The Bloodies…The Winner Is…..Day Three!!

Ok it’s Day Three of The Bloodie Awards Results

Before we dive in we have to pay the sponsors……

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And now…..


Most Hypocritical Sookie Moment

Epi 11:Despite being annoying and grating Tara made a good point. Why can Sookie risk her life for her man but Tara can't? Ooooh thaaaatt's right, because Sookie is a hypocrite!! I forgot........

Most Annoying Bill Moment

According to Bill it's all Sookie's fault....Oh reeeeallly Bill? So it's Sookie's fault you left YOUR newly made CHILD alone at night days after being made so you could go to the mall? Wow your ability to deflect astounds me!

Eric Gets One Over On Bill

OMG Lil's fave scene of the entire season, finally some freaking chemistry!!.......Eric points out Sookie may someday understand the relationship between a maker and child


Most LOL Use of “Suuukeh!”

The Panicked Suuuukeh!!!! oooohhhh the FOTS are SO scared!


Best Eyebrow

Her eyebrow speaks a 1000 words....... or just two *raiseseyebrowmischievously*


Worst Eyebrow

Her eyebrows tried to sell the dialogue.....but nobody bought it

Most Welcome Character

Sookie was like... Godric? And I was like oooohhh Godric......

Least Welcome Character sister put it best.... "Where are the Effing vampires already FFS!!??"

Least Favorite Character

You know what blows Sophie? Your freaking dialogue!!!!

Favorite Character

Sheriff Northman: He can "Patrol" my areas as many times as he deems necessary 😉

That Ends Our Character Categories!

Thanks To All the Characters!

Now On To The Relationship Categories!!

Best Romantic Pairing

Why is it every woman insists on digging their nails into him? At least Sookie stopped before she tore up the forbidden land...*raiseseyebrow* MUST I remind everyone the shoulders are mine? hhhhmmm????


Worst Romantic Pairing

GAH!!... Still Nothing!!


Most WTF Pairing



Best Platonic Relationship

*giggles* Oh. That. Pam.

Best Shipper Moment

Moment 1: Insert me here


Worst Shipper Moment

Moment Five: I seem to be losing time, hey I know let's go get high and follow a trail of clothes and really bad drums!

Best Kiss


2. 'a man had given all other bliss,and all his worldly worth for this, to waste his whole heart in one kiss upon her perfect lips.' ~Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Worst Kiss

6. 'everybody winds up kissing the wrong person goodnight.' ~andy warhol

Best On Screen Chemistry

if this is the closest we get to amnesia eric i am going to to throw the biggest freaking hissy fit!

Worst On Screen Chemistry

sophie and insert cast member here_______

Best Sex Scene


sex implied i know, but damn


Worst Sex Scene


really what can i say that hasn't already been said?


Best Nude Scene


Ok I know I have used this cap a lot but I seriously don't hear anyone complaining!!!

Worst Orgy


Orgy Three: Ahh, I so just don't care

Gah, I hate having to even post that cap *shivers*

Ok so let’s get down to the next category!

The Acting Awards!

Best Overall Actor



Alexander Skarsgard as Eric (I know this may be hard to believe but he actually got 69% of the vote)

Best Lead Actor

Ryan Kwanten as Jason 'i watch porn to get more women' Stackhouse

Best Recurring Actor

Alexander Skarsgard as Eric "Trust Me" Northman


Best Guest Star

Allan Hyde as 'Thank you for making Eric' Godric


Best Acted Scene W/ 3 or More Characters


Fan's Fave: Turns Out This One's Everyone's Favorite!


Best Acted Scene


*sniffles* *blows nose*


Best Acting In a Limited Time


as much as i love alex, i want a pam spin off!!!


Best Interpertation Of The Book Character

for me alex had made eric his own. every time i see him at work i think how lucky alan ball is to have signed him..


And Now For The Last Categories

The Powers That Be

Best Episode

Episode Nine: He Lives In You


Best Writer

Nancy Oliver

Episodes 5 & 9

Best Director

Scott Winant

He Will Rise Up

Best Book Moment

Bullet sucking *makes sucking sounds* *lix* *groans* *simba slaps Lil* “Lil put the pumpkin down!” *looks guilty*

Best Story Line

Eric and Godric: He must learn to go on without his maker, He must remember very human feelings: Grief, Sorrow, Love

Most LOL Moment

Smite Me Motherfucker! OMG!!!! I had tears and I think I snorted a little.....

Saddest Moment

*sob* *gasp* *sob*


And that concludes the 2009 Bloodie Awards!


