Fan Friday No. 5!

Just to update…I’ve finished 1/3 of DUD for the review I plan to do…It’ll probably be up this weekend.

educatedguess’ Love You ‘Til the End

“And we’d also like you to do a shoot the cast of Dead Until Dark, if that’s possible,” Niall said.

“Excuse me?” I said, hoping I hadn’t heard him right.

“The new season starts in what, June? We’d like to do a shoot for the June episode and an interview with the Big Three: Selah Pumphrey, John Quinn, and Eric Northman.”

I sighed. “Well when you want to figure out the schedule for that shoot, contact my assistant and she’ll see how… available… I am at that point and where we want to go,” I said, trying to keep the distaste out of my voice.

I hung up the phone and leaned back in my desk chair, studying my office. I did mainly freelance work that I would sell privately in addition to art shows at various galleries, but the necessary evil of being freelance photographer was that I had to do some commercial work, which was where the Rolling Stone shoot was coming in. I sighed, decided to hang it up for the rest of the afternoon.

[…] I shoved the file of prints and a zip drive into the messenger bag with my laptop and headed out the door. I jammed the DOWN button on the elevator and swooped down to the ground floor.

The cool spring breeze hit my face as I walked out into the crowded streets and already I could feel my mind clearing. I loved New York. I had done considerably well for myself after graduating Louisiana State University six years ago with my degree in Art, concentrated in Photography. My best friend Tara was living in New York as a fledgling designer after graduating from Parsons with a degree in Fashion Design and was in need of a roommate so I moved in with her and started my adult life full of small town ideas of big city adventures.

Now, six years later, I lived in a fabulous loft and was engaged to be married to a wonderful man, and we were going to move into a gorgeous brownstone in Brooklyn. Only there was a slight problem that was continually hitching my plan.

I still had to get a divorce from my first marriage.

God I haven’t thought about him in awhile. I thought, taking in a deep, cleansing breath. I still remembered the day we got married. It hadn’t been anything huge or elaborate, but it was quick and impulsive, surrounded by our best friends in Vegas. That was all that had mattered at the time.

Oh how things change.

[…] I finally made it back to my loft and let myself in, being greeted by the quiet that made me feel like I was completely shut out of the hustle of New York City.

I smiled and walked over to my iPod, flipping on some music. Bach’s Cello Suite #1 swelled around me as I poured myself a glass of wine and pulled a thin file out from my lawyer of my bag. I plopped down on the couch and propped my feet on the coffee table.

I looked down at the papers that I had pulled out of my bag and sighed. My lawyer, Mr. Cataliades, had given me a copy before he sent them out tomorrow. I practically knew them by heart. They hadn’t changed in three years.


I sighed and looked down at the spaces that were filled in.

We, Susannah Louise Northman, Wife, and Eric Alexander Northman, Husband…”

Read the rest of the fic here. See educatedguess’ profile here.

Luthienne88’s Last Breath

See the big version here. See more of Luthienne88’s work here.

nutbustedhaji’s Why Did I Ever Doubt You?

See the video here too. See more of nutbustedhaji’s work here. (Don’t you love her name? lol)

Enjoy all!



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3 Responses to “Fan Friday No. 5!”

  1. Beautiful artwork by Luthienne. Thanks for the heads up on FB.

  2. Love! It!

  3. Love the story!! Fully recomend Love You Yill the End!!

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