Lil Is Pimpin’ Her Peeps!

And OMG this time one of my Peeps is Alexander Skarsagrd! Ok, Ok, breathing, in through my nose out through my mouth.

First I am sure all of you are very aware of the suffering and pain those in Haiti are suffering. I have been trying to find a way to help make some kind of difference. I made a small donation to a local charity via our grocery store the day of the earthquake. It was a small amount and I knew there was more I could do. Then I stopped in to one of my favorite websites

Skarsgard News and saw my chance. Alexander and AS News have teamed up to ask fans to make a donation to Doctors Without Borders. I contacted Lilja and asked her how I could help. I have always admired what DWB has stood for and accomplished all over the world. They truly make a difference to every life they touch. Lilja asked me to whip out my pimp hat and spread the news, so that is exactly what I am doing.

Photo Courtesy of CBC

Lilja has added a secure link to Doctors Without Borders and their donation phone number is posted in the article. No one is looking for a large donation, $2 will add up when all of Alex’s fans make the commitment to help. If you can do more than that wonderful. If all you can do is pass on this message that is wonderful too!

I live in South Florida we have a large Haitian population. I look into the faces of my neighbors and know someone they love most likely was injured or lost in this disaster and my heart aches for them. I can’t take their pain away but maybe all if all of us come together we can make sure they don’t have to face this disaster alone. I am asking all the fans of True Blood and SVM to stand together. I don’t care if you are Team Bill, Team Alcide, Team Sam, or Team Quinn when it comes down to it we are all part of Team Human and Team Human needs us!

A small article featuring Skarsgard News efforts: Article


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