Fan Friday No. 3

Merry Christmas!

Welcome to the holiday edition. I hope you all are doing well, stuffed with turkey and got lots of presents. Maybe a certain Viking was wrapped and under your tree? Or maybe you met him under the mistletoe?

Anyways…onto the fanworks!

Texanlady’s The Arrangement

Rising and moving to stand in front of her so that he towered over her Eric cupped her chin and tilted her head back as he said, “I will locate your Bill and negotiate with Lorena for his release in exchange for a number of things from you. First, you will sign a contract to work for me, and I will pay you of course. You will come to Fangtasia several times a week to read the humans there. With what happened in Dallas I wish to be more vigilant towards Fellowship spies in my club. You will also listen to all my employees at all of my business so that I can be assured none of them are betraying me.”

“You have more businesses than Fangtasia?”

Stroking his fingers along her cheek he replied, “Indeed. Many more, but I will not have you read everyone that works for me in one night. I would not wear you down that way. You will have several weeks to see it done.”

Stepping back from him Sookie crossed her arms over her chest and questioned, “That’s it? I work for you a few nights a week and listen to your employees and you’ll find Bill for me and get him back?”

Shaking his head Eric laughed, “No Sookie that is not it. If you recall I said there were a number of things I wanted in exchange for this favor.”

“So what else?”

Stepping forward again Eric let his gaze burn into Sookie as he said, “While I look for Bill you will allow me to feed from you on those nights you come to work at Fangtasia, and any other night that I am in your company. You will also take more blood from me.”

Gasping in shock she shook her head no and replied, “Absolutely not! It’s bad enough you tricked me into taking your blood that first time! And I’d never let anyone feed on me but Bill!”

“Very well. Good luck finding him,” Eric said as he stepped past her and headed for the door. He knew he wouldn’t make it more than a step and smiled when Sookie’s delightful southern drawl stopped him.

“Wait!” Sookie watched as Eric turned back around to face her and bit her lip in worry as she rolled her options around in her mind. She knew she didn’t have a chance of finding Bill on her own, and even if she did how would she save him? She couldn’t overtake Lorena on her own. She had no other choice. “You’ll only feed on me until Bill comes back and then you’ll stop?”

“I will stop when he is returned if that is your wish,” Eric replied. He had no intention of having to honor that particular request but if she felt she needed to make the stipulation he would let her ease her conscience in any way she deemed necessary.

Read more here. See more of Texanlady’s work here.

illi’s True Blood: Eric and Godric

View the big version here. See more of illi’s work here.

Kirwani90’s This is the beginning

You can also see the video here. See more of Kirwani90’s work here.

Hope you enjoyed the Christmas edition!



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14 Responses to “Fan Friday No. 3”

  1. I think “The Arrangement” must have been written by Alan Ball. It takes something we know from the books is supposed to happen in one way and turns it around to make Eric look like a villain again. I prefer fanfic that comes up with whole new scenarios, not takes things we know happen in the books and distorts them. JMO.

    • What I like about The Arrangement is that it does show Eric in that light…but there are moments underneath later on that takes him away from the strictly villainous light. He’s not a villain, he’s a vampire and he’s portrayed with a thousand years worth of brutality that has made him in that way. There are moments when I hated Eric in the story, but for everything that he does that is heinous, there’s a real emotion that’s coming through that’s totally counter to the way he’s supposed to be as a vampire. Sookie does change him and does begin changing him…but the road is incredibly messy. You do reach an understanding about Eric as you go on that’s much deeper than on the surface. Eric does care about Sookie, but he doesn’t want to and it’s easier to see her as a possession than deal with his feelings. She gets under his skin and he starts doing things that he normally would not do, that’s completely counter to his objective, because he cares about her. Still, he’s not going to change his ways overnight. The thing I like about this fic is that Eric is a total vampire, but as Sookie points out later on, for all his lip service of him loving his existence and what he is…he’s not totally happy with his life. I really like how in depth the author went in thinking about how to characterize Eric and how his character is revealed, his darkness and his light. She took risks and it wasn’t pretty or good, but the character moments with both Sookie and Eric are very well done.

