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Lil’s Spoiler Free Zone Alert (don’t read if you don’t want the spoiler)

A love interest has been cast for Eric…and sorry ladies, but it ain’t Sookie. Yea that’s right, another casting that throws a wrench in our desire to see Sookie and Eric chemistry like the books. Will Alan Ball ever listen? I’m thinking not…

Oh well, here you go ladies, there’s a link within the link for further spoilers. Spoiler Article

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~ by Scooby on December 16, 2009.

8 Responses to “Further Casting News”

  1. i don’t see at her as a problem…Eric and Sookie are not involved, we dont’ know what he did when he’s not with her and of course he can have a toy to play with….
    I guess Yvetta would be a witch or a spy by Hallo as in books 3…
    I guess when Eric will come Back from Jackson after all Bill’s kidnapping stuff and his relatioship with Sookie is changed he will probably dismissed this dancer and……Amnesia…
    remember to refuse a woman is not always a good thing….Lorena did the same thing with Bill….
    So Ball is listening very well for me….he said he is a fan of S/E attraction…i’m not worried, not at all….

  2. Monica, it’s totally okay to assume that Eric was screwing other women at this point in the books. We just didn’t see it because Sookie didn’t. Most people’s, and my, problem with this character is that she has no point other than a reason to get AS’s clothes off. AB informing fans that Eric will be without most of his clothes in the first episode… yeah, he’s doing this to pacify us. He can’t seem to understand that when we say we want more Eric, we mean we want to see him given something decent to do. We want to see the character from the books. We don’t want to be treated like we just want to see the man naked, and while I’m not gonna say that’s a bad thing, it’s not at all what we’re asking for.

  3. Right on June!

    I have no problem with this character per se – Eric was most certainly having sex off page so I have no problem with that.

    I don’t want to see him and Sookie hook up yet – it’s too early, and neither of them are anywhere near where they need to be at the moment for that to work anyhow.

    My issue with this character is that she’s being used as a means – to the end of getting Eric’s clothes off again because they know that it will rate through the roof.

    I want to see more Eric on True Blood like everyone else but I want to see an Eric that I recognise. And it’s ok if that Eric has his clothes on. I just want to see some progress in the right direction and at this point I’m struggling to see it.

    I’ll definitely be watching this woman closely for any signs of witchiness though, I could definitely see her as a lead in for Hallow along with the V plotline.

  4. I think that AB wants to show how Eric treats a woman, a woman who he doesn’t love at all but only feels sexual attraction to. At this point in the show we suppose that Eric can have any girl he likes, but we haven’t seen any of them. So this could be more than a way to get Alex undressed (though I guess it’s the main reason, however, and it’s quite insulting to assume that we all like Eric only ’cause he’s sexy as hell). Besides, seeing Eric with another woman (a very hot one, too) could make Sookie feel a bit jealous… Even if she won’t admit it… I’m looking forward for it!

  5. wow, i agree with everyone so far. we love Alex/Eric, but there’s more to it than just seeing him nekkid, lol. though, i’m not complaining, i just would love to see his character develop more in the show. and its too early for him and Sookie to hook up. so a ‘plaything’ is okay. for now.

  6. The man’s gorgeous, with or without clothes, but he is also a fine actor and I enjoy him getting meaningful air time, like with the Godric arc. I’m just hoping we don’t get some wild side story going like the Maryann saga that just made me sick.

    I’m happy the show is getting a lot of positive recognition, but that just reaffirms AB’s belief that the changes are for the best. Those of us who would like him to stick to the books a bit more are very much in the minority.

    As for this new sex/love interest, she is lovely, much more so than Sookie. We’ll just have to see how it works out, but if it means we see more of Eric, I’m happy. Going by the books, Eric shouldn’t have much time for a new love interest, but we know there’s no going by the books. I would not be surprised to see Eric left out of the trip to Jackson entirely. I can see AB leaving him in Shreveport screwing this new woman while Sookie is in Jackson screwing Alcide. Only time will tell.

  7. I agree with Sharon, Eric could be totally put aside from the quest for Bill (if there’ll be one), just as he had been in the last episodes of season 2. But I don’t think we’ll see Sookie screwing Alcide… she’s sooo in love with Billy! And I don’t mind seeing nothing about the two of them. I do not like Alcide at all. He bores me.

  8. Honestly, it’d be beyond stupid to begin the new season and throw away the developments of season 2. Bill or no Bill, Eric’s new toy or no new toy, Eric and Sookie still have the bond and you can’t just throw that aside. They went through enough trouble to establish it in season 2, to establish that Eric was more than Sookie thought in the first place and Sookie was more than just a regular human to Eric.

    Sure, I’m only reading the books now, but there’s no way that you can discount what’s happened in the show so far. They label the new love interest as a toy, and maybe that’s all she is to Eric. I’m not freaking out… in fact, it might be strange that Eric was not with someone.

    Alan Ball isn’t an idiot. He may be sneaky and torturous, but he’s not an idiot. It would be idiotic to ignore the fact that Eric/Sookie shippers might and probably do over-whelm Bill/Sookie shippers.

    I’m not sweating it. Eric/Sookie will eventually work out… eventually. XD

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