The Vampire Author Auction Is Here!

And You Can Bid On Some Amazing And Talented SVM and TB Fan Fic Writers!

Support Stacie Vampire Auction is a fundraiser to help rasie much needed funds to pay medical bills incurred by Stacie’s breast and ovarian cancer treatment. Please check out Stacie’s website and blog to read about what she and her family have been facing. Stacie\’s Story Here

Auction Rules and Bidding Info

When I was asked why I was offering myself up for sale for the Support Stacie Vampire Auction I thought about my answer for about three seconds…..

What Stacie and her family have been dealing with has touched my heart and I wanted to to do what I could to help. I have friends and family who have been directly affected by cancer and lack of insurance. More often than not people go without proper care until it is to late to avoid going into debt. Seeing it happen over and over again has spurred me into action. First step? Stacie’s bills… next step making sure our children never have to face the same issue.

I bugged a few of my fellow writers to sit down and talk with me a little about what made them choose to offer up their skills for the auction. So without further ramblings from me……

BBB: youbettago, my love, my light! Can you share why you decided to offer of a collaboration with Kyss Ericsson aka Lil?

YBG: Freakin’ awesome! I can’t wait to collab w/Lil to write a steamy Swexy Fic for the winner! It could be anyone of us in Stacies’s place. Let’s all band together to help her out! 😀

BBB: Rumor has it you both have decided to offer slash as an option for your fic, SVM slash? This could get very interesting indeed! Thanks for your time YBG! Oh and hot off the presses! Meads has a little surprise for YBG!

BBB:Suki59! Thanks so much for talking to me about your decision to place yourself up on the auction block!

Suki: I’m a hopeless Eric addict and writer of Southern Vampire Mysteries
fanfiction.  Those of you who know me have most likely suspected for some time
that I could easily be bought and you were right!


Suki: I am very excited at the prospect of helping to raise money for our fellow
fanfic writer, Stacie, who needs our support.

BBB: Here’s your chance to pimp yourself Suk! You have 30 seconds!

Suki:Please go to my profile (Suki59 Profile) and
check out any or all of the thirty-three stories I’ve written about our
favorite Viking.   Clearly, I can’t seem to shut up about the man and now
you have a chance to tell me exactly what you want to read about him.  Want a
human Eric?  Not a problem.  Vampire?  Okey-dokey.  Like your fics angsty?
Fluffy?  Funny?  Sad?  Name your desires and I’ll be your faithful servant.
I’ll happily do the bidding of the highest bidder, and deliver your favorite
blond Sookie-magnet right into your lap!  Happy bidding, my lovelies!  Eric
and I will be waiting for you at the end of the auction.

BBB: And TIME! Thanks Suki for taking time out of your evening to pimp the auction and your offer!

Suki's Auction Offer

BBB: My next guest is Zigster. Zigster is pulling double duty for the auction. She is not only offering up a story she is also donating her artistic talents! Zigs is part of my Team Vampire, but I digress, more on that later. Zigs stop looking so nervous….stop biting your nails!

Zigs: *stares at an annoyed Lil*

BBB: Ok, no passing out, it’s just a little blurb, no cameras…promise.

Zigs: *nods*… Okay, it’s official. I’ve been labeled many types of h00rs in the past — review h00r. slash h00r — but now I am actually a full on, grade A, legit ho! Yes. I’m selling myself… err.. my words, for charity. In this case, I’m gladly offering my time, fingers and keyboard to help the Support Stacie Auction raise money for cancer [Stacie].

BBB: *nods encouragingly*

Zigs: I view this fabulous idea for an auction as a win/win. We all get to pitch in to help raise money for a good cause, and  the winning bidders get some fantastic new fiction on top of it. How could anyone deny the awesomeness of that?

BBB: Not me!