      The Arrangement is also a True Blood fanfic…and Eric is much more brutal on True Blood than in the books…so I think in that vein, it works. The Eric in the books is much more measured. He comes off more as a trickster than a manipulator. He’s much more of a reveler in life.


  2. I disagree, I think The Arrangement is one of the best TB fanfics I’ve ever read, and yes, it could have been written by AB himself. It’s really, really in character with Eric, who IS a villain but is also many other wonderful things, and there’s a lot of scenes that could really appear in the TV show. What’s the problem in taking things from books and distorting them? It is what we saw in True Blood and honestly so far I liked it (except for the last 2 episodes of season 2). Congrats to the author.

  3. One of the reasons I like this site is because you can express your opinion. I am not one of those who likes what AB has done to CH’s work. I like his casting for the vampires, especially AS, but not much else. I might like the show if I had not read the books. It seems strange to me that some say they like it that he has changed it from the books so much, but many others would prefer it to follow the books more closely, realizing that some changes are necessary to make it fit the allotted time and to move it to the 3rd person. When books are made into movies, the more closely they follow the books the better people like them.

    Anyway, I don’t think of Eric as a villain but as a pragmatic vampire. He doesn’t march to the same drummer as humans. But in the books he doesn’t do things just to be mean.

  4. I feel confident that AB will show more about Eric than his badass side. He has already done something in that direction, with Godric being his maker. We saw him cry, his desperation, his loving side (while in LDID there was nothing like that). It is not an irrelevant thing, something that can be ignored by the future plot. Besides, I don’t think the show is SO different from the books. Many events have been changed, there are several points of view instead of only sookie’s, but at the core it’s the same. I guess AB is showing Eric’s character in slow motion, little by little.
    And I wouldn’t look forward for the show with such curiosity if I knew it would follow the books exactly. IMHO.

    • Ah, but there were beginnings of Eric’s tenderness in LDID. When he removed all the the glass from Sookie. Sorry, just don’t like the story changes Alan is making. Don’t mind the expansion of the other characters as long as it doesn’t detract from the main storyline (which is what the Maryann “side” story did). Really hated Bill outing Eric on the bullet-sucking thing. I’ve just read the books for a third time and realize I don’t loathe book Bill at all, in fact, Im fond of him and have compassion for him. But I loathe Alan Ball’s Bill for his smugness, tattletelling, holier-than-thou-ness and his lack of respect for his sheriff. Honestly, the the way he acts in the show, Eric, brutal as portrayed by AB, has every right to stake him and THEN pull him limb from limb.

      Sorry, soap box. Getting off now

  5. “The Arrangement” is the BEST “True Blood” fan-fic I have ever read. I can’t wait for her quick updates and then see there are over twenty pages to read!! Her characters are perfect…Eric is a true Vampire and Sookie is still our loyal, big hearted and confussed gal (is it the bond or my true feelings). I know when AB’s season 3 comes out, I’ll be wishing Texanlady got to write it.

  6. “The Arrangement” is okay. I don’t like a hearts and flowers Eric in fanfic, and this one certainly isn’t, but I don’t really think Sookie would love someone who could treat her so badly at times and have her constantly living in fear that she could be ripped from her friends and family at any moment or be turned against her will. Stockholm Syndrome, much?

    I guess too that I don’t like a lying Eric who tells her he won’t harm humans she point out, but then does, or goes back on his word like agreeing to feed on her 3 times a week but then reverses himself once she learns what he has done to her. Fine. He’s a vampire, and he considers her a slave, but it doesn’t build a solid foundation of trust for Sookie.

