Fan Friday No. 9!

seastarr08’s The Expert

I spent the rest of the morning plugging away on a proposal for a small writing guide, which was one of my pet projects. It was small, portable, and was going to be quite affordable, which I hoped would translate to big sales. When Amelia popped her head in, I was ready for the distraction.

“So, big shot, let me see your list.”

“You’re the big shot, Ms. Top rep two years in a row.”

“Yea, I won’t argue that. Human sexuality eh? I have just the guy for you.”


“Go to the NYU website and type in Eric Northman.” She squeezed into my office and closed the door.

“Ames, the man is a God. I don’t think he’s quite what I’m looking for, well not as an author for this huge book.” Most of my authors were old men with comb overs, not Nordic Gods with piercing blue eyes.

“Just read his little bio there. He’s a bit of an overachiever, much like someone else I know.” She gave me a knowing look.

“He’s the youngest professor to be given tenure, well, ever, at NYU.”

“So he’s a good ass kisser, it doesn’t mean he’s a good writer. I mean, how long has he been teaching for? He’s not even 35.”

“His class is always impossible to get into. I’ve been trying to sell him a book for two years. His enrolment is nearly 600 students a semester. People stand Sookie, just to get into his course.”

“Its human sexuality. Of course they do. He’s a God, talking about sex.”

“He has office hours tomorrow. I was going to stop by anyway, see if we have anything he’d be interested in this year. Why don’t you come with me and see for yourself.”

“Fine. Pick me up at my place tomorrow morning. At worst, maybe I’ll be able to help you sell him some book for his course.” We had sexuality books, but not a big book like they wanted me to sign.

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Enjoy, my lovelies!



~ by simba317 on February 5, 2010.

2 Responses to “Fan Friday No. 9!”

  1. Thank you! 😀

  2. I’m so glad you picked this author. My friend told me about her stories. I’ve read the first 11 chapters just today. Were snowed in with 28″ of snow. I like it alot, it has humor, anticipation and all our favorite characters in it. Its a fun read.

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