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I found this article today while surfing, didn’t see it here so figured I’d share my findings. Here’s the main part I was somewhat excited about, the kid stood his own against Miller and Purcell, lets see how he does against Trammel.

True Blood/Prison Break: Lincoln’s (Dominic Purcell) little boy Marshall Allman is all growed up and heading to HBO’s True Blood to play Sam’s little bro! According to E.W., Shannon Lucio, who also appeared on Prison Break was the GATE receptionist who turned out to be an undercover Fed, has been cast as Bill’s wife, Caroline. Hey, casting directors, how about bringing on that guy from Mariah Carey’s old video as a vampire? Wentworth something or other?

Here’s the article about the actress to play Bill’s wife.



~ by Scooby on December 1, 2009.

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  1. Thanks a lot for the info Scoobs (*hugs*). Marshall Allman is a very nice and cute cast as Sam’s lil brother. I really don’t care a lot about Sam family, but really hope this plot line will be better and not a lot of wasted time as it was Sam, Maryanne and Daphne’s during last season.

    “Remember when Shannon Lucio showed up on Season 2 of The OC as Lindsay and immediately inserted herself between couple of DESTINY Marissa and Ryan? And how, even though she was totally delightful even while struggling through a difficult time wherein Caleb Cooper was revealed to be her father, you just hated her?
    Or … was that just us?…
    Yeah. Something tells us this might get in between True Blood couple of DESTINY Sookie and Bill. Then again — maybe that gives Eric a chance?”

    I really don’t understand the logic behind this line of tought from just because she got in between Marissa and Ryan in OC. Nothing could please me more than that, but actually, HOW can she be a problem between SB if she is already dead (like for a hundread of years..)? Unless she is going to be also inmortal or a vampire, which I really doubt. In any case she could only be a problem between Bill and Lorena at some flashbacks. And, in the last of cases, I couldn’t care less about Bill’s life…

    IMO, no Eric, no HBO…

    • LOL! I LOVED Lindsay and Ryan. I LOVED Sadie and Ryan…I really HATED Marissa after Season One…she has a ‘must fix’ complex as bad as Jack on Lost and it was fucking annoying how she had to fix a badboy every single freaking season and mess up her relationship with Ryan…


  2. Hmm, the spoiler in the casting call for Caroline Compton leads me to believe that Bill and Lorena go BACK to the Compton Manse after she made him leave the first time they went there, just after he was turned. What I’m wondering is, will this be a situation like with the Chicago couple, wherein Bill and Lorena were willing to do some really baaaaaaaad things in order to steal their house?

    • Bill was thought to be dead if he went back and did bad things to his wife and family then took over the home he would have been exposing himself so I don’t think that will be the story line but at this point I don’t put anything past AB and his crew they abandoned the world rules early in S2

      • If they give Lindsay from the OC a blonde wig I will laugh hysterically. I wonder why they gave the actress a blonde wig…I wonder why there is another blonde 200 metres away 150 years later…oooh! It will also be very tacky.


    • I don’t think steal Bill’s house was the story line either, because he and Lorena were watching his family after he was turned by her on S1, and she told him that he can’t returned to them again, and (blah,blah… I can’t remeber exactly her words, but the meaning was he was already dead for them). I need to watch again that episode because I can’t remember the details and Bill’s wife hair color LOL (hahaha omg, I just pic her with a blonde tb style WIG in my mind and at the same time recall Simba’s wig crime story post hahahhaha). Anyway, who knows… As Lil said, AB abandoned the world (and I would also add the fiction) rules since S2 whit his new fanfic.

  3. what, didn’t bill’s wife have dark hair? or am i totylly confused? i can see another reeeally bad dye job coming up in any case. hahaha. they so need a new hair&make up department, it’s not even funny.

  4. they also cast Talbot (Theo Alexander) and “Coot” the leader of the werewolf biker gang (Grant Bowler)

    • Thanks for the find. I found something on Grant Bowler but it didn’t say what role he would be playing in True Blood. I did not know about the Theo Alexander casting. Good find.

      Note to everyone: feel free to add comments if you find casting news that has not be updated on the site yet. Not sure if I am going to just update the current casting post of make new ones, something I’ll need to discuss with my fellow admins.

  5. yayy, more pam next season!!! 🙂

  6. Tudors’ James Frain has just been cast in the role of Franklin Mott.

    “The casting breakdown for the role describes Franklin as a tall, dark, and handsome vampire who seems to have an “immediate and torrid” connection to Tara”…


  7. We got Alcide!!!!!!!!!

  8. Crystal Norris…

    “Crystal is a mysterious and haunting beautiful young woman who shares an “electric connection” with Jason.
    I can’t be sure, but I think electric connection is a euphemism for having sex outside during a thunderstorm.”


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