Zigs: So, if y’all feel so inclined, please stop by the forum and register to bid. If you’re jonesing for some more Hellcat or Northman’s, you’re in luck, cause that’s exactly what I’m offering. 🙂

Zigs: oh, and then banner. …..*beams* ciao bb

Now onto another auction development. After some begging, pleading, and flashing I was able to obtain the artistic talents of Meads, Zigster, and sawyersmine/ECB to make story banners as bidding incentives! Ok, I didn’t have to beg and I would have flashed them but it never came to that. Why? Because these women are amazing and wonderful and have huge hearts! So if you are bidding and your author has chosen to use a story banner as an incentive you will have the opportunity to have the chance to work with the author and artist to develop the perfect banner for your personal SVM or TB story!

BBB: So ECB what made you decide to offer up your mad skills?

ECB: I know people who have had cancer and I beleive it’s something we need to find a cure for, it’s a terrible disease and I’m just happy to be able to contribute to this event for Stacie. Plus, being mad is so much more fun when you can do it charity.

BBB: Do you think next time you will offer up your deliciously angsty writing skills? *gives flirty smirk*

ECB: um possibly, but im better at the art

BBB: *stares blankly @ ECB*

BBB: Dude? WTF? You are the author of I Need Your Love Tonight, it’s fuckawesome.

ECB:lol, I’m so not good at interviews….. I’ll just say perhaps

BBB: Ok, good enough! For now! Thanks for your time ECB!

And a sample of ECB’s work…. she whipped this up for me after Simba and I debated over Rebel E or Angsty E. Rebel E feelin’ the angst won out!

Tonight I was able to chill with my other partner in crime for the auction. When I made the call to arms for SVM and TB writers smfogleman was one of the first to contact me. SMF is going to venture into a SVM/Twi crossover with me. I know I am excited but I wanted to know how SMF felt…

BBB: SMF, what was your motivation to offer to partner up with Lil for a special SVM/TWI fic?

SMF:I wanted to help out but was 1) afraid to do it on my own the first time and 2) I don’t think I’m popular enough to get any bids. Lil asked for a partner so it seemed like a win for everyone involved.

BBB: I read the auction offer and I heard you will take the Twi side of the story. Have you ever written Twific before?

SMF: Nope, which is weird since I’ve read the Twilight series more often than I’ve read SVM. But I got started on FanFiction because of looking for SVM stories, so yeah. I will hopefully be writing a Twific for the FML Contest….. as soon as I figure out what to write for my prompt. LOL

BBB: Nice.  One last question, how do you feel about having a partner in writing a story? And do you think Kyss will go all diva on ya?

LOL I’ve never had a partner for a story before so I’m actually looking forward to it. I’m not worried about Kyss going all diva on me, just worried she’ll go all angsty on me. I hate extreme angst so I’m a little afraid to even think about the possibility of ever writing it.

BBB: *ignores Evil Lil laugh in background* Oh, um, I am sure she could lay off the angst just this once *coughs nervously*….. Well thanks SFM for your time tonight!

Now to pimp my auction offer! This includes the special offer with smfogleman. I am going to make it real simple, click on the the fekking hot banner Zig’s made for me!

Click On txone’s banner for her offer!

Art By Meads

Meads made this for Nyah, top banner is linked to Nyah’s offers!

Southern Vampire Mysteries/True Blood

View Full Author List Here

1. Charlotte Clark
2. Ithilwen K-Bane/Darkfrog24
3. KyssEricsson
4. KyssEricsson and Youbettago collab.
5. Makesmyheadspin
6. Miss Construed
7. Morgaine Swann
8. Nyah
9. OhFortunesLost
10. Oz
11. PrincessStayPuff
12. RPatzFan101
13. Scoopchick
14. SouthernLady23
15. Suki59
16. Texanlady
17. txone
18. Zigster

A little Extra Banner from Meads for YBG and I. I had to hare!


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  1. Well shizzle my nizzle pizzle. That was entertaining and awesome all at once! 🙂

  2. You have convinced me! I’ll be bidding! 😀

  3. This is more exciting than my first peek at the GP!

  4. (I love it when I make ’em pee.)

  5. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by Zigster_: The SVM authors helping to Support Stacie! 🙂 @bloodbondsblog…

  6. Ok, I’m in…how can I resist? It’s so generous for you guys to offer up your hellacious talents.

  7. Yay for bunnygirl!

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