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Hello Peeps! Ok so the holiday season is upon us and I am going to be freaking busy. I work in retail so I will be working double hours, I have school functions for the kids, neighborhood and family events. I have to get the house decorated inside and out, make fudge, cookies, banana bread, and other goodies. I have two fics I am working on and now there is a contest I want to write a one shot for so badly I can taste it! I am also working on an original short story I plan on posting on my itty bitty writing blog, it’s so tiny only like 8 people have ever gone there! Oh and one more thing…I am also working on a book. Oh yeah you read that right, an all original created in my head world with lots of characters all clamoring for me to get this right. I am a nervous wreck!

So have lots of stuff to go over today: contests, winners, products, friends, charities…. I hope I don’t forget anything!!

Let’s start with the Holidays……..

Cadsawan Jewelry and Design has expanded the Fluke collection and there are many pieces to choose from. Each piece is unique and masterly crafted by designer Janet Cadsawan. When you make a purchase from the Fluke collection you are not only getting a well crafted gift but you are also making a difference for our world whale population. There is nothing better than giving a gift that is not only beautiful but shows the person receiving the gift you think highly enough of them to give them an amazing piece of wearable art that is environmentally responsible and holds a eco-friendly message?

View Fluke Collection Here

BBB readers get until the 12th to get 10% with our new code FLUKE10BBB

and guaranteed Christmas delivery!!

One Of The Beautifully Crafted Fluke Collection Pieces

Also available are the uniquely designed True Blood/Viking Vampire inspired collection. I have the Min Askare Cuff and it is absolutely beautiful!

View Vampire Inspired Collection Here


Pure Thoughts Horse and Foal Rescue Inc. is beig officially

endorsed by Blood Bonds Blog and boy are we excited to share the

latest way to not only he the rescue but to also help you shop for the holidays!!

Holiday Gifts To Help The Horses

Holiday Cards Available


Ok now on to the many other things we must address today!

Tomorrow is the last day to submit your story for the Cowboy Up One Shot contest! Amanda, the judges, and I are excited! We are hitting our knees hoping everyone gets their submissions in by the deadline!

Cowboy Eric Found Here!

December 15th is the final day new and almost new writers can submit pieces for the Poppin’ Eric’s Cherry contest. Please Support these new writers by Reading and Reviewing their work!

Click Here To Read!


Congratulations To All The Eric and His Gracious Plenty Winners!

First Place: LindsayK

Second Place: Suki59

Judges Award: Nyah

** Banner Art By Zigster**


There are several new contests in progress for not only SVM but Twific writers.

My beloved Meads has went ahead and created an innovative thread on The Sookieverse!

Go to this thread for the latest links and details on all the ongoing contests!

Click Here 4 Contest Thread


And last but certainly not least I want to remind everyone about the blog’s upcoming events!!!

Fan Friday is here!!!

Be prepared to to discover the amazing world of talented fans dedicated to show their love for True Blood and the SVM Series through their creative channels!

The Great SVM ReRead!!!!

We want the forum to be as dynamic as the blog so please join us on the Blood Bonds Blog Forum for discussion and friendly debate!

Join Us At The Forum Here

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Stay tuned for more news and updates!

I am going to do my best to post news at least once a week!




~ by lilbooth02 on December 9, 2009.

5 Responses to “BBB News And Updates!”

  1. A book!!! *bounces* I’m so excited for you Lil! Make sure to keep us updated on the progress of that! *hugs* Thanks for the update!

  2. Cool blogpost, didn’t thought reading this would be so amazing when I saw your url!

  3. How do you find the time???…lol

  4. Good luck on your original manuscript. I’m writing one too that’s up for an artist’s grant–so I’m out of the fanfics pretty much until I finish it.

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