To everyone who helped, voted, offered ideas, and supported Simba and I through this process. There are a couple things I would like to address.

First thanks to ECB, Mima, V4E, Lilja, Locket Love, Scoobs and youbettago for getting us through the hardest days of the voting. And thanks to everyone for offering their support during the process of saying goodbye to Alice. I love all of you! And so does Simba!

Thanks to Skarsgard News for the Finger Licking Cap for Best Over All Actor Cat

I would also like to address one thing that may not really be relevant to the awards but again my blog, my voice, my time….

We have lost some posters and readers because of the comments recently made by

The Powers That Be

I truly cannot believe that those who are writing and developing the characters and show or book think all ELs care about is having sex with Eric or seeing him naked or hooking him up with Sookie ASAP. That is such an insult to the fans and our intelligence. (Oh and we do understand he is a fictional character! LOL) Now I know why the writing seemed to be dumbed down so much this past season.

I am a fan. I would not have started this with my friends if I wasn’t. Simba is a fan too. People who don’t care or like something don’t put this much time and effort into something unless they feel strongly about it and though at times I feel a negative “feeling” for the most part I love the show. It’s about escapism, laughing out loud, being slightly grossed out, turned on, and finding an emotional connection to the characters. I have gotten all of that out of the show and books. Anyone who thinks differently is missing the point.

I also know fans have been frustrated and hurt by how Eric Lovers and Bookies have been portrayed. These polls averaged approximately 1000 votes per poll. And the article hits were even higher. And every day I am contacted by another Trubie who has turned Bookie. To have us diminished or to have someone roll their eyes when we are brought up really blows my mind. We pay to watch this show. We spend our hard earned cash to step into the Sookieverse and I would hope those who find the need to dismiss us would at least respect that. That is also why I started the hash tag on Twitter. #MoreSkarsgardOnTB means we think he is an amazing actor and he owns the screen when he is on, yes even with clothes on! (And to be honest I love Alex and Stephen together, I think they work great together….*ducks and rolls*) So now I am gonna hop off this over used soap box and move on. I should talk to Simba we may need a new one for Season Three……


~ by lilbooth02 on November 12, 2009.

31 Responses to “The Bloodies…The Winner Is…..Day Three!!”

  1. Yay! Thanks for all of your hard work with The Bloodies and the recaps! They are truly a highlight of my day! I hope The Powers That Be see you note because it rings true! Might I suggest reusing the old soap box by making it into stakes with The Powers That Be names on them in the event they don’t listen? Reduce Reuse Recycle LOL

  2. I just adore and admire you guys for all of the time put in, and the entertainment of this site! My favorite part of the day is coming in and first viewing the always-striking Eric *squee*, then reading… everything, including the comments! Keep up the awesome works and dialogues, good and bad, makes it soooo interesting. 😉
    To The Powers That Be – no explanation or reason required. This is YOUR show, and damn… we love it! – Okay, now I have to go back and view the Eric & Sook nude smooch scene, cuz right when he does that whole tongue thing… good goddess!

    • I totally agree with you in all you wrote (even at the “whole tongue thing” hahha). We just can be humble and thank you Lil, Simba and all the people who work so hard in your wonderful site. Your level of respect and professionalism should be an example to many other sites (and even to the powers that be…) Thanks for keeping us laughing and keeping high the viking spirit of our army 😉 LOL. We LOVE you tons!!!


  3. LOVE all of it! So creative and PREFECT! I hate how they made Sophie but maybe they can fix her for the next season *crossing fingers* Love you Lil and Simba! You guys make this site GREAT!

  4. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Laura Boothby and Lori Laukart, Darling_Vamp. Darling_Vamp said: Awesome Job! RT @BloodBondsBlog: The Bloodie Award Results! #True Blood #MoreSkarsgardOnTB […]

  5. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by BloodBondsBlog: Final Results Day of #TheBloodies is up!!!!

  6. First: thank you for all your hard work and dedication with this contest and this site! It’s a beacon of joy in the TB ocean.


    “We have lost some posters and readers because of the comments recently made by The Powers That Be”

    Is this really true? I’m devastated by this information. We Eric fans shouldn’t feel bad or ashamed or whatever it is that makes posters and readers disappear. Being an old feminist, I’m so upset about these PTB:s and the misogynist crap they’ve presented, that I’ve spent hours on the web lately, reading truly inspiring “Buffy” discussions and essays and other sites with insight and zest. (God, I miss “Buffy”. Good thing I have the DVD:s.)

