ANNOUNCEMENT! Coming VERY Soon to Blood Bonds…

Fan Friday and The Great SVM Reread!

Simba, what on earth are Fan Fridays?

Fan Friday…

Well, they’ll take place from now on starting next Friday, December 11th. Fan Fridays are when we will feature three works from the fans, one fanfic, one fanvid and one fanart. We really want to showcase fans and we’ll pimp your work via twitter and the main blog each Fan Friday, it’s a great way to get yourself out there and get noticed by the community.

The featured entries will be posted and displayed on the site each Friday. Fanfics will receive a small excerpt on a post and a link to where they are located, for example, or LJ etc. Fanart will have thumbnails displayed in a post that will be linked to a larger pic hosted at DevArt, photobucket etc. Fanvids will be embedded in a post and clicking will enable the viewer to see it at YouTube or Dailymotion etc.

How do I get featured on Fan Friday?

This is a clear case of ‘Don’t call us, we’ll call you.’ People are more than welcome to email us suggestions at for featured works, but requesting that your work be featured for Fan Friday is a sure fire way for us to say ‘no.’

Lil, EBCM and I are longtime fanfic writers and connoisseurs of all things fandom, so if it’s out there, we probably know about it. We will select works based on merit, originality and content. Creators of the works selected will be informed before each Fan Friday and participation will be requested. We’ll always ask if you want it posted on our site before we do it. So no worries, if you don’t want to participate.

The Great SVM Reread!

See, I’ve got this thing sitting here called the Forum that has kinda been neglected for awhile…lol. Now that we have a domain name, I’m thinking about finding a new host for our forum or at least changing the layout of the current one over Christmas…it’s been a project in the making that I’ve been wanting to do for a long while.

Anyway, I have this Forum that’s just sitting there and I had always intended it to be a place of intense discussion. Only I became really myopically focused on the blog. The blog has been a great place for some really great discussion, but I really think it’s time to bring some of it back to the forum. It’s a place where you don’t have to use Mad New Comment Finding Skillz to read new comments and a place for more solid discussion and it’s time it got used. We’ve met our goals with a lot of things about this site, having so many people actually come and leave comments for our reviews, recaps and other posts is great, but our intentions for the forum has been neglected. So many people have joined as of late and want a special experience from the boards that’s just not happening right now.

We really want to change that.

We’re going to start rereading the entire SVM series in preparation for Dead in the Family coming out in May! I will post a review and then help lead some intense discussion in the forums, so that this site truly becomes the hive for ideas, opinions and views that I have wanted since its inception.

The reread will start RIGHT NOW with Dead Until Dark and I’ll post a review on it in about two weeks and start off the discussion on the forums.

If you want to start discussing True Blood or the SVM in depth right now, please sign up on our forum here.

Blood Bonds Blog, getting better, faster, stronger all the time! 😉



~ by simba317 on December 4, 2009.

One Response to “ANNOUNCEMENT! Coming VERY Soon to Blood Bonds…”

  1. Yay! Really hope to see the forum get cracking, I joined a while back but yes, it is very quiet and it would be great to get some discussion going.

    Totally up for the SVM re read as well – I’m doing it at the moment and up to All Together Dead…it’s amazing what you pick up in re reads.

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