Hey Alex and Stephen Were Basically Begging Me To Make This Poll!

"Can I have your Stake?" *smirks* "Or would you like mine?"

You know I am all about #MoreSkarsgardOnTB (especially with lines). And everyone knows how pissed I was when certain Powers That Be said all Skarsgirls, EL’s and Viking Wenches cared about was seeing Eric naked and in their beds, but both Alexander Skarsgard and Stephen Moyer brought up having lots of sex and nakedness planned for TB S3. Is it my fault SM mentioned he would be up for some Bill and E Nookie? Is it my fault A went on the record and said Eric would be naked, sexing up women and me  …err MEN!! *sheepish grin*

It was like they were basically begging me to make this poll. It’s like they waved me over to them to chat around a fire pit and talk literature, film, and music while we sipped on dirty martinis or some Fat Bastard and they placed some leaves over a hole they dug and right before I got to my cushy seat next to A I fell into their trap and all I had to get me out was my Mac and the poll application! So basically it’s all their fault, I am a victim of their words, winks, and smirks! Oh and I heard you snickering boys!!!!!

I fought the urge to do this poll for days but in the end I can’t help myself and I refuse to take responsibility!!!

Sooo here’s the poll……


~ by lilbooth02 on November 20, 2009.

39 Responses to “Hey Alex and Stephen Were Basically Begging Me To Make This Poll!”

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Laura Boothby, Zigster. Zigster said: RT @BloodBondsBlog: OK here it is. Who Do YOU want Eric to hook up w/ in S3? http://bit.ly/4Uzg5Z <– *snort* I vote Godric. […]

  2. Why is there no “ME!! PICK ME!!!” option here, lover??

    • Lover, why would I walk straight into the PTBs’ trap? I mean I got close enough to the edge already. Trust me I had it on there and then I deleted it. I know I will add a fill in the blank….

    • well there is a fill in the blank choice. so u can put yourself in that. 🙂

  3. wow that’s a tough poll LOL!!!

  4. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by BloodBondsBlog: OK here it is. Who Do YOU want Eric to hook up w/ in S3? http://bit.ly/4Uzg5Z

  5. I am kind of surprised people are voting for Sookie. I would hope they don’t rush anything between S/E cuz it for me, it would be forced. They aren’t ready for the sex

  6. I vote Bill!

  7. That one AB comment about all we care about is naked Eric, sex w/Eric, Eric is evil…..blah blah blah made me realize that what I want from TB and what I want from the books are two separate things (especially since he wants to write it differently than the book). So my vote would be “Fill In The Blank” and it would be another human woman that he could have a relationship with is what I would love to see.

  8. I agree with youbettago think if you had a “Me, myself, and I” option it would win by a landslide. I know thats what I would have voted for ;), but since he has hot chemistry with Sookie and because of my love for the books, I voted S/E, although I truly have absolutely no expectations for E/S this season.

  9. Lafayette?!?
    I didn’t vote because I’ve been harbouring this fantasy for at least a season and I can’t bring myself to vote for anything else LOL.

    Not Sookie, they’re not ready for that yet. Save that up for S4.

    And I don’t want to see Bill have sex…with anyone…ever again.

  10. If you do mean “hoop up”– then I’d have to say Shaq or Kobe.

    But if you really mean “hook up” — then, like youbettago et al, I can’t make myself click the button for any other choice but “me.” But since that’s not possible, I think it should be someone from his long-distant past. (Nothing gross like Bill/Lorena, though.) A great flame rekindled, which would give us the opportunity to learn more about his past. But then, since I’m totally an Eric-Sookie shipper, he would have to come to realize he loves Sookie more. Just not ready for them to end up together in S3, because that would be the grand finale.

    But please, no more Sookie/Bill. That relationship is so syrupy it rots your teeth!

  11. I really hope Nimbo doesn’t know he can erase his cookies for this poll. LOL

  12. If it’s not Eric Sookie nookie, I don’t care to see it. AB has taken Eric’s character so off base that I don’t even recognize him as Eric. Great,.. sexing up men and women.. Not that seeing Askars naked isn’t nice, but I watch for the character first…where is he?? *steps off soapbox*

  13. What an interesting and difficult poll!

    No WAY with Bill. Just no. In fact, no more Bill at ALL would be all right with me.

    As much as I want to see Eric NOT in a dream with Sookie but the real thing, it’s too soon for that.

    I did think of Godric as well, because in the books Eric mentioned that his “real” maker liked men and he and Eric went there for a while, but I don’t know. I just can’t picture Godric and Eric together. And I’ sure that’s just me. LOL

    Laffy maybe, but in the end I chose “fill in the blank” and would have to choose Isabel. I loved her in the Dallas eps and even if it was for a meaningless, short fling, it would be hot and intense. Perhaps have Eric go back to Dallas on the anniversary of Godric’s death and they hook up…who knows.

