Fan Friday No. 6

Welcome to Fan Friday No. 6!

Meg2’s Dead Wrong

He looked at me as if stunned.

“Sookie, would you just sit and listen to me…”

“I don’t want to talk. I don’t want to listen. What I want is to get back to work. My area is packed. And I really need the tips.”

I started to open the office door and faster than a lightening strike, he was at the door slamming it closed again and looking down at me. The look on his face was twisted with anger and with something that I just couldn’t quite understand.

“I know you are angry, Sookie. I know you feel like I didn’t take care of you. You don’t have any idea what I did just to go fight and to keep you safe. I defied orders and had to put down something of a rebellion with my own people to go and fight for you. Bill went with Niall, then I came to defend you. I lost Clancy defending you. I felt everything. Everything that you endured. I tried to give you strength. And when I told you that you were killing me by saying that you didn’t understand why I didn’t come to you, I meant every word of it. You are mine. You have been grievously harmed and I understand your anger. And I am proud that you survived but I am not happy that you had to survive anything. I wanted to protect you. I…”

I cut him off with a wave of my hand in front of his face.

“Just stop. Stop. Listen, I’m sorry if I have caused you a lot of problems. You know, you told me once a year ago that I was so much trouble. Well, maybe I’m too much trouble, Eric. Maybe I should take a leaf from Niall’s book and just say ‘let’s call it a day’, okay? Maybe we should just call it quits. Whatever protection you guys all feel you owe me, you, Felipe, whoever, just forget it. The whole vampire marriage thing? The one I took being tricked into for the so-called added protection? Forget about it, Eric. Because I am. Just quit trying to help me. You’ve done quite enough. Just… leave me alone. What I really want is for all of you to just leave me alone. Frankly, the more I get protected, the more hurt I get. Claudine is the only one who ever managed to protect me for any length of time without getting me in even more trouble and I got her killed. Really… leave me alone.

His arm suddenly went slack on holding the door shut and without looking up to meet his eyes I opened the door and walked back out into the bar to serve my tables. I had the impression of his standing near the bar looking at me for several minutes and I felt twisted internal conflict from him and even from myself, but it faded away. I didn’t see him leave. I would have cried if I’d had the luxury of the time to do so. But we were packed and I had no such luxury.

Read the rest of the fic here.  Read more of Meg2’s work here.

aecr’s Sequential experiment 4

To see the big version, click here. For more of aecr’s work, click here. For her blog, click here.

smvgrey74’s THIRST

See the video here as well. See more of her awesome work here.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s Fan Friday. And I know I said Thursday…but I’m sort of adjusting to my schedule again, so bare with me on the review.



~ by simba317 on January 15, 2010.

2 Responses to “Fan Friday No. 6”

  1. I love meg2!

  2. Meg2 is my favorite SVM fanfic writer. Her post-Dead and Gone series is excellent. Each story is well crafted and imaginative, and she weaves in her own characters with the SVM characters in an authentic way. I love Eric’s brother vampires and Amelia’s Bert as well as Sookie’s FBI friends. The plotting and pacing is wonderful; I never find myself skimming through the material.

    I like how she writes Sookie and Eric’s relationship too. They have to work through their issues like any couple. The physical aspect of their relationship is not as descriptive as some fanfics, but I actually find that refreshing. Meg2 evokes a real sense of love and intimacy between Sookie and Eric. I also enjoy how she writes the relationships amongst the other characters too. I look forward to each of her stories.

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