Fan Friday No. 8

stealingdreams’ Picking Up the Pieces

“Ms. Stackhouse, I..” Mr. Brigant was interrupted by the phone that had started ringing on his desk, which he quickly apologized for and picked up. “Yes, Gloria. Send him in.”

Before Mr. Brigant could say anything to me, the door opened and my breath hitched. The most stunning man I had ever seen walked into the small office. The chair I had sat in directly faced the front of the door he walked through, causing our eyes to meet immediately. The stranger stopped mid-stride, with his hand still on the door handle. Instantly my ankles and thighs tightened together as if my muscular system had now joined my respiratory system in malfunctioning. I couldn’t help myself, but to break contact and rake my eyes up and down his form. His blond hair looked to be longer than the typical cut of most men’s. It was tucked behind his ears and brushed back on the top. His skin was tanned which accented his chiseled features and the most stunning pair of cerulean blue eyes. His clean-shaven skin allowed his strong jaw line to be seen. His height forced my eyes to take a lot longer to cover the entirety of his body. He looked fit and wore his deep navy pin stripped suit very well. Just as my eyes were making my way back to his, I noticed that he too, was checking me out. I felt a warm blush settled on my cheeks as he finally met my gaze once again and smiled.

I heard Mr. Brigant clear his throat, causing both the stranger and I to remember that we were not, in fact, the only people present. “I’m glad you could make it. I was just about to get started,” Mr. Brigant continued, and as he spoke, the stranger seated himself in another chair to the side of the desk creating a perfect line of sight to me.

Everything was fine until this man entered the room. I was the perfect form of poise. Now I was the perfect form of insecure. My hands had started to slightly sweat and I noticed that the heat from the blush that has spread all over my face had not disappeared, but rather intensified. I had to get a hold of myself and fast. This job was important to me and to my Gran. I put my head down briefly and tried to steel myself once again. Gran. That was who I needed to focus on. If I could focus on her depending on me then I could do this. I took a deep breath and relaxed my ankles and thighs. When I finally picked my head back up, both the stranger and Mr. Brigant had a ghost of a smile playing out on their faces as if they knew something I didn’t.

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Artistmind’s Sinner

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Devillaa’s Eric/Sookie- Tainted Love

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Sorry this is late! I hoped you enjoyed!



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One Response to “Fan Friday No. 8”

  1. I heart fan Fridays!!! They are a treat any day of the week, thank you so much for posting these! I’m very much a lurker, and I’ve been meaning to comment on how much I appreciate them.

    Thanks again, and you guys ROCK! 😀

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