  14. for anyone interested in attending comic con in San Diego in 2010, they have sold out of 4 days passes (earliest ever) and will later in the year, or next year be selling day passes

  15. totally agree with whoever said that they just can’t stand another sex scene involving bill!! not even if it’s with the hotness that’s eric. i sure hope he stays kidnapped for a while.. fully dressed please. *lol*

    i actually voted for sookie, just because i really don’t want to see eric with anybody else. (even though i’m well aware that ab is not going to do me that favor!) but it doesn’t need to be the real deal yet, i agree that that would be too soon. i’d be totally content with another steamy dream sequence for example.. or how about the exact scene from club dead with the blood exchange and all.. that would be great,too. 😉

    but above all i really hope we finally get to see some emotional bonding between the two. i’d be happy with her actually starting to LIKE him at this point. this fixation on the sexual aspect of it kind of bothers me (as much as i love to see as nekkid 😉 i hate how the writers tried to turn those wonderful romantic dreams into nothing but sexual fantasies just like lafayette’s.. that just makes it all so cheap, i d k. i just with they’d continue what they’ve started in “i will rise up”. some sympathy and compassion and companionship between the two. everything else can wait. till season 3 that is.. 😉

  16. I’m in da runnin’ to be Americas Next Top Fang Banger!

  17. i voted that eric be with ME 🙂 that would be hot!

  18. I think that jason is super hot hot hot but there is something kinda feamen about eric I think he could swing both ways but godric can bite me anytyme I hope he comes back and hooks up with sookie that would be the steamest of all!!! I wouldn’t kick any of the hotties out of bed for eating crackers lol eggs is yummy too and then there is sam ohlala

  19. After I read AB telling his experiences as a gay in film industry and that Lafayette was only the tip of the iceberg when speaking about gay charachters and vampires are pansexual on afterelton.com ( http://www.afterelton.com/TV/2008/9/alanball_trueblood?page=0%2C0 ) I imagined he was going to exploit a lot the gay theme on TB. Obviously I don’t think he’ll do it with st. Bill. I imagine he will be rape by Lorena or something like that LOL.

    • what, alan ball is gay!? i didn’t know that! how can he NOT realize how hot eric is then!? 😉 what on earth does he see in bill? i don’t get it!!

      • I think he in fact realize how hot Eric is and that’s the reason why we’ll going to see him having sex with men… too…

      • Also wanted to add some words about this. Being gay is a sexual preference, not a gender. As a psychologist I know that being gay not necessarily means to perceive things the same way as a woman. Man and women, heterosexual or not, have completely different emotional needs based on gender and not on sexual preferences. This seems to be the reason why he can’t see beyond the bad boy in Eric and we as women can see a lot more on him. Perhaps the big blonde is kind of intimidating for him, and he decided to recreate in Bill a less threatening character to fill his perception about what a woman expect from a man. Which of course doesn’t means Bill is the ideal kind of man a woman is looking for.

  20. i was actually just kidding. i’d say people just have different tastes in people.. whether they’re men or women, gay or straight. i wouldn’t start psychoanalyzing alan ball just because he prefers bill over eric. there are lots of people who do. not that i’ll ever understand, but there are. 😉

    • Sometimes I need to do it just trying to understand his obssesion with Bill and how much he hates Eric LOL.

      • right there with you Wal, what I don’t is the need to change the core of the characters. They are so rich and full the way they are why screw with a good thing? It just baffles me.

      • if you find a cure for whatever syndrom is compelling him to writing the characters the way he does, tell me! i’ll make sure he holds still while you shove the right pills down his throat! hahaha.

        (j/k, not seriously threatening mr b! ..just in case any ptb are snooping around here.. 😉

  21. I voted for Sookie even tho I don’t care for her TV persona. I liked Isabelle also, but I’m guessing she’s gone with season 2. And while I’m all in favor of all gay rights, gay marriage, gays in the military, etc., I’m not going to be happy with Eric being with any man. That totally screws up my fantasies.

    I also am not happy with how AB has totally changed Eric’s character, though with “I will rise up” he was made a bit more compassionate with Godric’s character. I felt like the book had a better story and really disliked what was done with and to Stan. If it weren’t for Eric, I wouldn’t bother to get HBO to watch this show.

    • “That totally screws up my fantasies.”

      That’s exactly AB intention on doing it. We as women identify with Sookie. If he achieves to screw our image of Eric, he is also lowering our expectations of him having a real relationship with her. Besides that, people who haven’t the opportunity to read the books also will think Bill is a better suitor to Sookie than him. Being promiscuous and bisexual aren’t exactly “virtues” Sookie is looking for on a soul mate. That’s why we’ll never see “that” in Bill….

