The Whale Tails Thanksgiving Challenge Is On!!!!

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The Thanksgiving Whale Tail Challenge

What you need to do is get as many people as you can to pose for a Whale Tail like this one…..

I’ll wait take a minute to ogle and meet me below pic for details…..

…..not so long!!!!…. time is whale tails people!!!

Photo Provided by Skarsgard News

Okay back to the challenge….

So you take a pic of everyone who poses for you and upload it on

Tails For Whales

To Prove Your Whale Tail Count You Must Either Upload Them to

Facebook Tails 4 Whales Page

OR email each pic you take to

Whoever takes the most pics and uploads them to the Tails For Whales home page by the end of Black Friday will win an autographed book and this….

Photo Provided By Cadsawan Jewelry and Design

Beautiful and Talented Contest Organizer @daymstephes sent me a fantastic list of tips on how YOU can rack up the whale tails!!

Day’s secret tips to TFW success!
1-while waiting in line at New Moon
2-at whatever holiday feast you attend
3-while out shopping on Black Friday
4-at work/school/library
5-at the airport
6-have get kids involved.(it’s fun for them and teaches a great lesson)

I have gotten nearly 100 people to pose for a pic including some famous authors…don’t be afraid to ask people to do something for a good cause. It makes people feel good to do good, so there is no shame in asking.
And remember…No Fear!!!

Okay so why are you doing this in first place?

Because it’s a fun, easy and free way to do something for our Oceans ecosystem, our planet, our kids, their kids, and their kids. Humans have a rare gift, empathy, let’s use it for some good and stop the the pillaging of planet’s whale population.


We take the time and money to go to Sea World or aquariums and watch whales do tricks to soundtracks for us. Let’s take some time and spend ZERO dollars and say thank you.


Editor’s Note: Don’t make me post pics of whales suffering but I will if that is what it takes. Trust me I learned in horse rescue the truth may be painful to see but it will move you to action.


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5 Responses to “The Whale Tails Thanksgiving Challenge Is On!!!!”

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  2. it’s on like donkey kong!!!! er….. Free Willy?
    What kind of autographed book? 😉

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  4. A signed copy of Kinky Friedman’s “Celebrity Pet Files”

  5. Or if you prefer…Charlaine Harris “A Touch of Dead”!
    (But, Kinky is a HUGE supporter of animal welfare)

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