New Features! Email Subscriptions and Direct Contact

Hey all! I’ve been tinkering around the site recently and have added a few things.

First of all, our sidebar has become more epic! You can now receive notifications of when we update our blog via email. Just look for ‘Email Subscription’ on the right sidebar under the disclaimer and click or fill in the information.

Secondly, you can now contact us directly via email from the site. Just click ‘Contact Us‘ on the right sidebar under ‘Blogroll’ and you will get a handy dandy box to fill out and click send on. It goes directly to our email at so you won’t have to be hassled to launch Outlook or copy/paste. As always, we can be reached at our email,

Enjoy the new features!



~ by simba317 on November 14, 2009.

One Response to “New Features! Email Subscriptions and Direct Contact”

  1. OMG, I’m always so lost LOL! I couldn’t find the email supscription because I was looking for it on the Blogroll… and after read again here I found that you almost made a map to find it (silly me hahah!)


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