Calling All SVM Fan Fic Writers!!!

Join in and help volunteer your writing services for The Vampire Author Auction to raise much needed funds for Stacie Holeman (truelovepooh on LJ and in fandom).

Stacie has Breast and Ovarian Cancer and no medical insurance. Click HERE to learn more about Stacie.

Stacie is one of the Cowboy Up judges and is new to SVM Fan Fic. Let’s knock her socks off and make her fall madly in love with the our beloved SVM characters!

For more Information and to fill out an Author Registration Form

ClICK HERE For Auction Details

Fan Fiction Fans We Ask You To Bid On The Authors!

Together We Can Help Stacie Reach Her Goal!

Thanks Everyone!

~Lil aka Kyss

I plan on volunteering but am also looking for a partner for a special auction offer: SVM/Twific Crossover O/S 6000 words, w/ special guest author, we will improv our roles, or we can just partner up because I know NOTHING about the Twi books, just saw the movies….. 😉


~ by lilbooth02 on January 4, 2010.

2 Responses to “Calling All SVM Fan Fic Writers!!!”

  1. I registered as an author to auction a story off in support! This is a beautiful thing!

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