Fan Friday No. 7

I am 2500 words into the review…and have 8 pages of notes left on DUD. A lot of it is repetitive…but hey, they’re good notes! lol. Come back tonight. I promise.

DeeDeeINFJ’s Eric

At first he barely registered the blonde who entered Fangtasia that night with Bill Compton; he had seen blondes before, had sucked and fucked more than his fair share, and had his pick of them every night. This evening was too tedious – and his mind too full of other things – to warrant the notice of yet another yellow-haired human woman.

“Did you look at Bill’s new pet?” Pam asked.

Eric made a motion with his hand, an acknowledgment and dismissal in one.

“Well, I’d have her,” said Pam. She was quiet a moment, during which time she casually kicked away a would-be admirer. He was vaguely aware of refusing a few advances himself. “Why are you so quiet and boring tonight?”

He said nothing, but his eyes rested on Bill’s human again, and he realized that something was different about the woman. She was obviously human, but there was something else…

Bill had evidently noticed that Eric’s interest was piqued, because he and his partner rose and approached. Eric furrowed his brows as they came closer, trying to discern something – anything – special about the woman, but he quickly rearranged his features into something more pleasant when he realized that the woman was watching him with apprehension. Bill stopped several feet away from the table, holding the woman back with him, and Eric wondered at this with amusement. Surely Bill couldn’t be that insecure about introducing his companion to Eric and Pam?

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antoanela91’s SVM: Arlene Fowler

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Sparralex’s Why Can’t I Say It?

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Oh! Imagine Uncle from Jackie Chan Adventures…

One more thing…

Just because…



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