    However on the plus side, the writer does write some good banter between Eric and Sookie at least in the playful moments, and she hasn’t let Sookie get beaten down, which is a plus. (I enjoyed Sookie spending Eric’s money on her friends.) Also I did like that Pam tried to give her some insights into handling Eric’s treatment of her (although disturbing in a domestic abuse kind of way) when he called her to Fangtasia after the press release. It’s good too to see characters from the books like the creepy Andre mixed in as well. I understand where the author says she’s going with Eric’s character, but I’m afraid it’s going to be too little too late if his treatment of Sookie gets worse.

    • I know what you mean with the whole Stockholm Syndrome thing…Like until they’re able to have an equal relationship…It’s hard for me to see them together in a viable way. Like Eric is changing…but I don’t know, you know? It’s almost too twisted for Sookie to be with him. You can’t help who you love…and it’s not pretty, and Eric is not human…and it’s multitudes fucked up…but I guess that’s why I’m reading it lol.


      • I know; I kind of want to see how it goes, but I’m kind of afraid to look. I’ve bookmarked it for now although I don’t know if I’ll be able to read the 100 or so chapters promised if it gets even more disturbingly abusive. I guess if Eric goes too far (and he’s close now), I can always stop reading and pretend that Sookie and Pam join forces with Bill and Quinn and stake him.

        As to not being able to help who you love, unfortunately we won’t really know if Sookie loves Eric because of the blood bond. Would she have chosen him if she had a choice? It’s the same dilemma as her false relationship with Bill. She now has a false relationship with Eric built on fear, deception, and coercion.

        But thanks for sponsoring fan fridays. It’s a fun way to past the time and interesting to read everyone’s take on these stories.

  7. If Eric continues to treat Sookie badly after they are truely bonded then I will question why she is writing Eric that way. I too have issues about all the spanking and humilating he does to her. I know I wouldn’t stay around but Sookie has too, she can’t run away. I guess if anyone was to be my master, I’d want Eric to be mine.

  8. Okay, I didn’t read this, simply because I rarely read fan fic. I kind of find it distracting, since Charlaine is continuting to write the stories, the characters are still evolving and only she knows their natures and what they would really do. If this series was over and people were writing “and this is what happened to them after the books,” that’s one thing. Any way know other people really enjoy reading them so they have a value It’s a great way for people to express themselves. It’s just not for me.

  9. Ohhhh I love Kirwani90’s “This is the Beggining” fanvid because it includes all the details that show the subtle development of E/S relationship (in the middle and as a contrast of that grandiose and pompous Saint Bill the ultimate superheroe “sukeee is mahnn!” boring story line they has been showing for the last 2 seasons). The content, as well as the editing work were excellent and carefully mastered to achive its purpose.

    In fact it’s the only thing that stills tie me and give me hope with TB ;).

  10. I left the first and fourth comments on this page and that’s why I’m following up here. When I made those comments, I thought the whole story was what was written on this page. I missed the “read more here” link. I also have only read fanfic a couple of times and don’t really care for it. That being said, I came back when I read some of the follow-up messages concerning spanking and how badly Eric was treating Sookie, and read more of the story.

    I also read the suthor’s comments at the top of some of the chapters. And what impressed me most was her contention that it is her story and she can tell it anyway she wants. I have to respect that. So I’ve read more of the story, though I’ve only skimmed many of the chapters. At some point, about Ch 25, I started reading more closely and now TexanLady has caught my attention. Now my only complaint is that I want more chapters. So, my apologies, TexanLady for my earlier comments, and I’ll keep my opinions of the characterization to myself. Please write faster!

    On a final note to TexanLady, I do have two technical comments to make. First, in a dependent clause attached to a sentient being like a human or vampire, you should use who (subjective) or whom (objective) instead of “that”. Also, Eric smirking is getting very old. Maybe he could “smile smugly” or sneer. And in some of the more tender moments developing with Sookie, he could actually just smile.

    Damn you, TexanLady, for ensnaring me! ♡ I live in Texas, also.

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