      • “people who haven’t the opportunity to read the books”. They’ve had 2 seasons to make the opportunity. They don’t even have to buy them – most libraries carry them. I’ve seen people comment that they don’t want to read the books because it would ruin the TV series for them. They just don’t know what they are missing. Eric is so good to Sookie in the books. That’s where I first learned to love Eric. And Alex is perfect in the role. I hope AB lets more of his good character show, but I doubt it will happen. I think his friendship with AP and SM influences him to keep their relationship going, or at least to keep Bill in a dominant role.

      • My laptop has been running low on memory lately…so…seeing all the files, I knew which ones had to go…my PVR’d files of True Blood…I erased in one fell swoop the entire Season 2 of True Blood, save 3/4 episodes…guess which ones lol…along with my BSG, FNL and Lost episodes (cuz I’m getting them on DVD…) and didn’t feel the least bit upset…They’ve been taking up space and now my computer is quite a bit faster…

        That being said…there will come a point when it will become disastrously clear what works on TB and what doesn’t. Just like Lost had to deal with Nikki and Paolo in Season 3 and the cut back role of Jack in Season 5. If you refuse to write in depth characters and good story lines that aren’t gratuitous, a great thing happens, ratings plummet. Episode 9, I Will Rise Up had 4.5 million viewers live who loved the episode enough to get a series high 5.3 million viewers to watch Episode 10 live…only to have viewership drop for the subsequent episodes. These people thought that the last three episodes would be just as great as Episode 9, but they weren’t, hence the drop in ratings…and an extraordinary thing happened, the season finale LOST viewers instead of gained them. That is a clear sign. Season finales are supposed to rate higher than the episode before it…it dropped. Looks like the egg shit wasn’t worth the time of 100, 000 people who saw Episode 11.

        No matter what AB or anyone says about having creative control…at the end of the day, it’s also about getting your show on the air and renewed. No one wants their show canceled before they can finish a storyline…And as for not listening to fans…Pikki are dead, aren’t they? And curiously, in final season posters that have everyone and the kitchen sink in them…they’re left off…Rose and Bernard are on there…they’ve NEVER been series regulars…but Pikki…missing.


      • AMEN and well said, Simba. I wish I knew how to take all my season 2 episodes that I have on my DVR, and cut out everything that had to do with Maryann and black-eyed folks. We’ve watched “I will rise up” at least a couple of dozen times, and every time we fast forward through every scene without a vampire in it, including the soggy Jason/Sookie heart-to-heart. We always stop it in time to watch Nan and the Newlins on TV! That is hysterical. Then we watch the first few minutes of the next episode to catch Sookie’s second Eric dream fantasy. We should all write AB and ask him to put out a vampire version of season 2, leaving out the rest of the crap. That’s pretty much how I felt about the whole voodoo thing and Lettie Mae in the first season.

  22. Czechoslovakian Dancer Yvetta??? Czechoslovakia doesn´t exist for more than 15 years….

    • Well you know that and I know that but whoever sent out the casting call didn’t know that. Or they are just going by when she was born it was the Czech republic so that makes her Czechoslovakian *shrugs shoulders*

      • It depends on which part of Czechoslovakia she was born in…if she’s in the Czech side…she’s Czech…if she’s on the Slovakian side, she’s Slovakian…lol.

        On the Roswell TV show they called the aliens ‘Czechoslovakians’ as a code name because the country doesn’t exist lol. Gosh, I miss that show and Michael and Maria.


  23. “We’ve watched “I will rise up” at least a couple of dozen times, and every time we fast forward through every scene without a vampire in it, including the soggy Jason/Sookie heart-to-heart. We always stop it in time to watch Nan and the Newlins on TV! That is hysterical. Then we watch the first few minutes of the next episode to catch Sookie’s second Eric dream fantasy.”

    LOL Sharon, you made me laugh so much as I read you!!! And just because (even when I didn’t watched it as much as you) it’s the same routine I do when I want to watch it again, and I’m completely sure that is what everyone does, too hahaha. But, I also erased most of season 2 from my pc, and just kept “Release Me”, “Timebomb”, “I Will Rise Up” and the beggining of “New World in my View” because are the only ones worth to watch again. Of course, with the finger on the fast forward button all the time lol.

    “Looks like the egg shit wasn’t worth the time of 100, 000 people who saw Episode 11.”

    Well… I really wanted to be wrong, but judging by their attitudes and their spoilers, the next season is going to have a lot of “egg shit” in disguised… again. As George Santayana said once: “Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it”.

    • And yet, I’ll still be watching season 3 just to see our fabulous Viking vampire and not for any other reason. Such a disappointment this show has been to be based on such good books. I fear season 3 is just going to be more of the same “egg shit”, as you said.

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