Fan Friday No. 2! …And Some News for 2010

First off, thanks to EBCM for making the fuckawesome banner. Secondly…

I’m going to Japan!!!! *squee*

As some of you may know, I study Japanese in university and as such I was given the opportunity to go on a study abroad program in Tokyo during May and June. As I have been selected, I’m super excited! Unfortunately, I don’t know how long the duration of my stay will be and when True Blood will premiere during the summer…so I will probably miss getting out the first one or two recaps for the season on time. However, I will make every effort to get that recap out…and don’t be surprised if you get a few ‘Snarks from Japan‘…lol. Plus, I plan on getting Eric’s Hair Evolution 2 out in April…I’m not sure what the subtitle will be. Maybe Bigger in Dallas…

…And now…to Fan Friday No. 2!

ericizmine’s Saints and Sinners

“Stackhouse Landscaping.” Fabulous. I’m glad I found the right place. I was starting to think that the in breeders out here in the boonies didn’t read, since there wasn’t a sign anywhere in sight. I was almost sure, judging by the accent, that the receptionist wouldn’t disappoint my nearly perfect ‘Podunk experience’. I had to call a tow truck to pull my car out of a rut in an unpaved road. The driver wore overalls without a shirt, but didn’t forget his jean jacket. Hick. Since cell reception was a joke, I had to walk nearly a mile to get reception, ruining a new pair of boots. Fucking red clay. And the one place there was to eat out here was about as appetizing as the floor of a truck stop restroom, and now I was starving. So I was sure that the ‘receptionist’ would complete the tour into the outer limits for me. Pushing 300 pounds. Greasy hair matted to an unappetizing face with more of a beard than I could muster in a week. She would probably be wearing something spandex and sleeveless to accentuate her batwings and strap flab. I’d bet a million dollars that her teeth alone could scare a maggot from a cow pie.

A Halloween wreath with bells on it announced me and I barely saw the top of a head over the cubicle-like desk and artificial fall flower arrangement in the small waiting area. I approached slowly, giving myself the strength to face this possible ogre on the other side of the partition.

I was shocked speechless by the sight before me. The source of the friendly country greeting I’d heard didn’t at all belong to the she-beast I had expected. Rather an angel. Not literally of course, but close. Her blond hair looked as soft as cloud and framed her radiant face. Her sky blue eyes arrested mine and her soft pink lips formed a smile that was completely, unbelievably home and sex at the same time as she waved like we were old friends and then held up a finger, whispering ‘just a sec’.

I’d wait a year, as long as the view didn’t change.

Read the rest of Saints and Sinners here. She even updated today! You can find more of ericizmine’s work here.

kittrose’s Vamp Pam

You can see the big version here. More of her work can be found here.

skateGirl88’s Made To Be Broken

You can find the video here too. More of her work is here.




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4 Responses to “Fan Friday No. 2! …And Some News for 2010”

  1. Have fun in Japan chica! My alma mater had a big Japanese Studies program. Earlham students would spend up to a year abroad studying at Waseda University. I hope you have the time of your life ( and hopefully you get big towels and more central heating now)

  2. Lol, thanks!

    Since I’m going to be there in May and June…and in Tokyo…I just want air conditioning…I actually know what air conditioner is in Japanese…just not central heating lol.


  3. How wonderful!!!! *SQUEEEE* Just enjoy it and have lots of fun, you deserve it girl!!! (but don’t you dare to write the recaps in japanese because I’ll kill you! LOL)

    Lots of Hugs and Merry Xmas!!!

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