    I often see people write things like “if you don’t like it, you can choose not to watch”. But it’s not that simple. True Blood is not just entertainment, nothing that happens in this world is “just” anything – and especially when it comes to television which has such a great impact whether we like it or not. It’s like Jason’s tree: it doesn’t matter what happens to it (or if we see it), it’s still a tree.

    I need to know if there is a debate about this going on somewhere? I tried to start something at, but first I got no responses and then I get this virus alert when I try to enter the site, so I have nowhere to go right now. You’re starting a new forum here soon, aren’t you? And maybe SkarsgårdNews can get theirs fixed too. But right now, is someone writing about this? The weirdness that surrounds True Blood, I mean.

    Lil – never be afraid to get up on that soapbox! You can stand there as long as you like and talk all you want. Others, specifically a man that shall remain nameless, have no problem talking all the bloody time.

    And I think this has to be spelled out loud: Feminism is not a bad word, it’s pretty fucking ninja!

  7. Fantastic! Thanks so much for all your hard work and for helping me ease the withdrawals over the last couple of months.

    The Powers That Be will ignore/ridicule bookies at their peril. So many people are picking up these books now. By the time season three starts a trickle will have become a flood. And the Eric love will be at a whole new level again 😉

    I’m a fan of True Blood but my heart belongs to the books. As long as I can remember that True Blood is essentially fanfic, I’m mostly OK. Until they screw with Eric…again. Then I lose it LOL.

  8. I don’t care what other people think, I have been a fan and a die hard Eric lover the first time I read the book and my love for him keeps growing every time I watch True Blood. I love both the book and the show and YOU GUYS HAVE DONE A GREAT JOB in keeping the spirit and love for Eric alive, especially at times when we all wait for the next book to come or the for next season to be aired. I may not be online most of the times like I used to, but the updates I get from you guys really helps me in my most stressful days.

  9. I’m pretty new to this site. I only found it about day 14 of the Bloodies, so I really don’t know who TPTB that you speak of are. But whoever they are, please don’t let them change you guys or the stuff you write. This is such a great site for the humor and for telling it like it is – at least I seem to agree with everything you guys write. I, too, was a Bookie way before the series on TV. My response to it has been very mixed. Sookieverseblog really summed it up for me also: “I’m a fan of True Blood but my heart belongs to the books. As long as I can remember that True Blood is essentially fanfic, I’m mostly OK. Until they screw with Eric…again. Then I lose it LOL.” Except I have never liked fanfic. I’m more of a canon girl. If they are going to screw with the story, let them put Eric in it more.

    The main thing the TV series brought to me was AS as Eric. I’m sitting here with Generation Kill running now. I’ve watched it a couple of dozen times and I might never have found AS without True Blood. So thank goodness, I got HBO just for the months when TB runs.

    One of my favorite things about your site is your irreverance. I love the bipolar waitress description of Sookie. It is not only funny, it is damned accurate.

    So please, keep up the good work and don’t let anyone stifle your humor and creativeness. Thanks so much!

    • Thanks Sharon, and just to be up front I watched the series before reading the books.

      Okay now that I have admitted that, I can honestly say there is so much in the books to work with and IF only 5% on the viewers are bookies like many have stated then what is the big deal to staying true to the characters and plot?
      Seems to me the TPTB took so much consideration in changing things up for the bookies to keep the SURPRISE factor relevant that their dismissal of us is a bit …….over the top…like the EGG….

      • The OMGWTF! only works if we give a shit. And if your show is nothing but a series of OMGWTFs! that never amount to anything, or gratuitous sex for the sake of sex…why should I bother? They need to learn that less is more…all around, from writing to make up…


    • TPTB- The Powers That Be…It’s a sort of cache all fandom phrase synonymous with the creators/showrunners/authors of literature/media/books/shows/comics/series etc. In True Blood, that person is Alan Ball, for the books, it’s Charlaine Harris. For Lost, it’s Darlton…etc.

      As for being censored…until I get a cease and desist from HBO…not happening lol. And I can’t imagine them doing it any time soon…


  10. Hey I love what you do! You’re right, if the powers that be don’t watch it fandom will turn its collective back on that show. Bookie or Trubie..last season, with the exception of very few episodes and none written by Alan Ball, was DUMB. I’m also pissed off at watching Charlaine Harris pretend not to understand our rage at the mischaracterization of one of our most beloved characters by saying she does not understand his popularity. Book 4 darling? It was all Viking all the way. Plus all the interviews where you personally stated that Eric was your favorite? What happened? Why are you happy that they’re barbequing your baby? The whole thing started with a built-in fandom and if they don’t tighten up this show, I smell cancellation in the air. Don’t ever take fandom for granted. You have been put on notice. I’m not the only one who will learn to love SHO exclusively. At least Dexter rises to excellence every season.

