pieces that I’m currently working on (an FML contest entry (a twifc) and a new E/S project inspired by a photo of ASkars at the Golden Globes) I am also considering (eventually) adding some updates to Finding John Wayne and A Christmas Eve Reunion. Basically, I’d be writing all of the time if I could!

Like to share any teasers? Hmm? Hmm?

Here’s a teaser from the new project. I can’t believe I’m putting this out there, cuz now I can’t back out. *ha ha* But here you go, it’s an AH Eric/Sookie story. The working title is “Halo Effect.” It hasn’t been beta’d so, I’m sorry if you find any mistakes! I’m not sure when I’ll post it, but it shouldn’t be too long.  (I do want to thank Sapfirerose for inspiring me to get this story started. We laughed about the idea and then I just had to do it.)

Despite my best attempts, I was running late to meet Amelia as I weaved through the crowd. Working my way to the Center for the Arts along with several hundred other people; I tried to take a short cut that only locals would know, and dialed Amelia on my phone as I came out of an alley.

Suddenly, I ran into a gigantic something or other, my phone went flying, and I wound up sprawled on the sidewalk. I winced at my scraped hands and knees and what was certain to be a large goose egg on the back of my head. Looking up into a surprising halo of light I saw, what could only be described as an Angel, gazing back at me with a look of utmost concern.

I held my hand up to shield my eyes from a light shining from over his shoulder. He was tall, or maybe it was because I was on the ground, had blond hair, a five o’clock shadow and blue eyes that resembled deep pools. Unexpectedly, I realized that we were surrounded by people with cameras and microphones, although none of them were trained on me. The attention was focused on my Angel, and he looked especially uncomfortable.
A/N – *Evil Laugh* I hope that intrigues you!

What inspires you?

Oh my. I’d have to say that I’m inspired by music, Real Life, other fiction, and reviews! *snicker*  I’ve always really liked stories – in the forms of movies, books or songs. I usually try to imagine the “next chapter” of a story when it ends, so it has been fun to move to the beginning of things and start from my own ideas. Real Life is so inspiring to me; you can’t make that shit up. I see things everyday and think, someone should write about that. And reviews, oh, review crack. *sigh* The more that people respond to a story line, the more I want to keep writing it!

What made you decide to enter the Cowboy Up! contest?

Ummm. *embarrassed lip bite* When I read the theme and imagined Eric in tight jeans and a cowboy hat – I was in! I had a story in mind almost immediately and I just poured it out.

Did you enjoy brining Cowboy Eric to life?

Writing Cowboy Eric was a blast! I love Las Vegas, so it was fun writing about some of my favorites out there. Seriously, I should get a kickback from Voodoo Lounge, I send EVERYONE I know there. I thought of the song Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy as soon as I saw the contest information, so I had to figure out a great way to work it into my entry. I was so excited when I made the link with the song lyrics and Madame Illona’s prediction!

I had initially wanted to make Eric even more of a cowboy, maybe actually compete in the bull riding event, but I just don’t know enough about that to pull it off. The best advice I’ve received from other FF writers is write what you know, so that’s what I did. And *Holy crap* it seems to have worked out well for me!

Pixiegiggles shares:

Did you enjoy brining Cowboy Eric to life?

I loved it! I’ll admit I was terrified at first (being a Yankee through and through, and not knowing one word in cowboy to save my li’l life!). But, he softened me up (that smirk and those smoldering bedroom eyes he gave me from that yummy position on the floor, whenever I stopped by his thread for moral support … well, I was done for ;p).

But, in all seriousness, I do want to give a HUGE thanks to you girls for putting out this challenge — it was both scary and a ton of fun to tackle something so unfamiliar. Plus, with the Viking holding my hand, it was a very pleasant journey 🙂

Of course, it would have been impossible to pull off without the (very) patient and supportive betas at my side, Indigobuni and nycsnowbird.

Do you like writing vampire OC or AH better?

I love writing Eric. Period. I love his dirty mouth and dirty mind and dirty… well, you can fill in the blank 🙂 But, I would definitely say that vampire Eric comes a lot more easily to me. Writing AH Eric is a little tougher. Maybe because he can’t quite break as many rules as vamp Eric. Or, maybe because I’m a little newer to the AH world. Anyway, I enjoy ALL incarnations of our favorite Viking immensely.

Miss Construed puts up with my questions:

What made you decide to enter the Cowboy Up! contest?
– I love the AH side of the SVM universe.  I love seeing how different people
interpret our favorite characters into regular humans without any powers or
abilities.  So, when the AH contest was announced, I knew I was in.  Add to
the fact that you made it a cowboy theme and I tossed my hat in the air and
spurred my desk chair to get writing.  Who doesn’t love the thought of these
two getting up to no good in cowboy hats? ;D  Plus, heck, where else could I
make Quinn be a bullrider that looked like an oompa loompa?

Did you enjoy bringing Cowboy Eric to life?
– I did.  It was surprisingly easy to do.  Eric’s basic character traits line
up pretty closely with the cowboys I’ve interacted with – a cocktail of
arrogance, attractiveness and cocky with a side of danger.  Transferring Eric
from inside Fangtasia to on the back of a horse wasn’t that much of a leap.  I
tried to make Cowboy Eric someone who thought he could say and do whatever he
wanted and assume he would get it, but you still found yourself rooting for

Cowboy Up Author List:

A-Redhead-Thing AshleySue beatlechicksteph ChinaCatSunflower evenflo78 Kellmeister

Miss_Construed Missus_T NorthmanGirl pixiegiggles sawyersmine scattered21

sheba6086 simba317 Suki59 sunkisz Team_Jane TekniCAL txone Violetbat

Now A Pimp For New SVM FF Contest!

nycsnowbird & pixiegiggles are proud to present:


Barmaid! There’s A Fly In My Spoof!


Yep, a new writing contest with a twist. We’re looking for your best parodies set in the SVM/TB universe that is Eric-centric, preferably with E/S as lead characters. Your parody can be culled from books, TV, films or even cartoons. Lemons are optional but droolingly encouraged. We’re giving a generous 15,000 word limit, too.


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