    • Could not agree more. I loved the books so much that I got HBO for the 3 months to watch the first season. It wasn’t bad, but mostly not stuff I would go out of my way to watch. Except for Eric. So for him I got HBO for the 3 months of season 2. He was in it more, but the Maryann storyline was so disgusting that I was turned off. I’d like to ask TPTB to make a DVD set without that entire storyline. I have season 2 on my DVR and we only watch parts of a few episodes and fast forward through the rest. Of course, that’ mostly the Eric scenes. And I’ll come back for season 3 for that reason also. I, too, feel like CH has abandoned her characters. And it’s really hard for me to believe she actually likes all the changes, but I realize she can’t really say much about it. The longer the series lasts, the more money she makes.

      I wish they would stay MUCH closer to the books. That’s what I tuned in to see. That’s not even close to what I got.

  11. The Bloodies were…superb. *applause*

  12. Best awards ever-The Bloodies! Seriously, I am a poll junkie, and these are some of the best polls I’ve ever participated in, though I guess I am little biased. More than the polls even though, I loved the rant at the end. I completely agree with all of what you said there. I love this show, if I didn’t love the show and the books and the characters then I wouldn’t care and it is very frustrating every time that love is dismissed by TPTB. Also have to confess that I started out watching the show…the reruns of Season 1….and though I completely enjoyed it, I did not become so entrenched in the story until I read the books. I borrowed the first three, devoured them and immediately went on Amazon and ordered all the rest and from then on I was hooked. And when Season 2 of TB started, I was glued to the television every Sunday night. I imagine it’s probably not that uncommon of a story and that it is a scenario that will be repeated by others.

  13. Thanks so much for putting together these awards – excellent work! And no complaining here on that cap of Eric/Sookie afterglow….anything that shows that much of naked Alex? All good in my book! 🙂

  14. best sad moment (eric crying in the roof on hes knees) i totaly vote for it.. i mean, it was great. I cried at home while watching that episode

  15. Awesome, just awesome work, great results, totally enjoyed the process…loved it! I truly hope you continue this and make it a tradition in season 3. Can’t hardly wait!!

    Thanks for all the work and effort, it really carried me through the blue spell of no Eric/Alex right after the show ended.
    Now of course, I miss him more than ever, seeing these awesome screencaps of his…(sigh)

    Catch you next summer! 🙂

    • Of course we will! With one modification…I’m putting all the pictures under a cut so that the main page won’t take forever to load lol. I figured out how to do that via the wordpress Support section and the FAQs lol.


  16. ❤ eric



  17. Great job on these awards! Thanks for all the work you put into this.

  18. Thank you so much for your hard work on our behalf. I love this site and I love the way you tell it like it is.
    The dismissive attitude towards ‘bookies’ is childish, we pay the same amount to watch HBO as anyone else and have paid for the books too, how does that make us ‘less’.
    I freely admit I don’t enjoy AB’s tendency to bend characters and take all the subtlety out (Eric in particular but Bill and Sookie are also less interesting because of it). Don’t get me wrong I appreciate AS’s naked bits at least as much as the next person but I watch him for his very real acting skills and because I’m invested in the characters. How many people have rewatched the roof scene? In comparison I wonder how many have rewatched the orgies.

    • I have bleached my mind of the orgies…In fact…a round of mind bleach for everyone!



    • OMG, don’t mention them…*ROLLEYES*

      “and the orgies” were my first thought when I read Lil saying “…that their dismissal of us is a bit …….over the top…like the EGG….”

  19. I love the Bloodies. The captions truly made me laugh and say “mmm hmmm got that right!” a ton of times. Thanks for all your hard work! I’ve read the books and love them. I love the show as well. I can’t help it that Skars OWNS Eric and needs to be on the show more. He IS exactly how I pictured Eric from the books and his delivery of his few lines, his disinterest and attitude is spot on how I thought Eric would be. Also, I’m in the I swear to God if the dream is as close as we get to amnesia Eric I am going to lose my shit, catagory!!! Again AMAZING…SUPERB…INCREDIBLE job on the entire site & the Bloodies! *standing o* 🙂

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